Harrisburg, PA – January 8, 2024 – Pennsylvania will be at the center of the political world in 2024, and today two PA-based digital news outlets announced a partnership that will keep readers close to every statewide twist and turn.  

Beginning today, Broad + Liberty and PoliticsPA will operate together in a strategic partnership. The relationship will expand Broad + Liberty’s growing impact in Harrisburg and statewide, and strengthen PoliticsPA’s capacity for nonpartisan campaign coverage. All staff from both outlets will continue in their current roles, including PoliticsPA Managing Editor Steve Ulrich and Broad + Liberty Chief Investigative Reporter Todd Shepherd. Working together with the current owners of PoliticsPA, Broad + Liberty’s current publisher and Chief Executive Officer, Terry Tracy, will oversee day-to-day operations.

PoliticsPA is the longest-running website devoted to Pennsylvania political news. It launched in 2001 as a clearinghouse for Harrisburg gossip and made the transition to hard news in 2007 when it came under its current ownership. Throughout its existence, PoliticsPA kept its focus on topics that matter to political insiders. 

PoliticsPA Co-owners Larry Ceisler, Jeff Jubelirer and David Urban:

“The three of us come from different parts of the political spectrum, but we all share a deep appreciation for great reporting. We are proud of PoliticsPA’s track record over the past seventeen years including thousands of scoops and stories about our fascinating Commonwealth. The collaborative effort we’re announcing today with Broad + Liberty will ensure that the longest-running political news website in Pennsylvania continues to deliver great journalism for years to come.”   

Founded in 2019, Broad + Liberty is known for its hard-hitting investigative journalism and coverage of the political landscape in southeastern PA. In 2023, it began to expand its coverage into Harrisburg and other key markets around the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

Broad + Liberty Chief Executive Officer Terry Tracy: 

“In four short years, Broad + Liberty has made a significant impact in southeastern Pennsylvania with fact-based news and divergent political commentary that readers cannot find anywhere else. Our partnership with PoliticsPA will enhance our presence in the state capitol and add a new dimension to our coverage of statewide journalism.”  

Readers can expect both Broad + Liberty and PoliticsPA to maintain their respective identities. The partnership will result in more and better coverage by allowing both outlets access to more resources, including technological support, staff capacity and expertise.  

About Broad + Liberty 

Broad + Liberty is a nonprofit, 501c3 organization that provides a forum for thought-provoking, shareable ideas for free thinkers in Pennsylvania and beyond. Founded in 2019 and based in Philadelphia, it is a nonprofit built to promote innovative ideas, diverse and disruptive viewpoints, and positive policies that hit home for our readers, supporters and followers. For more information, visit broadandliberty.com

About PoliticsPA

Launched in October 2001, PoliticsPA, LLC is the is the longest-running website devoted to Pennsylvania political news and the most comprehensive resource for observers of the Pennsylvania political scene. Its owners since 2007 are Larry Ceisler of Ceisler Media & Issue Advocacy; Jeff Jubelirer of Bellevue Communications; and David Urban of BGR Group. For more information, visit politicspa.com


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