The commentaries of some black mainstream media personalities concerning the black community’s reaction to Donald Trump’s mugshot have been as disrespectful and dismissive of black conservatives as Hillary Clinton’s characterized categorization of Trump voters as being a “basket of deplorables.”

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, who served as Deputy Assistant to President Trump in 2017, called the mugshot a “big Biden misstep.” Despite accusations of racism by many in the media, the response to Trump’s booking and mugshot coming out of “the hood” by inner-city blacks is one of changed perspectives. With the full weight of the law being pressed down on him, they feel that “Uncle Trump” has walked a mile in their shoes.

Social media within the black community and inner cities nationwide have seemed to turn a corner, moving towards supporting the former president. Many on the street in urban areas profess to having had a change of mind because of his most recent fourth indictment and the now famous “mugshot.”

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This in no way constitutes the mindset of most inner-city blacks, who, at more than a 90 percent rate, are registered Democrats who vote Democrat. But word on the street at the time Trump released the mugshot was staggeringly positive and seemed to garner former President Trump a window of opportunity to have blacks re-examine his candidacy and give him serious consideration because of what many see as government harassment and the legal system’s relentless pursuit.

Each effort has raised sympathy across the country, which has turned into money for his defense fund, but in the “hood,” he’s being called Uncle Trump, and rap songs are being written and performed on social media. “First Day Out” the AI-created rap tune that uses the voice of Donald Trump to “spit the words,” was created by HiRez, an internet influencer, music video producer, and rapper. Trump’s iTunes parody hit racked up 3 million views in its first five days.

The song highlights Trump’s defense against the criminal indictment, takes a jab at what is used against him, making it a joke, calling out “Orange Man Bad!” and giving shout-outs to authors, YouTubers, and social media personalities like Dan Bongino and Denish De Sosa, as well as paying tribute to the Jan. 6 prisoners still languishing in a D.C. jail. The song also gave mention to Atlanta and Philly by way of rapper Meek Mill.

Three weeks later, “Latinos for Trump” had a single called “Trump Latinos.“ They’ve also teamed up with “Blacks for Trump” to collaborate on a video called “Unity”. This has led to a litany of rap videos made from a save attempt during NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast’s interview with Brandon Brown, which became a news fiasco with the anti-Biden lyrics “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Last but not least on the comeback rap trail is Blake America’s year-old video “Nobody Likes You #FBJ” Song, a straight-out attack against President Biden still climbing on YouTube with 2.4 million views.

Releasing the mugshot was meant to bring Trump down. The opposite seems to have been the result in the black community.

Trump’s Fulton County mugshot was published on Aug. 25 in almost every legacy media outlet and streaming service. It all contributed to bringing many “old head” rap fans back to their roots and reminded them of their youth when artists wrote phat dope lyrics extolling Trump as the one to model yourself after if you want to live the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” with Robin Leach. Along with the mugshot, the fact that Trump freed rapper Kodak Black seems to have allowed him to wedge his foot in the door of the black community — a door that has been closed to Republicans since the 1930s with President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal and locked tight after the GOP’s nomination of Senator Barry Goldwater for president in 1964.

Goldwater was a constitutionalist who opposed the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 and favored each state writing and passing its own, keeping the federal government out of any business belonging to the states. This, not unlike the views held by strict constitutionalist Republicans today, was when Democrats were able to garner the black vote and when being a conservative began to have negative overtones that caused Republicans to be mislabeled and conservatives to be falsely characterized.

It was good for the federal government to fight and finish what it started in 1776, to secure the blessings of liberty for all of its citizens, to bring to a close what so many Americans fought and died for, to emancipate the slaves, and to see to it that blacks had the protections of equal rights under the law.

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But after decades of Democrat rule in the places where most minorities live — the city, with its steady decline due to crime, violence, and murder — the black community seems to be nearing a second-party exodus. The prediction of Lyndon B. Johnson may be working its way out after 50 years and return black people to the party of our forefathers.

Word on the street: Trump has earned his honorary “Black Card.”

It didn’t hurt that during his presidency, Trump signed an executive order to reduce the sentences of non-violent convicted offenders under the First Step Act. It allows the cases of non-violent prisoners to be reviewed, on average reducing their sentences by 70 months. In addition, Trump commuted the life sentence of Alice Marie Johnson, a black woman charged and convicted of selling drugs. Trump’s executive orders are being looked at with new eyes by the black community, especially his work to fund Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Opportunity Zones in minority and low-income communities. Many new black business owners will most likely be the ones to remind the folks they know how their livelihoods came into being: thanks to Trump.

Releasing the mugshot was meant to bring Trump down. Unfortunately for the Democrats, the opposite seems to have been the result in the black community.

Donald Trump has regained the respect of a great deal of black men, from Boomers to Millennials and even some from the Gen-Z set. His numbers in the polls shot up directly after the release of the jailhouse photo, and legacy news outlets panicked.

Returning to the Party of Lincoln by way of a mugshot and an “America First” presidential candidate.

M.J. Galimore is a freelance writer addressing issues from a conservative black woman’s perspective.

10 thoughts on “M.J. Galimore: Relentless prosecution of Trump increases his standing in inner cities”

  1. Donald Trump deserves to be in jail. For so many things before his presidency, too.

    We have already run him and he lost.

    It’s pathetic we have the opportunity to pick someone else who can win the general and people are actually planning on voting for that degenerate scumbag.

    There is no integrity. “Patriots” who support this man are small minded shmucks.

  2. If black people admire Trump because he’s an immoral thug who blames law enforcement for his crimes, and takes no responsibility for his crimes, well, that’s a sad state of affairs for the black community.

  3. From the same clowns that brought you Russia, Russia, Russia and two failed Impeachment tries. And don’t forget the druggie pervert son’s “Russia did it” computer hoax just before the election and sprinkle in the failed Muller investigation that costs the taxpayers millions. The only thing more disgusting would be a photo of Russia, Russia, Russia princess Rachel Madcow.

    Trump the great blue-collar billionaire who gave us.
    Peace in the Middle East
    Iran in check
    Low fuel prices
    A large strategic oil reserve now drained by Biden
    US one of the world’s top oil exporters
    Low inflation
    Low interest rates
    Low mortgage rates
    Low food prices
    No war in Ukraine
    Most secure border in years
    Dealt with China

    And then there’s the Biden crime family AKA the Delaware Mafia…where to begin where to begin with that crew.

    Who belongs in prison?

    1. Trump hijacked the Republican platform and he gets credit for it like hes original? No thank you.

      The 2 pekple aren’t mutually exclusive. Both can and should be prosecuted. We should all move on from both this primary.

  4. The game is so clear. Democrats have gone after Trump purposely looking for anything they could possibly prosecute him for in order to keep him from another term in office as president. They have invented charges they would never have used on anyone other than Trump. This is purely a banana republic tactic. He will be found guilty and on appeal it will be overturned. This is what our country (democrats) has become. It’s shameful and un-American. So sad that our country has lost its integrity.

    1. Sherry,

      That is the most obtuse response I could imagine. Cult members blush at how cringy that was.

      Please take a look in a mirror and ask yourself a very important question: “am I as dumb as Donald Trump plays me to be?”.

      Please don’t vote next primary.

      1. Sherry Moss is mostly correct except some of the judgements against Trump won’t be turned over on appeal.
        Regardless, if a convicted Trump is the Republican nominee and still a choice on the ballot, about 80M plus taxpayers will vote for him anyway. Trump made a lot of mistakes, and his campaign was faltering until the corrupted justice Department went after him. He is still better than the R.I.N.O neocons and far Left communists that promote endless wars, while subjecting our children to political groups pushing anti-Judeo Christian ideas and adult fetish onto children – in the CHILDREN’s SECTION of libraries (and there was a reason these libraries created children’s sections in the first place and why these scum demand to take over that specific space) – otherwise known as Drag Queen story hour. The R.I.N.O. neocons and Biden Crime Administration can’t spend taxpayer money fast enough, and they don’t give a damn about middle-class US citizens. These people who blindly hate Trump are the actual cult members. Trump was correct about the border, about resupplying strategic gas reserves, about structural peace in the Middle East while the media ignored his historic achievements, etc. The Biden Crime Administration has been a total disaster. Trump made mistakes and was uncouth. He is still 1,000 times better than any alternative.

        1. lol yeah, 91 RICO violations are just a few “uncouth” “mistakes”. Like how he was also found liable for rape: just a few little errors that anyone could make right? I mean who HASN’T accidentally pressured governors to “find votes”? Who, in a state of absent mindedness, HASN’T come up with an elaborate illegal plan to commit fraud by sending fake electors to congress – a plan that even his closest lawyers have plead guilty to? Yep, just a couple of TOTALLY NORMAL human errors.

          “The R.I.N.O. neocons and Biden Crime Administration can’t spend taxpayer money fast enough”

          Yeah, that record shattering t 7 TRILLION DOLLARS that Trump added to our national debt in just 4 years was a little oopsie too.

        2. 80m people will not vote for him. He will lose. People will vote for Biden and RFK. Trumps vote totals will be significantly diminished. He will not win a general election.

          He lost last time – believe it or not, he lost. He will lose again. There are alternatives.

          Anyone but Trump can win.

  5. This is hilarious. It was “was meant to bring Trump low”!? hahaha. They release everyone’s mugshot. It was “meant” to show that even political elites aren’t above the law. Despite the media spin about how he’s being “persecuted”, he’s just being treated like any other indicted RICO gangster.

    Pretty interesting to see the Republican criminal supporters attempt the mental gymnastics to spin it both ways: They’re the party of “law and order” yet they see a mugshot for a felony as a badge of honor. They decry “defunding the police” but want to defund the largest law enforcement agency in the country.

    What clowns.

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