Andy Bloom: He is who we thought he was – Joe Biden fails the test

Six weeks ago, when President Joe Biden first announced he would debate former President Donald Trump on June 27, Team Biden must have felt like the spider who watched a helpless insect get caught in its web.

With his typical bravado, Trump had said he would debate Biden “anytime, anyplace.”

Trump’s arrogance forced him to allow Team Biden to set all the terms and rules.

Biden’s advisers created rules they couldn’t believe Trump would accept. The debate would take place on CNN in a studio with no audience, with avowed Trump-haters Jake Tapper and Dana Bash as moderators. There would be no crosstalk because microphones would be muted when each speaker’s time was up — preventing Trump from bull-rushing Biden as he did in their first 2020 debate.

Apparently, Team Biden forgot that their candidate won that round by an overwhelming margin in public opinion polling.

At the time, after a spate of horrible polls for Biden, and with Trump’s “hush money” trial heading to the jury, a snarky Biden challenged his hated rival, suggesting a Wednesday night rematch, jabbing that he heard the former president had Wednesdays off. Team Biden surely saw the combination of the trial and an early debate where they set the rules as a fantastic one-two punch to change the trajectory of the polls and election.

What could possibly go wrong for Biden?


If Thursday evening’s debate were a boxing match, Biden’s corner would have thrown in the towel a few minutes in.

If it were a little league game, the “mercy rule” (where they allow only five runs in an inning) would have been called.

The bar was set pretty low for both men. Each had one question to answer and satisfy those whose votes aren’t already set in cement.

Trump needed to show that he isn’t unhinged and or a danger to democracy.

Biden needed to show that he is up to the most strenuous job in the world and remove lingering doubts that he has the mental acuity and physical stamina required to lead the nation for another four years.

Trump passed the test.

Biden failed. Miserably.

The public has been told not to believe their ears when Biden speaks incoherently. He has a stutter, you know. (Funny, he didn’t stutter when he recited the plagiarized life story of British Member of Parliament Neil Kinnock in 1987.)  

Don’t believe your lying eyes when you see Biden wandering off on stage or that vacant look in his eyes. The media and Biden sycophants have told us that behind closed doors, “Biden is sharp.” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed those videos were “cheap fakes.”

These are the same people who sold the Russian collusion story in 2016, Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation in 2020, have tried to keep Trump off the ballot and used lawfare against him so even an addled Joe Biden could croak out that he is a “convicted felon” during their debate. These people are liars.

The post-debate spin on the liberal channels was great entertainment. Conservatives who only watched their preferred news sources deprived themselves of the best night of liberal television since Trump won in 2016. It started as a funeral dirge. 

Today, the spin began. Now, in full damage control, they are bobbing, weaving, and spinning like a Hanukkah dreidel.

First, we learned that after locking themselves away at Camp David for a week, Biden caught a cold – in June. Boo-hoo. 

Then, there’s “It was just a bad night.” Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and Barack Obama had bad debates, but none led to talk about replacing them as the nominee after their poor debate performances.

Comparing Biden’s debate performance to the Hindenburg or Titanic undersells the proportion of the disaster. What America saw wasn’t just a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory” but something far worse. I’m not a doctor, but I’ve watched my grandmother and father go through the ravages of Alzheimer’s. I know what it looks like, and I believe that’s what America witnessed during the debate.

The next talking point is that Biden won on substance. Huh? In the first fifteen seconds, Biden said he created 15,000 jobs. Is the substance they speak of when he said, “The idea, the idea,” opening half his responses? Maybe it was when he said, “We beat Medicare,” or “No soldiers died under my watch,” or “The border patrol endorsed me”? I’m waiting for one of these sycophants to tell me what specific plan — not dream — Biden offered for a second term.

When Trump offers an aspirational goal, it’s a lie. When Biden does the same thing, it’s substance. That’s the hypocrisy that was finally exposed.

But here’s a message for those who seriously believe Biden won on substance. That’s what they told Nixon in 1960. How’d that work out?

Then there’s the post-debate fact-checking of Trump. Calling the U.S. southern border the most dangerous place on Earth counts as a lie. I don’t know if there’s an official list of the most dangerous places on Earth, but it’s certainly one of them. 

I challenge the fact-checkers calling this one a lie to have their young children’s birthday party on the southern border where the coyotes bring illegals across the border, and drug gangs are killing people. It’s a perfect example of why the liberal media count of Trump’s lies is garbage.

On Thursday afternoon, I joined Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT. I said, only half-jokingly, that Democrats should hope for Biden to fall flat on his face because since it’s the first pre-convention presidential debate in history, it allows the party to replace him.

I’m asking Democrats and liberals this question, and it’s not rhetorical: Is the goal to prevent Trump from a second term, or to re-elect Biden? If your primary objective is to keep Trump from returning to the White House, come to grips with the fact that Trump will beat Biden in November, and replace him.

The question isn’t whether Joe Biden can serve another four years; it’s whether he can serve another seven months. Invoking the 25th Amendment and removing Biden now is a legitimate question.

Removing Biden now would allow Kamala Harris to run as an incumbent. But Harris is the only person with approval ratings lower than Trump and Biden.

In a post-debate interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN, Harris displayed her talent for word salad, demonstrating why so few have faith in her: “Three years ago, we commemorated the two-year anniversary of Dobbs,” she said. You do the math on that.

Speaking of CNN, I apologize to Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. I expected them to tip the balance unfairly, like an old-fashioned butcher putting a thumb on the scale. Both did an excellent job. They asked both men tough questions. When they failed to answer, they asked again, but non-confrontationally. They didn’t pull a “Candy Crowley” and fact-check either candidate. Whatever contempt they have – and they do – they didn’t show it.

Liberal outlets are complaining that they didn’t fact-check on the spot. Ironically, Team Biden determined these rules – and the public was better off without the moderators injecting themselves and their views into the debate.

Trump fans shouldn’t celebrate what they saw during the debate, either, and they aren’t going to like my take.

America’s adversaries in Moscow, Beijing, Tehran, and Pyongyang saw that the leader of the free world is an empty vessel. America is not safe.

While Trump won the debate, his performance wasn’t stellar. He beat Biden, a senile and addled man. Although Trump was steady and not unhinged or too angry, he turned in less than the brilliant performance that his surrogates have portrayed.

To be sure, Trump had many good moments. He stayed calm, even when Biden offered the sharpest personal attacks he could muster. 

He stayed on message, particularly regarding the border and economy.

When he responded to Biden’s rambling Medicare answer by saying, “I don’t know what he said, I don’t know if he knows what he just said,” it was what many were thinking.

However, there were too many times when he answered the question well in his first sentence, but as he continued, he hurt himself. His answer about January 6 is an example.

Other times, he didn’t even attempt to answer what was asked – such as about reducing the cost of childcare. It’s one thing to respond to the question you want to answer, but another to skip an issue of import.

Some of what the fact-checkers have called lies are picayune, but a few are up there in the “pants on fire” category. Food prices are up over 20 percent. There was no need to claim they quadrupled. Living in Minneapolis, I can assure you that Trump did not send in the National Guard during the 2020 riots here. The Governor did, two days too late.

Arguing over the scholars’ ranking of presidents is another. It would have been so much better if he said, Jake, who cares? Can we get back to the issues Americans care about?” Likewise with the golf.

When Biden said no soldiers died under his watch, Trump should have been indignant about those killed in Afghanistan. 

Trump could have done better at presenting a positive vision beyond what a fantastic job he did. Biden kept speaking – when he was cogent – about what he had done. Trump’s opportunity was to get optimistic and get specific.

Trump’s biggest missed opportunity was his closing statement – especially since he went last.

He should have done a version of Reagan’s 1980 debate close. For example:

“When you go to the grocery store, can you afford the same groceries as you could four years ago, or do they cost so much more that you have to put something back?”

“Young people can’t afford to buy a house, because soaring prices and crushing interest rates put the American Dream out of reach for them.”

“Is your community safer now than four years ago, or has it become more dangerous?”

“Are you concerned about millions of people illegally pouring across our southern border – that we’re spending so much money to give them housing, food, phones, and that they have committed so many crimes or that some people who have come in illegally are on the terror list?”

“Is the world safer and more peaceful than it was four years ago, or is it more dangerous and chaotic?”

“And has Joe Biden given you any reason in three and a half years or tonight to believe he’s up to fixing these and the many other problems we face?”

“If you give me your vote, we’ll solve these problems and Make America Great Again!”

Be careful what you wish for Trump supporters. He can beat an old man who barely knows where he is half the time, but the performance I saw on Thursday wouldn’t beat a primetime Bill Clinton or Barack Obama.

Democrats, are you really going to stick with Biden because you adore him, or is the point that you want to prevent Trump from retaking the White House? All the biased media, lawfare, and other dirty tactics haven’t stopped him, and now the one person who you thought could, can’t.

July has just begun. Are these really the two best choices we have for the most important job in the world?

Andy Bloom is President of Andy Bloom Communications. He specializes in media training and political communications. He has programmed legendary stations including WIP, WPHT, WYSP/Philadelphia, KLSX, Los Angeles, and WCCO Minneapolis. He was Vice President of Programming for Emmis International, Greater Media Inc., and Coleman Research. Andy also served as communications director for Rep. Michael R. Turner (R-Ohio). He can be reached by email at or you can follow him on Twitter at @AndyBloomCom.

22 thoughts on “Andy Bloom: He is who we thought he was – Joe Biden fails the test”

  1. Andy, this article is about five (5) months too late to be taken seriously. Ron DeSantis is young and proven extremely effective at getting things accomplished (yes, many do not like his accomplishments.) He was taken out by RINOs, NGOs, and legacy media because of wearing cowboy boots with heels – someone show me cowboy boots without heels.
    AIPAC has undue influence and control over Congress in the United States. And just about any candidate could beat Trump – perhaps even Biden will. And if that happens, do not even dare to question mail-in ballots! The mail-in ballot harvesting, and the entire process is unreproachable! So, it does not matter if Trump wins or what Democrat candidate wins. It is all theater and in 2025, 2026, 2027 and 2028 our out sized and unsustainable national debt will continue to grow. We already lost. The primaries are where the United States taxpayers lost in the elections. “There is one and only one basic cause of inflation: too high a rate of growth in the quantity of money—too much money chasing the available supply of goods and services.” – Milton Friedman

  2. “Trump needed to show that he isn’t unhinged and or a danger to democracy.” You mean like how he said that he will be a dictator on day one, how will stop any protests against him if he his elected which violates the 1st Amendment, his plan to use the FBI and DOJ to prosecute his enemies, and Jews who don’t vote Republican are disloyal.

    “To be sure, Trump had many good moments.” Name three.

    “Some of what the fact-checkers have called lies are picayune” Does that include; All Americans wanted Rove vs Wade overturned including Democrats, the Border Patrol is supporting his current candidacy, and there will be abortions in 8th and 9th month of pregnancy or even after birth,

    “When Biden said no soldiers died under his watch, Trump should have been indignant about those killed in Afghanistan.” When he referred to deceased military personnel as suckers and losers, how was that supporting the U.S. military.

    “Democrats, are you really going to stick with Biden because you adore him, or is the point that you want to prevent Trump from retaking the White House?” Yes

  3. What are Black and Hispanic jobs? The ones Trump claimed immigrants were taking away from Blacks and Hispanics.

    1. So – minus your background TDS clatter, are you saying Biden’s performance was successful and he’ll be nominated and elected? Asking for a friend.

      1. So minus your BDS clatter. Are you saying that Trump is not going to be a dictator and overturn constitutional rights if he is elected?

        1. Yes – I am. We have the US Constitution and a Supreme Court in place to make sure.
          And there is no derangement with Biden. He’s been a fraud and a bigot his entire life. Now he’s in deep throws of dementia, and it was openly on display for the entire world to see.
          Now answer my question.

          1. Biden’s achieved; Expanded overtime guarantees for workers making up to $47,476 to be automatically entitled to time-and-a-half overtime pay, over-the-counter birth control pill to hit U.S. stores in 2024, A crackdown on “junk fees” and overdraft charges, forcing Chinese companies to open their books, building armies of drones to counter China, bringing microchip production home, Infrastructure repair, expanding broadband, the U.S. is producing more oil than anytime in history, making airlines pay when flights are delayed or canceled.

            So what did Trump achieve other than chaos, lies, and trying to prevent the peaceful exchange of power after the election.

          2. “Yes – I am. We have the US Constitution and a Supreme Court in place to make sure.” – How did the Supreme Court or the Constitution stopping January 6th from happening?

            “He’s been a fraud and a bigot his entire life.” Do you mean like how Trump has defrauded companies on loans and contracts, over 1500 lawsuits filed against him, how he has stated that American Jews are disloyal if they don’t vote Republican, his continued belief that the Central Park 5 are guilty, his refusal to disavow White Supremacists and having dinner with them at the White House, and telling people that immigrants are taking away Black and Hispanic jobs. What are Black and Hispanic Jobs? So what has Biden done that makes him a fruad and bigot?

        2. Yes, Judah, Trump is not going to be a dictator and overturn the Constitution – just as he didn’t during four years in office, which is more than we can say during the Biden years, whose DoJ’s practice of prosecuting political enemies became common practice, or the president deciding he didn’t need congressional authorization to spend hundreds of billion dollars to bribe one group of voters – and then ignored the Supreme Court telling him it was unconstitutional TWICE. Something not even Nixon or Trump dared do.

          All your blathering about Biden’s achievements is nonsense. In every poll for the past 18 months or more, over 60% of voters have said the country is going in the wrong direction, the economy sucks, and the current president consistently has the lowest job approval ratings of any president (including Trump) in the modern polling era. But go ahead and keep telling voters that what they feel every day is wrong – that’s a good strategy.

          On debate night, Biden and sycophants like you always lecturing everybody about Trump’s lies, lost all credibility after telling us Joe was sharp as a tack behind closed doors and the videos we saw were cheap fakes. But people with an ounce of common sense knew that already after the Russian collusion hoax and the story about Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation and all the other lies.

          To answer your final question about how did the Constitution stop January 6th? Well, there was a riot for a couple of hours, and then the duly elected president was certified and, within a few hours, sworn in. Unlike the city of Minneapolis, where square miles were burnt to the ground and have never been rebuilt, where people lost their life savings and livelihoods. After the witchhunt, things got back to normal at the Capitol. So the Constitution worked, as it did with Nixon in the 70s. Unlike in Minneapolis or the autonomous zones elsewhere.

          The Constitution was ignored at the border for three and a half years by Joe Biden, who magically learned that he had the power to put back the Trump policies he undid on his first day in office, and now he wants credit for one month of the border looking like it did under Trump.

          To conclude, I appreciate people who spend the time to read what I write and usually those who comment even when we disagree. But you are so seriously infected with TDS that you shouldn’t read what I write. It triggers your delicate snowflake mind. You need to read the groupthink pieces from other people panicking like you who believe the nonsense in the mainstream media. Instead of letting Trump and me live in your head, I suggest you start looking for property in Canada or some other country – sorry looks like most of Europe isn’t going to be friendly to your way of thinking either – now before the end of democracy happens and nuts like you get thrown into reeducation camps.

          Either way, I wish you luck. Mental illness is a symptom of TDS.

          1. “The Constitution was ignored at the border for three and a half years by Joe Biden, ” – What section of the Constitution covers the U.S. borders?

            “Yes, Judah, Trump is not going to be a dictator and overturn the Constitution” So what did Trump mean when he stated that he would be a dictator on day one and how he will stop any protests against him?

            “On debate night, Biden and sycophants like you always lecturing everybody about Trump’s lies, ” You mean when Trump stated the Border Patrol supports his candidacy. everyone, including Democrats, wanted Roe vs Wade overturned, and how immigrants are taking Black and Hispanic jobs? What are Black and Hispanic jobs?

            “now before the end of democracy happens and nuts like you get thrown into reeducation camps.” You stated that Trump wasn’t going to be a dictator, yet you want him to act like Pol Pot, Mao, and Stalin. You should read about the Nuremberg Trails and what happened to people who espoused and acted on similar beliefs.

    2. I am sure you already know the answer to your question. Entry Levernek’s jobs, jobs that don’t require a college degree. Btw DEI=anti-white.

  4. Good article. I agree with your suggestions regarding Trump’s closing statement. Make note: there are published lists of the most dangerous places on Earth, and topping the list are cities in South and Central America and Mexico, the sources of many of our border invaders. Believe me – they’re not sending their best and brightest to our border.

  5. Again, great article Andy. The usual haters with nothing but “I know you are but what am I?” level sophistication creep out of the woodwork with picayune critiques, but your assessment is right in. There is no confirmation Trump ever called the military losers and suckers (just words, anyway) but there are 16 very real graves dug by the policies of Joe Biden, 13 in Afghanistan and 3 in Jordan. As someone who has worked with refugees from Afghanistan, a country plunged into darkness by our precipitous withdrawal (and our generous arming of the Taliban with left behind weaponry) I am repulsed by anyone who excuses Joe Biden’s malfeasance. Repulsed.

    1. “There is no confirmation Trump ever called the military losers and suckers ” You mean other than Trump’s former Chief of Staff and Marine Corp Lieutenant General John F. Kelly.

      “But there are 16 very real graves dug by the policies of Joe Biden, 13 in Afghanistan and 3 in Jordan.” There were 81 combat deaths with very real graves while Trump was President.

      “As someone who has worked with refugees from Afghanistan, a country plunged into darkness by our precipitous withdrawal (and our generous arming of the Taliban with left behind weaponry)” Does that include the withdrawal agreement that Trump negotiated with the Taliban and excluded the Afghanistan government, releasing 5000 Taliban fighters from prison, and drawing down troops so fast that we couldn’t get all of the equipment and our allies out.

      1. Judah:
        Thanks for demonstrating that you’re no Constitutional scholar, but do you constantly need to show your ignorance. Abrham Lincoln was a Republican, so you probably think he was a dictator too, but he gave some advice you should consider: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

        Here’s where the Constitution deals with the border.

        Article I, Section 8: This section grants Congress the power to regulate commerce with foreign nations and to establish a uniform rule of naturalization. These powers allow Congress to create laws regarding immigration and border control.

        Article I, Section 10: Prohibits states from entering into any treaty, alliance, or confederation. This ensures that border and immigration policies are under federal jurisdiction rather than state control. It’s a little surprising you don’t know this as the Biden administration has made this arguement as it sues the State of Texas for trying to protect its border. Tsk. Tsk.

        Article IV, Section 4: As FedUp points out, this section guarantees that the federal government will protect every state against invasion, which is interpreted to include unauthorized crossings of national borders.

        The Supremacy Clause (Article VI, Clause 2) establishes that federal law takes precedence over state laws and constitutions, reinforcing the federal government’s primary role in managing immigration and border security – also part of the Biden administration law suit against Texas for having the tenancity to enforce its borders.

        As for Afghanistan, being as politically astute as you are, you probably saw this report in Axios:

        🎤 Biden’s former press secretary Jen Psaki will sit for an interview this month in the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s probe into the U.S. military’s exit from Afghanistan, according to a letter from her lawyer to the panel obtained by Axios.

        Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), chair of the committee, is set to release a report on Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan before the Nov. 5 election.
        It could contain politically damaging information about the withdrawal, which included the deaths of 13 U.S. soldiers in a bombing at the Kabul airport.
        The panel’s probe has unearthed inconsistencies between what Biden and the White House were saying publicly, and what was happening on the ground.

        As I wrote – he is who we thought he was – an incompetent political hack who is responsible for 13 servicemen killed in Afghanistan and thousands left behind.

        Now do us all a favor and stop reading what I write. You’ve got four months to figure out what country you’re moving to and find a place to live there.

    2. Christine,
      Don’t waste your time arguing with Judah. Joe Biden has never had an original thought in his life. That is why he has been serial plagiarist since
      his days at Syracuse Law School in 1965. He would have done much better in the debate if they let him use a teleprompter for his answers to the debate questions. I am sure the DNC will insist that Joe will be able to use a teleprompter if they allow him to debate again on September 10, 2024. They will also probably insist that the debate take place between 11:00am and 2:00pm. Therefore, the debate will be completed during his allegedly coherent hours each day.

  6. Another pitiful response.
    Article 4, section 4 of the Constitution. Border protection. Go Snipe hunting.
    Trump said he’d be a dictator because he knew that you hang on every word he says, and knew you’d be listening.
    President Biden asserted he ordered the withdrawal from Afghanistan based on the advice of senior U.S. military advisers. Yet a month prior, top Pentagon officials testified under oath that they advised the President to keep 2,500 troops on the ground and were not asked for advice on the withdrawal until August 26th, directly contradicting the President’s claim. The Biden administration decided they wanted all U.S. troops out of Afghanistan by the 20th anniversary of 9/11. This was a purely political decision that ignored both the situation on the ground and advances in intra-Afghan peace talks. As predicted, when the U.S. hastily evacuated our troops from the country, chaos ensued and the Taliban captured Kabul in just 10 days. Kabuki theater. In a July interview, President Biden said a collapse of the Afghan government and a Taliban takeover of the country was “highly unlikely.” Yet, a memo sent that same month from the Kabul Embassy reportedly warned that the withdrawal as planned would result in the very debacle that unfolded. During a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, When asked Secretary of State Antony Blinken for information about that memo. He refused to disclose it.
    Trump never denied losing soldiers during his term, unlike liar Biden on national TV. What’s your point?
    Biden the fraud: Plagiarisms:
    Going all the way back to 1965, when he was a Syracuse University College of Law student, Biden lifted five pages of a law review for a legal report. “I was wrong, but I was not malevolent in any way,” he said when caught.
    In 1987, he was forced out of the presidential race when he was caught stealing lines of British politician Neil Kinnock’s speeches. Maybe worse, he also mimicked some of Kinnock’s mannerisms in a style a reporter at the time called “creepy.” Political author Richard Ben Cramer said Biden knew what he was doing and even had a video of Kinnock to study. Also during that presidential run, he stole lines from Robert F. Kennedy, according to a New York Times review. During his presidential run in 1968, RFK said, “It measures everything in short, except that which makes life worthwhile. and it can tell us everything about America except why we are proud that we are Americans.” Nearly 20 years later, Biden said, “That bottom line can tell us everything about our lives, except that which makes life worthwhile. And it can tell us everything about America, except that which makes us proud to be Americans. That year, he also borrowed from President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address when he fashioned a line off JFK’s famous phrase “Each generation of Americans has been summoned to give testimony to its national loyalty.” According to the New York Times’s Maureen Dowd, Biden said, “Each generation of Americans has been summoned.”
    Biden in 1987 also pulled a phrase from then-Sen. Hubert Humphrey. Wrote the New York Times’s Dowd, “At the Democratic National Convention in 1976, Mr. Humphrey, then a senator from Minnesota, declared: ‘The ultimate moral test of any government is the manner in which it treats three groups of its citizens: first, those who are in the dawn of life, our children; second, those who are in the shadows of life, our sick, our needy, our handicapped, and those, third, in the twilight of life, our elderly.’ Senator Biden’s version offered ‘a nation noble enough to treat those at the dawn of life with love, those at the dusk of life with care and those who live in the shadow of life with compassion.’”
    In 2000, according to the New York Post, Biden was caught pulling lines from a federal judge’s opinion for an article in the Harvard Journal on Legislation about his Violence Against Women Act.During his 2020 campaign, the Washington P ost said Biden pulled policy platforms and wording from several groups, including a word-for-word proposal from the XQ Institute. He also used whole sections of Bernie Sanders campaign plans in their joint unity task force paper, said the 2020 Trump campaign. For his 2020 “Build Back Better” theme, Biden adopted the slogan from former President Bill Clinton’s “Building Back Better.”
    Then there are Biden’s biographical tall tales, including:
    He said in 2008, a helicopter he was riding in was “forced down” near Osama bin Laden’s lair in Afghanistan. Actually, it was just waiting out a sandstorm, wrote former Washington Examiner reporter Alana Goodman, now with the Washington Free Beacon. He has falsely claimed to be a coal miner and from a family of coal miners, a claim pulled from Pinnock, according to Slate.In 2007, he said he was “shot at” while in Iraq. The truth is that he was in the green zone when a mortar landed several hundred yards away, reported the Hill. Biden said in 1993 that he called Slobodan Milosevic a “damn war criminal” to his face during the siege of Sarajevo. Three out of four aides in the meeting wouldn’t corroborate.
    Biden has said he was a civil rights leader, participating in sit-ins. Never happened. Biden said he criticized former President George W. Bush in several long meetings. A Bush aide said he couldn’t remember Biden in any meetings and added that the former president “would never sit through two hours of Joe Biden.”
    The president recently retold how his Delaware house caught fire, almost killing his wife, dog, and cat and melting his Corvette. Fox and the Associated Press reported that it was just a small kitchen fire. And then there is his million miles flown story told to Amtrak conductor Angelo Negri. Biden claims that Negri congratulated him during a train trip to visit his dying mother. CNN tore that story apart, writing, “Biden’s story is false in two ways. First, he could not possibly have had this exchange with Negri: He did not reach the million-miles-flown mark as vice president until September 2015, according to his own past comments, but Negri had died more than a year earlier, in May 2014. Second, Biden’s mother was not dying at the time he reached the million-miles-flown mark. In fact, she had died more than five years prior.”
    And, of course, his claim of crossing the damaged FSK bridge in Baltimore by rail, except that there is no train service across that bridge. Are lies about his academic records and scholarships, getting into Annapolis, and building the Pyramids.

    1. If you want to talk about lies then we should talk about the 30,573 lies told in office and the laws that he and his staff violated. Along with many of the things trump said and did as a private citizen before and after being President.

      The only clear threat to this nation is people like you when you make statements about how I am a traitor and will be sent to a reeducation when democracy ends. The last time someone tried this it was Senator Joseph McCarthy, who accused everyone who did not agree with him as Communists, all because he did not want his aide to be drafted. If you want to see what that is like try spending a year in China, Russia, North Korea, and Hungary. If you feel that people like me should be silenced all you are is a buffet Constitutionalist. Picking the sections you like and ignoring the most important one, the First Amendment.

      I don’t understand where all of your hatred and anger comes from and I doubt you do either.

      1. “So what has Biden done that makes him a fruad and bigot?”
        You asked the question, so I answered you. …or maybe you forgot (?) Ut-oh…

  7. Biden the Bigot: From CNN: Former Vice President Joe Biden and California Sen. Kamala Harris had a tense exchange over Biden’s past praise of some senators who supported segregation and his opposition to busing.”It was hurtful to hear you talk about the reputations of two United States senators who built their reputations and career on the segregation of race in this country. It was not only that, but you also worked with them to oppose busing,” Harris said.Biden responded, “I do not praise racists. That is not true. Biden does have a history of praising senators who supported segregation, but in several instances he claimed they changed on the issue of civil rights.
    Biden’s campaign was riled last week when he cited two segregationist senators and as examples of colleagues he could work with during an era where “at least there was some civility” in the Senate. Biden did not praise either of the men, but he does have a history of praising several senators who supported segregation and opposed the Civil Rights Act — though not for their positions opposing civil rights. Biden praised then-Mississippi Sen. John Stennis, a staunch segregationist as a “hero” and “the rockbound integrity of the United States Congress” in the 1980s. Biden called Stennis “a hell of a guy” in 2008. Biden also has praised South Carolina Sen. Strom Thurmond, who ran for president as a segregationist in 1948 as a Dixiecrat. In 1993, Biden spoke at Thurmond’s 90th birthday and praised him by comparing him to Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Biden has claimed both Stennis and Thurmond changed with the times. When Thurmond died, Biden said he did not believe the senator was racist at his core. In his Senate farewell address in 2009, Biden said he became friends with Stennis, Thurmond and Mississippi’s James Eastland despite opposing their views on civil rights.”I never thought I’d develop deep personal relationships with men whose position played an extremely large part in my desire to come to the Senate in the first place to change what they believed in — Eastland, Stennis, Thurmond. All these men became my friends,” Biden said.
    “You ain’t Black if you don’t vote democrat” “They’ll keep y’all in chains” Sound familiar?
    From The Heritage:Joe Biden has a decades-long habit of making overtly racist remarks, taking discriminatory positions and cavorting with known racists—things that would get anyone to his political right tossed out of polite society. But being on the left must make it okay. Just a few days ago, while lamenting the difficulty in convincing many Latinos and blacks to take the COVID vaccine, he committed a series of racially charged blunders that barely registered in the corporate media’s consciousness. Biden white-splained that Latinos in America resist vaccinations because “they’re worried that they’ll be vaccinated and deported.” This statement makes the insane assumption that all Latinos present in this country are illegal aliens subject to expulsion. It never occurred to Biden that more than 60 million Latinos are actually American citizens, according to recent census figures. While insulting such a sizable segment of our population, Biden actually went further. He referred to this group of people as “Latinx,” which is a term invented by woke academic s who objected to gender-specific words in the Spanish language.Just 3% of Latinos use “Latinx” to describe themselves and less than a quarter have even heard of the term, according to the Pew Research Center. Many find it to be an offensive bastardization of the Spanish language. Here, Biden is almost certainly unaware of what he’s saying and has simply repeated what a liberal on his staff has instructed him to say. But there are plenty of examples where Biden should not receive the benefit of the doubt. In the same breath as his “Latinx” comment, Biden lectured about the fears that blacks may have of the vaccine, attempting to point to historically shameful episodes when they were subjected to inhumane medical experiments. “They are used to being experimented on—the Tuskegee Airmen and others,” Biden said.
    In this, he confused legendary World War II fighter pilots with a long, notorious governmental study of syphilis among black men—the Tuskegee Experiment. It does not take much effort to imagine the media’s reaction if Donald Trump had mangled so many racial issues in one press conference.Examples dating back to his campaign for president (and earlier) abound. On Charlamagne Tha God’s popular morning radio show in May 2020, Biden infamously asserted to the largely black audience that if they were unsure of whether to vote for him or Trump, then “you ain’t black!”
    Then in August 2020, Biden told a gathering of black and Hispanic journalists that “unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things.”Taken together, these statements clearly suggest that Biden believes all black people think alike.In the same interview, responding to a question on whether he had taken a cognitive test, Biden angrily fired back with the suggestion that the black reporter was a drug addict.“That’s like saying you . . . before you got in this program, you’re take [sic] a test whether you’re taking cocaine or not,” Biden said. “What do you think? Huh? Are you a junkie?” Put these words into Mitch McConnell’s mouth and try to envision how long he’d be allowed to remain in the Senate, let alone in a leadership position.But Biden has been getting away with this for years.
    In 2010, he warmly eulogized Sen. Robert Byrd, a former Exalted Cyclops in the Ku Klux Klan, saying he was “one of my mentors” and that “the Senate is a lesser place for his going.”In 2007, he referred to Barack Obama as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean.”In 2006, he said, “You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.” Way back in 1977, he said that forced busing to desegregate schools would cause his children to “grow up in a racial jungle.” Of course, he infamously worked with segregationist senators to oppose that mandatory busing, which decades later led to the strongest moment in Kamala Harris’s campaign for president, when she blasted him as having personally impacted her as a young girl.
    And over the course of his entire career, he had kind words to say about staunchly segregationist senators.
    Any one of these statements or episodes would have been enough to sink the political career of any conservative in Washington, D.C., against whom tenuous accusations of racism are commonplace and occur almost daily.
    But Joe Biden, who has a lifetime of them, is now president of the United States.

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