For how many decades have we heard that the IRS is feared more than death?

Why is it that when we receive a letter in the mail from the IRS, so many are afraid to even open it?

It is because of the coercive power of government and the threatened use of force of government behind those letters.

As historians and other learned individuals have noted, all government is force. It can compel an individual to do something or not to do something.

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Scammers use that coercive power when they send you letters that look like official documents to get people to send money, drain their accounts, or steal their identities when they respond with personal information. Abuse of that coercive power has cost Americans billions.

Governor Shapiro knows it as well and is using the coercive influence of government to compel people who go to get their driver’s license without any inclination or desire to register to vote to register. He is doing it without the authorization of the law to do so.

Anything that uses the force of government to compel a person to do something or not to do something must come from the rules committee of We the People — namely the Legislature, through the creation of laws.

When laws are written, as the courts have recognized, they must have three elements to be complete: they must declare the purpose of the law, they must direct the action to be taken, and they must establish vindicatory measures.

Shapiro is acting beyond the power of his office and should immediately reverse this action.

There is nothing in Pennsylvania’s election laws that grants a government agency the right to take actions that compel a person to register to vote. The election laws allow for offering opportunities, which is why, up until Sept. 19, PennDOT was able to present a screen at registration that asked if you wanted to register to vote.

What the law does not allow is for the government agency to tell you that you will be registered, even if one is offered the opportunity to “opt out.”  Telling you that you are going to be registered and forcing you to go against what the government is telling you is quite different from the government giving you more opportunities to register. The first is forcing an action, and the second is freedom, allowing an opportunity to take an action.

People who come to PennDOT to obtain a license and have no intention to register to vote are now subjected to unlawful coercion to register.

The People have not granted the governor the authority to compel them to say “no.”

Governor Shapiro is using in government the same tactics used by those who imitate the government to coerce you into surrendering your personal information or sending money to fraudulent organizations. He is acting beyond the power of his office and should immediately reverse this action.

Cris Dush serves as Majority Chairman of the Pennsylvania Senate State Government Committee and represents the 25th Senatorial District in Cameron, Clinton, Elk, McKean, Potter, and portions of Jefferson and Centre counties.

13 thoughts on “Sen. Cris Dush: Shapiro would use government force to coerce the people”

  1. You spent the time to write this? I’m all for pointing out excessive Govt and overreach, but this is freaking stupid.
    Don’t sit in Harrisburg or your district office and wonder why Republicans have lost the ear of SE PA – and with it, our fundraising power. The issues you pick are stupid.

    Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

    Dems are winning by playing politics 101, unchallenged and unfettered but for about 5 SE Repubs still in the legislature who you ignore, and you are writing op ed’s like this.

    Wait till Working Families Party starts running you out of relevancy in the state too.

  2. This is simply a way to massively inflate numbers in order to send out more mail-in ballots, and stuff the ballots with fake votes for Democrats. “You can’t prove that!!!!!!” Guess what? You can’t disprove it either.
    1. How precisely will PA ensure automatic voter registration does not mistakenly get applied to non-citizens? Non-citizen residents in the PA Commonwealth already provide proof of identity, residency, age, and citizenship status at the DMV — all the same information required to automatically get pulled in to register to vote — so what things precisely, the specific technical steps, are in place to make sure non-citizens are not streamlined into the process of PA voter registration?!? Not one damn piece of reporting on this issue.
    2. How many non-citizens currently have a PA driver’s license or ID card in Pennsylvania? Simple question and one should be able to find the answer easily…
    3. How many non-citizens are anticipated to apply for a PA driver’s license or ID card in Pennsylvania from now thru 2024?

    1. Jenn,

      I’ll bet you cannot correctly supply the current number of PA non-citizens that have a valid PA driver’s license or ID card in Pennsylvania… I’ll wait.

      I’ll also guarantee that you can describe the method or process that is in place that will supposedly weed out those PA driver license and PA ID cardholders from being registering to be automatically added to the PA voter rolls. I guarantee it.

      1. Oh Mike. You’re so predictable. It’s boring. I don’t care about anything you’re saying. Asking someone do you want to register to vote when they get their license isn’t coercion. Try again, buddy. Or don’t. That might be a better use of your time

  3. And by the way Mikey, research has shown the number of undocumented immigrants who vote is so small as to be “undetectable.” Which makes perfect sense because 1) how many of these people speak English in order to vote? and 2) these are people trying to fly under the radar and not get deported. Their priority isn’t voting. Wise up and try to access your tenuous grip on reality. Rs are losing because their policies aren’t in sync with the majority so voters. You seem to stick to a very tight conspiracy fueled bubble so I’m sure that’s inconceivable to you, but perhaps it’s time to read actual news or talk to a real person. Done here! Won’t be responding to anything else you say! Try to get offline this weekend!!

    1. I wrote PA non-citizens, not undocumented immigrants. Wow. Remarkable. And I’m saying they already have valid either valid PA driver licenses or valid PA ID card. You clearly don’t know the number. It is difficult to find. But as you don’t even understand the issue – undocumented immigrants are not PA non-citizens already in possession of valid PA documents – let me address your McDonald’s example: Shapiro is making it mandatory you get fries too, unless you actively opt out of it.
      I’m simply asking what steps have they taken so non-citizens’, with valid PA documents, don’t get registered to vote. No one knows. No one even know how many there are in PA. Do you realize how close many of the local elections were in 2022 in PA? Hundreds of new voters – perhaps citizens perhaps not – will swing things.
      As of Sep 30, 2023, there is no specific information available on how many non-citizens are in the US military. However, according to, there are approximately 45,000 immigrants actively serving in the US military, and about 5,000 legal permanent residents enlist each year. Thank God for immigrants because they are the lifeblood of the United States. There is no way to prove non-citizen voters, now registered to vote, won’t have illegal actors casting in mail-in votes on their behalf. The entire system is corrupt.

  4. Oh Michael complete silly head! In what universe are there people who don’t live in PA but have PA documents that are part of some conspiracy to sway close PA elections? How many people are you thinking might do this? 2? 3? I misread what you meant, but what you meant is actually way more bizarre than what I thought.
    Mikey, you seem well versed in conspiracies but not in how real people actually behave in the real world. An actual number we know: 62.8% of eligible voters actually voted in 2020 and that was a great year for turnout. That’s the actual problem. People not voting. Not whatever theory you have about people who don’t live in PA but for some reason have PA documents (must make things a pain where they actually live, not having the right license and all) who are motivated to mess up PA elections for . . . . some reason.

    1. When I worked at Campus Corner in Villanova as a student in 1999, there were at least ten (10) Turkish delivery-drivers who worked there with me, all getting their master’s in computer science as grad students, and they all had valid PA drivers’ licenses at the time. You clearly have no idea how the world works. There are likely tens of thousands of non-citizen PA residents currently who have valid PA licenses or PA ID’s. They are all getting opted into the voter registration rolls now. It isn’t a conspiracy. You are a naive person that thinks immigrants are all illegal, don’t speak English, and trying to avoid getting noticed. Get an education on how the real world operates please.
      My question remains: what specific steps are in place that non-citizens with valid PA ID are not getting automatically enrolled to vote?

  5. As of 2021, there were 44.7 million immigrants residing in the U.S., including 20.8 million noncitizen immigrants and 23.9 million naturalized citizens, who accounted for about 6% and 7% of the total population, respectively. Noncitizens include lawfully present and undocumented immigrants. Many individuals live in mixed immigration status families that may include lawfully present immigrants, undocumented immigrants, and/or citizens. One in four children has an immigrant parent, including over one in ten (12%) who are citizen children with at least one noncitizen parent. This info is from a fact sheet which provides an overview of health coverage for immigrants based on data from the 2023 KFF/LA Times Survey of Immigrants, the largest nationally representative survey focused on immigrants.
    So, 20.8 million divided by 50 equals 416,000 per state. Obviously, legal noncitizen immigrants with valid ID are not distributed equally among the 50 states. My estimate for PA is probably very low. I wrote tens of thousands, but it may be hundreds of thousands. The point is you don’t know – it is not easily available info. And now all these people are getting automatically added to voter rolls and there is no way to verify they will actually be the ones voting by mail in the near future.

  6. Ah, coercion. One of my favorite subjects. So many ways to apply it without using a hammer. A recent subject posted at is about one bioethicist’s belief that forceful coercion of all citizens (I’m pretty sure the invaders are not required to vaccinate) to submit to political will is acceptable. In all actuality, Americans have been conditioned to conform to an applied coast-to-coast wide submissive streak. We just don’t like to acknowledge it.

    If you are interested enough and get to, type ‘coercion’ into the search box it’s on the left just above the Recent Posts, you should get a half dozen or so returns regarding coercion.

    If you want to get close to the top of the big time controllers…


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