During this week’s installment of the Voices of Reason podcast, we sat down with L2 Data expert and Executive Vice President Paul Westcott who took us through the numbers surrounding newly registered voters in Pennsylvania.

Here is a bird’s eye view of new voter trends in the critical Keystone state:

  1. There is a partisan split amongst new voters, but it’s closer than you might imagine
  2. The highest percentage of new voters are registering in the suburbs, the lowest percentage are registering in urban areas
  3. There is an even 50-50 split of new male voters and new female voters
  4. The large majority of new voters are under the age of 24, with the single largest group being new voters aged 18-19.
  5. Most out-of-state movers into PA are registering as Democrats, mostly coming from regional states like New York, New Jersey, and Maryland.

For the hard numbers, early voting trends, and more, tune into the second installment of the Voices of Reason podcast, hosted by PoliticsPA and presented by L2 Data Inc., in partnership with Broad + Liberty.

One thought on “5 facts that tell you everything you need to know about new voters in PA – VoR Podcast Ep. 2”

  1. Election Official Found Guilty of Generating Fake Names to Request and Mail Absentee Ballots – Story by Ethan Anderson
    (Summary – A former Wisconsin election official sent three fictitious absentee ballots to a Republican legislator to prove a very valid point about vulnerabilities in the mail-in vote. She sent them because the Republican legislator had raised concerns about voter fraud, but the election official wanted to show actual vulnerability. While no illegal votes were cast, the incident demonstrated how easy it could be to commit fraud.
    It also undermined Democratic claims that the system is secure.
    “She is the most vocal election fraud politician that I know of, and I thought that maybe this would make her stop and think and redirect her focus away from these outrageous conspiracy theories to something that’s actually real.”

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