About our Mission

Broad + Liberty is a news and editorial outlet dedicated to freedom of thought and giving voice to issues and ideas that have been shut out of our discourse for too long. Based in Philadelphia, we are a nonprofit built to promote innovative ideas, diverse and disruptive viewpoints, and positive policies that hit home for our readers, supporters and followers. 

Founded in late 2019 to “provoke thought, challenge ideological assumptions, and offer a perspective on the issues that matter most unlike any other outlet in the region,” we have grown into the de facto source of news and editorial content for freedom-focused readers in a “keystone” region of tens of millions of people. Whereas our competitors are devoted to a closed-minded Woke ideology that shuts voices and perspectives out, our mission is to give voice to ideas and perspectives that will help improve outcomes for people, and give oxygen back to the problem solvers.

Broad + Liberty advocates for political, cultural, and economic freedom in local and regional discourse in Philadelphia and its environs: the suburban collar counties of Southeast Pennsylvania, South and Central New Jersey, and throughout the rest of PA.

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Who Are We?

Begun by five mavericks with backgrounds in journalism, public policy, academia, marketing and the law, Broad + Liberty has grown into a team of content creators, editors, investigative journalists and thinkers — as well as a diverse and committed Board of Directors from across Pennsylvania.

What unites the Broad + Liberty team is a belief that regular consumers of local media aren’t getting the full story when it comes to the policies that matter most, and that rather than grumble about it, we must be the change we wish to see in our region and the world!


Since our 2019 launch, Broad + Liberty has punched above our weight thanks to our supporters. We have tapped a ready market of people who feel they are not receiving the full story on the issues that matter most to them. 

Here are just a few items that Broad + Liberty offers…

  • Local and regional news and editorial coverage that is dedicated to restoring trust in the media and giving you the full story, that now reaches over ten thousand unique readers a week. 
  • Investigative reporting led by Todd Shepherd, the only freedom-focused investigative reporter in a region of tens of millions of people — from the news that the Philadelphia Democratic Party declined to endorse incumbent D.A. Larry Krasner, to major stories about Covid-19 in PA nursing homes and our leaders’ response to the virus.
  • First-in-the-nation programming to develop and train the next generation of diverse leaders of the freedom movement, in the form of the O.V. Catto Leadership initiative — launched in May 2021, and supported with tax-deductible investments from people like you!

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Broad + Liberty is a nonprofit, 501c3 organization that provides a forum for thought-provoking, shareable ideas for free thinkers in Greater Philadelphia and beyond.  Any opinions expressed on Broad + Liberty are solely those of the author/contributor of the particular piece.  They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of Broad + Liberty as an organization, its Board of Directors, founders, staff or contributors.

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