The latest installment of our series of interviews with school director candidates across Pennsylvania brings us to the Rose Tree Media School District.

Loranne (Lorie) Ginsburg Mazzulo is running for school director in the Rose Tree Media School District, located in Delaware County. She is a registered Republican and a retired science teacher.

Why are you running for the school board?

“I am running for school board because I am passionate about education. In addition, I believe that education and academic success have taken a back seat to certain political and social agendas that are rampant in schools today, including in the Rose Tree Media School District. These agendas seek to alienate parents and indoctrinate children. Furthermore, I don’t believe our tax dollars are being spent responsibly or productively. The taxpayers deserve fiscal responsibility and transparency from the school directors, which they are not receiving from the current board.”

What are the most important issues facing your district?

“I think the most important issue today in our school district is managing the fallout of Covid and school closures. Students are behind academically, as well as suffering from anxiety and mental health issues the likes of which we have never seen in schools before.”

What is your professional background/experience? What skills would you bring to the board? 

“I am a former high school science teacher with a Bachelor of Science in Biology as well as a Master of Science Administration in Human Resource Management. My time in education has allowed me to see the inner workings of a school district, and I have hands-on experience working with students. I am very aware of the expectations and trust parents place in the public school system, especially in teachers. I understand the hierarchy of the district, how it’s run, and by whom. As a past member of the Pennsylvania State Education Association and the teachers’ union and as a former teacher during contract negotiations, I am very familiar with the role unions play in public education.”

Have you run for political office previously? Have you been politically active?

“I have never run for political office before. I have been involved politically with my township, though I have never taken on a formal role.”

Are you running with other candidates?

“I am running on a slate with four other Republican candidates under the group Make the Right Things Happen.

What is the most important role of the school board, in your opinion?

I believe the most important role of a school board is to work collectively with the superintendent, teachers, administrators, and parents to ensure that funds are being spent responsibly to guarantee the greatest academic outcome is achieved by each student.

We contacted the Democratic and Republican committees in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Lehigh, and Montgomery counties and asked them to share the questions with their school director candidates. Broad + Liberty will post the responses throughout the summer to assist voters in learning about the candidates running in their district. The series is open to any school director on the ballot in November. Please contact for more information.

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