Linda A. Kerns: All of this kneeling before our flag suggests some of us have already forgotten

How quickly we forgot – not only those who lost their lives in the line of duty, but also the weary men and women who showed up day after day post 9-11 to sort through the rubble to look for survivors and then the remains of the souls lost, all while anguished by their own personal situations and a nation rocked by sorrow.
By Linda A. Kerns

George Coates, Jr.: Support for Black Lives Matter has put two local institutions at odds with actions and obligations

The 13 co-signatories, all non-profits, include civic associations, elite cultural institutions, tony private schools and one of the most prominent country clubs in the greater Philadelphia area, self-proclaimed as the oldest country club in the United States. At least two of those institutions, however, appear to have a conflict of interest with their statement of support.
By George Coates, Jr.