Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks) joined a delegation of Republicans led by House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) to Eagle Pass, Texas, this week to call for an end to the border chaos and to decry President Joe Biden’s immigration record.

The lawmakers came to see the humanitarian and national security crises at the southern border, where migrant numbers reached more than 300,000 in December — the highest single-month number ever recorded. More than eight million migrants have entered the U.S. illegally under Biden’s watch. The trip included intelligence briefings related to trends in border security, according to Fitzpatrick’s office.

“The migrant crisis at the southern border is real and presents a grave national security threat to our nation,” said Fitzpatrick. “Our brave Border Patrol men and women are overwhelmed by a migrant surge that is a direct result of misguided policies from this administration. Over the past three years, we have witnessed the public health, humanitarian, and national security consequences that the porous southern border has created for our nation, and this Congress must come together and find real solutions to this crisis.”

The House Homeland Security Committee is also poised to begin hearings next week on whether to impeach DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over his handling of the border.

The Biden administration threw out former President Donald Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy for asylum seekers, which had required them to stay in that country until their case was adjudicated. Another factor was Biden’s ending of Title 42, a Trump administration policy that allowed immigrants to be sent back due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Reps. Madeleine Dean (D-Berks/Montgomery), Chrissy Houlahan (D-Chester/Berks), and Mary Gay Scanlon (D-Philadelphia/Delaware) did not reply when asked whether they support the Biden administration’s border policies or defend its results.

The flow of millions of illegal immigrants across the border has garnered national attention, largely through the efforts of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), who has sent busloads of migrants to Democrat-run “sanctuary” cities, including Philadelphia.  Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican running for president, has also flown some undocumented immigrants out of Florida, notably to Martha’s Vineyard.

Johnson wrote on X (formerly Twitter) about the trip, “Yesterday, more than 60 House Republicans were in South Texas speaking with local landowners and law enforcement. We were shown firsthand how the president’s reckless open-border policies are devastating communities across the state.

“The Biden administration’s decision to sue the state of Texas for trying to secure its border is shameful. The first responsibility of leaders is to protect their citizens, and @GovAbbott has shown leadership where President Biden has been an abject failure. The Biden administration is showing once again it is obviously their deliberate strategy to keep the border open and continue the chaos and humanitarian crisis their policies have created.”

On X, Fitzpatrick added, “The Senate must take up the Secure the Border Act, which has already passed the House, and the administration must restore the Remain in Mexico policy and enforce 8 U.S.C 1325 and 1326. We are, and always have been, a nation of legal immigration. We must not be a nation of lawlessness.”

While Democrats in the Delaware Valley delegation declined to comment about the border today, they have spoken out in the past.

Scanlon’s website notes that as an attorney, she “worked for many years representing immigrants and asylum seekers. In Congress, Rep. Scanlon is committed to repairing our complex and broken immigration system through common-sense policy measures. She has cosponsored legislation to end inhumane family separation practices and will fight to protect Dreamers and TPS holders.”

She also visited the border in 2019 and “will continue working to ensure that Customs and Border Patrol and the Coast Guard have the resources they need to protect our borders and legal ports of entry while addressing the humanitarian crisis at our border.”

“Our failure to address this humanitarian crisis with diplomacy, foreign aid, and humane border policies has created a challenge for law enforcement officers. They need resources to address the facts, not a crisis dreamed up by those sowing racist division for political gain,” Scanlon said at the time.

On her campaign website, Dean said she “supports a strong legal immigration system and humane treatment for anyone seeking citizenship.” She supports “a path to citizenship for [illegal immigrants] who want to be part of our country, reinstating DACA to allow the Dreamers to be able to stay in our country without fear.” She promised to fight against “inhumane border policies” and “end the cruel practice of family separation and placing those seeking legal asylum in inhumane living conditions at the border or elsewhere in our country.”

Houlahan is “cosponsor and vote for the Dream and Promise Act. This legislation aims to secure permanent residency for immigrants protected under the Deferred Action for Children Arrivals (DACA) program, Temporary Protected Status, and Deferred Enforced humanitarian programs.”

Houlahan also cosponsored bills to help legal immigrants: H.R. 3648, the Equal Access to Green Cards for Legal Employment (EAGLE) Act, and H.R. 3897, the H-2B Returning Worker Exception Act of 2021.

“What is happening at our southern border should alarm all of us,” Houlahan said of the legislation. “When I visited the border in 2019, what was clear was that our facilities lacked, and have been lacking for years, the attention and resources they need. That needs to change, which is why I joined my colleagues across the aisle to vote for a 2022 spending bill providing additional funding for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to better manage immigration across our southern border.”

Linda Stein is News Editor at Delaware Valley Journal.

This article was republished with permission from the Delaware Valley Journal.

6 thoughts on “Fitzpatrick joins GOP delegation to southern border calling out Biden’s illegal immigration failure”

    1. Hey Lisa. He’s a Republican in a Democrat district. If he votes more “conservative”, Republicans lose the seat. Isn’t voting 80% republican better than 100% communist?

      1. Hey Dung. After Bob Brady left, Fitzpatrick won and subsequently he’s won it by over 10 percentage points both times. So, one way to tell me you’re scared of conflict with tyrants and pushing back against those same communists is by attacking Lisa writing something craven like: “He’s a Republican in a Democrat district.”
        Hey Dung, you’re the problem. You think there are communists up to their communist games, but you do not want to confront them, and you hide behind the name “Dung.” If more people were willing to be brave like Lisa, using their actual names, and stand up to the censor and cancel culture bums: the 51 intelligence officials that signed a lie of a letter, to the tyrants mocking people for doing their own research and reading articles, to the Feds and Twittergate, and the list goes on and on.
        Fitzpatrick or any one of those other politicians pretending they give a whit about the border could’ve said: Trump was right on this issue. He was wrong about a lot – a lot – of other things… but Trump was correct on this issue and the Biden Administration has been disastrous. We have Biden because of crum bums like Fitzpatrick (mail in voting) and Dung (people scared to stand up to communists so they voted for a bought and paid for treasonous scumbag because they did not want any more rioting.) Back to Lisa’s comment: It was funny. These Republicans, RINOS, and Dems – they are almost all bought and paid for by Big Business and Oligarchs by their second term.

        1. Thanks, Michael. Maybe you can answer the question, because I didn’t see you address my point.

          If Fitzpatrick doesn’t reflect his district, he’s voted out and dems take the seat to vote completely far left craziness. You can call him a Rino, but shouldn’t you be supporting a Republican who is managing to fend off Dems from taking the seat?

          You claim there is cowardice and weakness, which I don’t completely disagree with, but this mentality of throwing out Republicans because they aren’t Trumpy enough is stupid. It isn’t beneficial to anyone but Dems.

          Trump is a piece of shit. Blindly following the man and making excuses for him is pathetic. Furthermore, attacking Republicans who disagree and don’t want to be affiliated with such a degenerate is also stupid and beneficial to Dems.

          I don’t use my real name because the pathetic excuses for Republicans these days are as bad with cancel culture as the communists of the democratic party today. Also, Doug Mastriano should be ridiculed for his stupidity at every turn.

          If you still believe in election fraud that turned the tide of the Presidential Election of 2020, you can feel free to lump yourself in with the Dung moniker.

          MANY of the Trump sycophants were never involved with politics and looked down at people who went out and volunteered and worked on campaigns to stop democrats for decades before Trump. Then they come along and try to tell people about RINOs and how the border if an issue.

          Please. Spare me a lecture. Trumpers and “Patriots” showed up late and like to act like they have some moral high ground. THEY ARE THE LOSERS THAT ARE CAUSING ALL THE LOSSES. Loser.

          1. Dung,
            One more thing. I’m wrong and you’re correct. Trump stinks – we both agree. And yes, Mastriano is too certain about things. Some people say “I do not care what we go through… we will survive.” – Eric Thomas “How Bad Do You.” Google it. Will the real Eric Thomas please stand up?
            Dung, you were correct. At the end of pain is success. The greatest thing is being alone. Being homeless. It is going to be hard.
            Work hard. Find the gap. When is my biological daddy coming to save me? Can I count on this dude? When you get bothered you get more insults.
            Knuckle dragger? You are correct. What else?

  1. No one cares about Trump. Trump was a total failure regarding Covid, and printing too much money, and saying obnoxious things about P.O.W.’s and veterans and gold star families. He stunk. But he was blatantly better than Biden. Get-along cowards voted for Biden because they watched too much CNN and other BS and happily slapped useless masks on their faces.
    Yet Ron DeSantis, who successfully addressed Disney’s intentional anti-Western values and mores and stopped fraudulent mail-in votes in their tracks… clown shows like the Dom Giordano Program and 1210 AM poo-poo him.
    It is all a bunch of garbage. Both Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy are better than Trump.
    But all of the clowns using fake clown names are RINO’s. You are a RINO, Dung.

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