Got an idea you’d like to share? We’d like to hear it.

Broad + Liberty is open to your editorial idea on issues important to Philadelphia, its surrounding region, and Pennsylvania / New Jersey. The best article pitches have a regional hook. To submit your pitch or op-ed, please reach out to us at Include your pitch in the body of your email. One of The Editors will respond to you as soon as possible. If your pitch is accepted, we will revise and edit it, and send you a working document for your approval.

If you’re looking for an idea for your op-ed or pitch, local issues that affect the everyday lives of people living in Philadelphia and surrounding counties (including counties in New Jersey and Delaware) resonate the most with our readers and are most likely to be published. Ask yourself: what is happening in the region that is not being covered? Has your school board or local government made a policy change that you think others would want to know about? Is something happening in your neighborhood that you think is relevant for the Philadelphia area?

There is no perfect op-ed length — it depends entirely on both the subject and the argument being made — but a good range to aim for is somewhere between 700-1,100 words. But please focus more on making a good argument than on a specific word count.

Once live, Broad + Liberty will promote your op-ed/pitch on our social media and email channels — and expect that you will share with your network. 

Every submission must include a short biography of the writer (include your Twitter handle, if applicable) and a phone number so we can easily contact you. If you’re looking for an example of a bio, check out this one by Bradley Vasoli! Your work is valuable, and we recognize that. Beyond promoting your finalized op-ed or video, we pay our contributors a stipend for original submissions. Many of our contributors choose to share their work as a donation to improve civic discourse (we are a nonprofit, after all!). 

Before submitting your op-ed, please make sure that you have done the following:

  • Your op-ed/pitch is relevant to our greater region of Philadelphia and its surrounding areas.
  • Your argument is clear and concise (600-900 words).
  • You have included a writer bio at the bottom of the pitch.

We look forward to reading what you have to say!