Did you know that the majority of Pennsylvania voters are women?

This trend has stayed steady for years, reinforced by a surge in participation amongst women following the Dobbs decision in 2022.

Pennsylvania women are not just voting for our leaders – they are being elected as leaders at historic levels.

The latest installment of the Voices of Reason podcast centered around women in politics.

Broad + Liberty’s own Beth Ann Rosica hosted the podcast’s roundtable segment featuring four women who are making significant impacts as political leaders in their communities.

Participants shared their experiences running for local office and discussed the challenges of being a woman in politics.

“Because women are traditionally the caretakers of the family, the support that’s required to run for office and to be present in Harrisburg is not traditionally there,” said Tasliym Morales, School Board Member for the Chester Upland School District.

Morales continued, “… that creates a big difference in the amount of women who feel like they can run. Not because they don’t want to, but because they think ‘am I going to be able to do it and be successful?’”

“School advocacy was the platform that got me involved,” said Stacey Whomsley, School Director for the West Chester Area School District.

“And I was diminished – cast aside by members of my community both male and female because I ‘didn’t want to be bothered’ with my children at home – which couldn’t have been further from the truth,” Whomsley emphasized, noting that she got involved to advocate for her children in school.

“So I do think there is still some societal bias against why women do get involved when they do get involved,” Whomsley concluded.

Additional questions were posed to the participants – are women more likely to support female candidates over male candidates? What are the issues that Pennsylvania women care most about going into this next election?

For more of the roundtable discussion, and exclusive interviews with Treasurer of the Commonwealth Stacy Garrity and her Democratic challenger Erin McClelland, tune into the sixth installment of Voices of Reason, available now on YouTube and all podcast streaming platforms.

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