Broad + Liberty is the Philadelphia region’s intersection between current, local issues and the eternal struggle for the cause of liberty. We are a Philadelphia-based nonprofit media enterprise and public policy think tank committed to offering diverse, innovative, even disruptive viewpoints about issues, ideas and policies that hit closest to home for our readers.

Through the application of First Principles such as federalism, localism, and equal access to opportunity, Broad + Liberty advocates for political, cultural, and economic freedom in local public policy decisions in Philadelphia, South Jersey, Delaware and beyond.

We have a clear choice: will the policies that undermine opportunity, independence, prosperity, and fairness in the City of Philadelphia and our region go unanswered, or can we reverse the trend so that in five years we shine as an example of what self determined citizens can accomplish?

We launched Broad + Liberty on September 17th, 2019, with five co-founders and an ambitious mission. From our opening letter:

“Broad + Liberty strives to improve our politics by improving our civic dialogue, beginning with the local. We will provoke thought, challenge ideological assumptions, and offer a perspective on the issues that matter most unlike any other outlet in the region. There are many different viewpoints out there, and people you disagree with aren’t the enemy. Expect to be challenged. Engage where you can. And keep in mind that you could be wrong. Above all, respect the universal dignity of all people.”

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We have a clear choice: will the policies that undermine opportunity, independence, prosperity, and fairness in the City of Philadelphia go unanswered, or can we reverse the trend so that in five years our region shines as an example of what self determined citizens can accomplish?


Broad + Liberty’s founders are all Philadelphia natives with diverse backgrounds, but we all share a conviction to the cause of liberty — and a deep commitment to advancing the cause in liberty’s cradle. Our team believes that regular consumers of local media aren’t getting the full story when it comes to the policies that matter most. 

Broad + Liberty’s Board of Directors is comprised of experienced thought leaders dedicated to advancing issues and viewpoints that need to be heard — even when that means going up against established groupthink. So we engage the local policy debate to strengthen our intellectual analysis, deepen our collective understanding of the issues, and take our ideas about what ails our region and our nation into practice.

Our five co-founders include entrepreneurs, political journalists and editors, an election law expert and lawyer and a seasoned professor.


Broad + Liberty advances innovative, politically disruptive ideas that provide balance to a regional media, academic, and political culture that is decidedly biased. We provide a platform for thought-provoking ideas across the ideological spectrum. 

We seek to establish a legitimate media counter-culture by producing content that has made us a go-to source for key opinion leaders and policy makers to opine, debate, and consider issues critical to the Philadelphia region and beyond.

Ideas matter, and as a 501 c(3) nonprofit we rely on the generosity of donors like you to support our work, produce more content, and advertise.

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In just a few brief months since we’ve opened shop, Broad + Liberty has proven to punch above its weight — a great indication that our local focus is resonating with a specific, untapped portion of the market: people who feel that they are not receiving the full story on the issues that matter most to them. 

Here are a few of our accomplishments since our September 2019 debut…

  • Provided “victims’ voices” commentary as crucial counter-weight to coverage of “social justice” law enforcement that ignores victims of crime.
  • Featured key leaders in the conservative movement such as John Yoo, Steve Hayward, U.S. Senator Pat Toomey, and leaders from Heritage Foundation and Federalist Society.
  • Partnered with Philadelphia Inquirer to feature key regional pieces, projecting our voice to audience of hundreds of thousands in print and online.
  • Influenced reporting on Philadelphia’s elimination of library fines, indicative of wider “culture of free stuff,” in nation’s largest newspaper (the New York Times).
  • Became the first (and only) media publication to call for PA Health Secretary Rachel Levine’s ouster after she pursued a ruinous policy of forcing Covid-19 positive patients back into nursing homes and care facilities — and then moved her mother out of one into a fancy hotel.

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Broad + Liberty is a nonprofit, 501c3 organization that provides a forum for thought-provoking, shareable ideas for free thinkers in Greater Philadelphia and beyond.  Any opinions expressed on Broad + Liberty are solely those of the author/contributor of the particular piece.  They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of Broad + Liberty as an organization, its Board of Directors, founders, staff or contributors.