Andy Bloom: Is Joe Biden really a ‘good and decent man?’

The media constantly reminds voters of every transgression and peccadillo Donald Trump has ever committed.

I’ll stipulate that Trump is easy to dislike. 

But it’s time to stop pretending that Joe Biden is a “good and decent man.” He is not.

The media used to report on Biden’s character accurately. But a little fudging is acceptable to the media, which tells us we have to stop Hitler and save democracy.

Let’s replay a few of Joe Biden’s greatest hits:

Biden stepped onto the national stage in 1987 when he first sought the Democratic presidential nomination. He dropped out after plagiarizing a speech by a member of the British Parliament named Neil Kinnock. He went so far as to imitate Kinnock’s mannerisms, which New York Times reporter Maureen Dowd, a champion Trump-hater, called “creepy.”

Borrowing from Kinnock’s speech, Biden falsely claimed to come from a family of coal miners. He also claimed to be the first in his family “in 1,000 generations” to graduate from college – also not true.

During his two-and-a-half-month campaign, Biden also told false stories about his academic record. Biden claimed he graduated with three undergraduate degrees (it was one), that he “went to law school on a full scholarship,” and that he “ended in the top half” of his law school class. Actually, he had a partial scholarship and was 76th out of 85 in his class.

It turned out that Biden’s plagiarizing began long before his political career. A 1987 New York Times article reported that “Biden had to admit that in 1965, when he was a student at Syracuse Law School, a faculty report concluded Biden had ‘used five pages from a published law review article without quotation or attribution’ and that he ought to be failed. Biden pleaded with the faculty not to dismiss him, claiming his intent was not to deceive.” 

Remember, Dr. Claudine Gay lost her position as Harvard’s president for plagiarism. Yet the President of the United States, this “good and decent man,” has been a lifelong plagiarist.

That’s Joe Biden’s “character.”

And he hasn’t learned. 

Biden has repeatedly told people who have lost their homes in natural disasters that he understands them because his home in Delaware caught fire and burned down, nearly killing Jill Biden, his dog, and melting his Corvette. In fact, it was a small kitchen fire put out in 20 minutes, according to the local fire chief at the time.

Biden has told several stories about getting arrested as a civil rights activist. One is about getting arrested during a Delaware desegregation protest in the early Civil Rights era, which he repeated as recently as his April appearance on the Howard Stern Show.

He’s also repeatedly claimed he was arrested in South Africa while trying to see Nelson Mandela in the 1970s.

Another favorite Biden story is about how he got arrested in the 1960s when he wandered into an all-female dorm while visiting the Ohio University campus for a University of Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens versus OU Bobcats football game. 

As far as anybody can tell, Biden has never been arrested. Maybe he’s secretly jealous of Trump’s mugshots or would like one of his own – for fundraising purposes.

Biden also talks about traveling to the Kunar province of Afghanistan to pin a Silver Star for heroism on a Navy captain. The Washington Post reported that “‘This is the God’s truth,’ Biden had said as he told the story. ‘My word as a Biden.’” The Post concluded that “almost every detail in the story appears to be incorrect.” 

At a White House ceremony six years after Biden’s visit, an Army specialist stood at attention as President Barack Obama placed a Medal of Honor around his neck.

“In the space of three minutes, Biden got the time period, the location, the heroic act, the type of medal, the military branch and the rank of the recipient wrong, as well as his own role in the ceremony.”

More recently, Biden claimed his uncle – Uncle Bosie – was eaten by cannibals after his airplane was shot down during WWII.

In one of Biden’s rare interviews with CNN’s Erin Burnett, he claimed inflation was 9 percent when he came into office. In fact, inflation was 1.4 percent in January 2021 and 1.7 percent in February. In March, inflation rose to 2.6 percent. Biden signed his signature $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan into law on March 11, 2021. In April, inflation rose to 4.2 percent, followed by 5.0 percent in May, finally reaching 9.1 percent in June 2022 – seventeen months into Biden’s presidency. 

For the Trump haters who excuse Biden’s lies as somehow different than Trump’s, they mostly are not.

If Trump is wrong about the 2020 election, it’s only after the onslaught of Russian collusion lies about 2016 were used to delegitimize his presidency.

Remember, during the 2020 presidential debate, Joe Biden told Americans that the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation, backed up in a letter signed by 51 former U.S. intelligence officers — a fact that he and the FBI knew was untruthful. His future Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, propagated the letter. 

If the Justice Department and media were nearly as interested in the emails on that laptop and the millions of dollars that have gone to various Biden family members and shell companies as they are in the real estate values of the Trump holdings, we might know a lot more about the “Big Guy” and his ten percent. But hey, there is nothing there to see, I know.

Truthful reporting on the nature of Hunter Biden’s laptop may have changed the election outcome in Trump’s favor. We’ll never know.

The White House, Biden’s political supporters, and the media continue to perpetrate another lie and fraud on voters to help re-elect Biden. They claim that behind closed doors, Biden is sharp. Ignore the gaffes. Don’t believe your lying eyes as Biden falls, stumbles, and wanders off; Biden is sharp — sharp as a spoon is what the world will learn after the election.

Yet, somehow, Trump is the one charged with fraudulently impacting the outcome of the 2016 election with the hush money payments to Stormy Daniels (I think that’s what they were trying to prove). 

Trump was a showman long before he became a politician, and he’s prone to exaggeration. 

Joe Biden is no better – and no worse.

The main difference between the two is that Trump looks people in the face when he sticks the dagger in, while Biden shivs people in the back.

So please, can we stop pretending that Biden is a “good and decent man?” 

Andy Bloom is President of Andy Bloom Communications. He specializes in media training and political communications. He has programmed legendary stations including WIP, WPHT, WYSP/Philadelphia, KLSX, Los Angeles, and WCCO Minneapolis. He was Vice President of Programming for Emmis International, Greater Media Inc., and Coleman Research. Andy also served as communications director for Rep. Michael R. Turner (R-Ohio). He can be reached by email at or you can follow him on Twitter at @AndyBloomCom.

27 thoughts on “Andy Bloom: Is Joe Biden really a ‘good and decent man?’”

  1. Andy,
    1. We can both agree that “It would be difficult to convince a jury that they should convict Biden… of a serious felony that requires a mental state of willfulness.”
    2. At Hunter Biden’s gun trial earlier this month, federal prosecutors introduced the physical laptop and exhibits from the laptop’s data as evidence against him. FBI special agent Erica Jensen, a 20-year veteran of the bureau, gave detailed testimony on how federal investigators verified the laptop data by cross referencing the computer’s serial number to Hunter Biden’s iCloud backup server. Her testimony during the trial strongly resembled IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley’s testimony last year on the process used to authenticate the laptop.
    3. Maybe it would be appropriate for Dana Bash to ask your question during Thursday’s debate given the fact that her first husband, JEREMY BASH, was one of the 51 intelligence liars who tried to deceive the American public before the last election by LYING and falsely claiming Hunter’s Laptop had all the earmarks of “Russian disinformation” (even though the FBI had already confirmed it was not!) and which played a prominent role in the first Trump v Biden debate. It allowed Biden to claim in the first debate that the Hunter laptop story was “garbage”. The garbage is the swamp creatures on BOTH sides of the aisle and their various crimes in the Ukraine and around the world.

    1. Of course there are a few massive, gaping differences that make “both sidsing” absolutely ridiculous. Biden hasn’t attacked the justice system as “rigged” or used pardons to get his son off the hook. Nobody, least of all major religious and political leaders, are claiming that Biden was literally sent by G-d to do holy work. Nobody is comparing him or the prosecution of his family to Jesus’s persecution. Biden isn’t telling his cult following that his son is being persecuted by a deep state and that they (the cult followers) will be persecuted next. Democrats aren’t calling themselves the party of “law and order” while passing bills to defund law enforcement agencies in retribution for holding members of their own party accountable. Biden is as “good and honest” as your average politician, which is to say not much of either. And Democrats acknowledge this. Trump, however, is as “good and honest” as your average despotic authoritarian dictator. And his party is in denial.

  2. It’s time to stop pretending that Trump is a “good and decent man.” He is not. While Trump was in office he told 30,573 lies or misleading statements. Some of my personal favorites included
    No Americans will die from Covid
    It (Covid) will disappear like magic
    Mexico will pay for the wall
    He, Trump, would release a healthcare plan better than the ACA in two weeks. A statement he made 15 times.

    And he continues to lie to this day. The election was rigged, and he did not have any classified documents after he left office.

  3. Biden Derangement Syndrome has blinded the author from the fact that b&l is “the media”. So is Fox News. So is the WSJ and the rest of the sprawling corporate right-wing Murdoch empire. And the corporate, mutlibillion dollar right-wing Sinclair network. And OAN.

    Not to mention the main problem with both-sidsing like this is that Biden doesn’t have a cult following willing to commit political violence on his behalf. Nobody is saying that he was literally sent by G-d. Democrats aren’t trying to defund law enforcement agencies for trying to hold him accountable. Nice try though.

    1. “…it’s proven that when you make it difficult for people in their lives, they lose their ideological bullsh*t, and they get vaccinated.” – Fauci (except mRNA was gene therapy and they changed the legal definition of vaccine to accommodate this experimental treatment.) Yesterday the Supreme Court refused to hear the merits of the case regarding BOTH Trump and Biden Administrations censoring free speech and controlling your thoughts, which during discovery was revealed they call your thoughts “cognitive infrastructure.”
      The Democrats don’t have a cult following willing to commit political violence?!?!
      “You know, there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there’s unrest in our lives.” – Pressley, D-Mass., in an Aug. 15 interview with Tiffany Cross on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” show.
      “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” – Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., 2018 at a Los Angeles rally after a Virginia restaurant owner refused to serve then-White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. It had nothing to do with the Black Lives Matter movement or riots.
      “I just don’t know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country. Maybe there will be” – Nancy Pelosi, June 14, 2018.
      “I want to tell you, Gorsuch, I want to tell you, Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.” – Then-Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, March 2020.
      “I should not have used the words I used yesterday.” – Then-Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, the very next day.

      1. “The Democrats don’t have a cult following willing to commit political violence?!?!” Remember when Hillary Clinton lost to Trump in 2016. Did Obama claim the election results were rigged and told his supporters to march on Congress? When Trump lost to Biden did Biden supporters hold counter protests to stop the insurrectionists from marching on Congress?

        ““I should not have used the words I used yesterday.” – Then-Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, the very next day.” Oh, no. Chuck Schumer realized he might have been inciting violence and told people he was wrong. More than I can say for Trump during January 6th when he had to tell the insurrectionists to stop, twice.

      2. Brilliantly said. The hypocrisy of Democrats is matched only by their arrogance, which dwarfs their ignorance.

  4. I love this piece. I only wish I had written it. One cannot ignore the truth. Oh wait, the Bidenistas ignore it all the time.

  5. So what’s your purpose here? Turn the Oval Office over to Trump by alienating potential Biden voters? If that’s your purpose — and I can’t see any other reason for having collected these old stories and contemporary speculations — then you really need to think about your goals. Say what you want about Biden, he’s still an infinitely better president than Trump would ever be. Trump has no grasp of economics (look at his proposal to replace the income tax with a tariff!), he doesn’t understand foreign affairs (look at how he’s misunderstood how NATO works, how he’s buddied up with Putin and Kim, how he alienates our allies), and he’s showing alarming signs of advanced dementia (Biden shows signs of a normal aging process, but Trump’s butchery of the English language, his substitution of makeup words for words he can’t remember, etc.). Trump also surrounds himself with appalling people, like Michael Flynn, Sebastian Gorka, Jason Miller, and Stephen Miller. I don’t care how many people Biden plagiarized in his younger years, but God please spare us from another Trump Administration.

  6. Patricia S Biswanger,
    I think Mr. Bloom wrote his article for “undecided voters” not the polite and nice people, like you. Say what you want? Alright… Do you realize the FBI knew that laptop was authentic, and that it contains proof the “Biden Crime Family” was being paid by both Ukranian Oligarchs and the Chinese Communist Party? You realize that don’t you? You realize that there are plenty of Democrat and Republican politicians’ family members getting paid to direct billions of U.S. dollars into their direction?
    Before 1913, the United States government primarily funded its wars and other obligations through a combination of:
    Tariffs: Tariffs on imports were a significant source of revenue for the government, and during times of war, tariffs were often increased to generate more revenue.
    Public Land Sales: The government sold public land to raise funds for wars and other government expenses.
    Excise Taxes: Temporary excise taxes were imposed on specific goods, such as whiskey and tobacco, to raise revenue for war efforts.
    Loans: The government borrowed money from banks and other financial institutions to fund wars.
    State and Local Governments: State and local governments also contributed to the war effort by providing troops, supplies, and financial support.
    Private Donations: Wealthy individuals and organizations donated money to support the war effort.
    State and Local Taxes: States and local governments imposed taxes on their citizens to fund their contributions to war efforts.
    It’s worth noting that the federal government had relatively few expenses compared to today, and it did not need to raise large amounts of money to fund its operations. The federal government’s budget was much smaller, and it relied more heavily on local and state governments for funding.

    1. “State and Local Taxes: States and local governments imposed taxes on their citizens to fund their contributions to war efforts.” – How about some actual examples of this.

      “Private Donations: Wealthy individuals and organizations donated money to support the war effort.” So what, much of this came in the form of medical supplies and food. Do you have any examples of someone buying a tank?

      “Public Land Sales: The government sold public land” – Once again, do you have any actual examples?

  7. joe biden refuses to acknowledge one of his own grandchildren. That alone qualifies him as a lowlife.

    1. Well said. Until the media shamed him into doing the right thing, this old man ignored a little 4 year old named Navy. A reprehensible creature.

  8. Ahhh.. a wonderful day with TDS in full bloom. I especially enjoyed Ms. Biswanger’s assertions. Trump has been an international businessman his entire life prior to politics.
    Slow Joe has been a fraud and a politician his entire life. If he learned anything regarding economy and business, it was most likely from his dad – a used car salesman – which on a scale of noble career comes in just above whale dung shoveller and just below snake oil sales. Let’s see: Biden’s foreign affairs have us in a proxy war with Russia on the brink of nuclear holocaust, humanitarian crisis and war in the Middle East between Arabs and Jews (with related political unrest here at home), a nuclear capable Iran, and Taiwan about to be invaded by China. Trump’s foreign policy had our foot on all their necks through energy independence, military strength and diplomacy, including China. NATO nations are now paying their fair share instead of leaving the US taxpayers holding the bag. Trump’s economy was screaming along until China unleashed Covid. Now we have open borders with drugs, murder, sex trafficking and depressed wages, double digit inflation, supply line delays and a weak woke military, all because of a crooked dementia – addled propped up puppet with a weaponized justice system and the deep state swamp calling the shots.

  9. In all the character analysis being done to demonstrate which candidate has the better angels guiding his decisions, we lose sight of the actions that have taken place during Joe Biden’s term. That is what should determine qualifications. Many of Joe’s actions are detrimental to American society but can no longer be reversed. How is it possible to find and repatriate the millions of illegal aliens in this country, how will we force China to sell or give up its ownership of American farmland, American food production facilities, American food inventories, (you get the picture,), all of which happened and is happening under Joe’s tenure. Most recently Joe has doubled down on mandating electric vehicles, apparently in a fit of pique because he was thwarted by reality and the buying public. There are many more examples of bad policies and incompetent administration, screw-ups too numerous to mention, I don’t look to nice guy charts, good old boy meters and the like to evaluate the candidates, after all Joe’s political career has been one of “what can this do for me” and “which way is the wind blowing” not a way to choose a leader in a world of increasing danger.

    1. No worries George. Chinese farms? Claim Eminent Domain on them, enact a foreign ownership tax of 150%, back charge them for the cost to this country of Covid by repossessing it all.
      Repatriation? Cruise ships filled with undocumented illegals bound for the Panama canal. Eisenhower era “Operation Wetback” be enacted by executive order.
      Sanctuary cities that do not cooperate lose all federal funding and their local justice departments get prosecuted for assisting, aiding and abetting in the act of a felony.
      EV mandates? They’ll die a slow death. Even ardent owners of these are fed up with them. The scam has been exposed.

      1. And this is why Operation Wetback failed; “The continuation of illegal immigration, despite the efforts of Operation Wetback, along with public outcry over many US citizens removed, was largely responsible for the failure of the program. Because of these factors, operation Wetback lost funding.”

        1. It will work 70 years later. It absolutely will have public support.
          Joe Biden lost the election last night. Change my mind.

  10. Some absolutely amazing comments here. I mean that in the best and worst ways.

    FedUp, Joe Biden may have lost the Party’s nomination tonight, more than Donald Trump won the election.
    More analysis to follow.

    1. Yeah – I saw Newsome circling the area like a turkey buzzard.
      Even if the Dems retire Biden, their disastrous policies, the MSM debunked lies and pig lipstick were aired out for all to see last night. I’m actually hopeful that the undecideds took note.

  11. Amazing all you Trump haters. If the candidates didn’t have faces and all you could see was their platforms/results side by side you would all vote the one who historically gave us a better place to live and succeed. FedUp, I love your solutions. It’s one reason why I will never buy a Smithfield (CCP) pork product.

    1. Thanks Carl. The foreign influence has to stop. The country is rotting from within. Used to be that legal immigration by skilled and educated people who wanted to assimilate and embrace freedom benefited this country. Now immigration is used to destroy it by those who just want to profit from it and are being financed by our enemies.

  12. So, after seeing the second dubiously sourced TV “news” piece on gasoline prices this Independence Day holiday I decided to check out the facts as cited by the U.S. Energy Information Administration on its official government website,
    Regular Gasoline: Average price/gallon in the U.S.A.
    June 2019 $2.72
    June 2020 $2.08
    June 2021 $3.06
    June 2022 $4.93
    June 2023 $3.57
    June 2024 $3.46
    Are you better off today than you were four years ago?

  13. Trump is a convicted felon who has no regard for the Constitution, the rule of law, law and order, fair and secure elections and representative democracy. Trump represents the greatest terroristic threat to our nation. Trump is a racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, right wing Fascist NeoNazi dictator wannabe who doesn’t give a flying damn about the average American and only wants to serve himself and those who kowtow to him. The Republican Party is the cult of the Orange Cheeto head that demands absolute fealty, loyalty and obedience and place to one narcissistic failed businessman over an entire nation. Trump attempted to weaponize the presidency against his opponents and failed because there was no wrong doing on the part of Obama, Clinton and Biden. Trump attempted twisted extortion by threatening to withhold military aid from Ukraine in exchange for accepting false 2016 election collusion claims and ordering a fake investigation into the Bidens. Fast forward to January 6th and Trump’s failed coup attempt to overturn the results of a certified election, overthrow the duly elected government and hang his vice president. Nero Trump merely fiddled with his television for 3 hours and 17 minutes as a commander-in-chief doing nothing to stop the sacking of the White House by The Proud Boys, The Oath Keepers, The Three Percenters and deranged Trumpers who placed the flag of Trump over the flag of the United States of America. Get with it Bloom! If you have a discerning brain you would know that everything that Trump touches dies.

    1. So I guess Trump won’t be getting your vote, Joe? Seems funny that the same Constitution that you say he gives no regard to is the very same one that will exonerate him.
      You wouldn’t know a fair and honest election if it bit you on the toe. Unsecured mail-in ballots, 330 million dollars of Zuck bucks to primarily blue voter districts, lack of ID, registration and security, liberal state level illegal voting rules changes due to Covid, outdated voter rolls. Trump put America first on the world stage, making other countries stop taking advantage of the average US taxpayer, (read: Paris Accord, China copyright laws, tariffs, closed the southern border). Repatriated US businesses overseas, tax cuts, prescription drugs lowered – these are average American benefits. Homophobic? That’s a new one. Fealty? Republicans have removed the House Speaker of their own party. Trump wanted information on the Biden crime family with Burisma. The extortion was already done (and bragged about openly) by Sleepy Joe (the big guy). Of course there’s no wrongdoing when you weaponize the justice department to do your bidding. Hillary ordered the fake Steele Dossier and the FBI with the FISA court allowed illegal surveillance on Trump’s campaign. The handling of the Capitol on 1/6 was a failure on many parts: Pelosi, FBI, Capitol Police. Trump had offered Pelosi the NG, but she refused it because she wanted it to happen. Trump called for peaceful protest that day. We see how you feel about Trump, Joe. So how do you feel about Biden?

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