PoliticsPA is further broadening its media content offerings with the relaunch of the Kitchen Table Politics podcast available today on Spotify and Apple.

Originally premiering in February 2021 with host Ari Mittleman, it was the only podcast of its kind, exclusively focused on the politics of the Keystone State. Past guests and listeners have included members of Pennsylvania’s Congressional delegation – state representatives and senators, city councilmen, county executives, campaign operatives, journalists, pollsters and more. The podcast quickly topped 30,000 downloads.

After a brief hiatus, Ari is back, in cooperation with PoliticsPA and joined by co-host and Broad + Liberty managing editor Kyle Sammin.

As Pennsylvania emerges as a critical battleground in this year’s upcoming election, the Kitchen Table Politics podcast promises to be more relevant than ever.

This podcast will provide a complementary, politically focused and campaign-based lens to the newly launched Voices of Reason podcast. Candidate interviews and other segments from Kitchen Table Politics will be incorporated into Voices of Reason, keeping audiences engaged with the complex politics of the Commonwealth with the power to determine national electoral outcomes.

We welcome you to join us once again for the new and improved Kitchen Table Politics podcast.

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