Since being elected to the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners in 2015, I have remained steadfast in my promise to be a conservative watchdog for voters who feel disenfranchised by tax-and-spend Democrats.

As the sole Republican County Commissioner for the past seven years, I have exposed the Democrats’ wasteful spending and pay-to-play politics — including the outrageous half-billion-dollar county courthouse renovation.

In addition to opposing every tax hike proposal, when the Democrat County Commissioners pushed to increase the salaries of elected officials by twelve percent last year, I not only voted “No,” but refused to accept the pay raise.

I am seeking reelection so Republican voters can maintain a conservative representative with a spine. Whether it’s supporting law enforcement in the face of backlash from radical leftists, fighting for personal liberty in the midst of Covid-19 totalitarian overreach, or defending the innocent unborn, I will never waiver from being a voice for truth.

As the only Montgomery County Commissioner ever elected without the endorsement or support of either major party establishment, I am beholden to the people, not party bosses and special interest groups. Keeping a healthy distance from the wrong individuals allows me the freedom to call out corruption and scandal on both sides of the aisle.

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In 2023, I am again campaigning without the endorsement of the Montgomery County Republican Committee (MCRC) as this enables me to work on behalf of Republican voters without any strings attached.

The GOP establishment wants me gone and replaced with a puppet who will cut deals with Democrats so donors and insiders can feed off the sizable crumbs of lucrative county contracts. While it may be easier to go-along-to-get-along with the Democrat majority in the spirit of so-called “bipartisanship,” Republican families and taxpayers deserve an unwavering conservative representative who champions traditional values and fiscal responsibility.

Moreover, the Republican voters of Montgomery County have the right to know that the GOP establishment is deceiving them by endorsing two candidates who have a proven record of governing like left-wing Democrats.

As a Spring-Ford School Board Director, Tom DiBello voted for three tax hikes. As an Upper Dublin Township Commissioner, Liz Ferry voted for a whopping four tax hikes.

Liz Ferry’s record on social issues is even more shocking and downright frightening. She joined with Democrats to issue a formal resolution asserting everyone is born racist, stating there is “innate racial prejudice in each and every person.”

Liz also voted in favor of granting police powers to a woke commission tasked with enforcing “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” compliance standards on the residents and businesses of Upper Dublin Township. Liz Ferry’s support of this Marxist agency is unacceptable and should disqualify her bid for higher office.

It is essential that the Republican voters have a proven conservative watchdog on the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners who will champion their conservative values.

Joe Gale has served on the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners since 2016. Currently in his second term, Commissioner Gale is the sole Republican on the three-member board. 

5 thoughts on “Joe Gale: Republicans need a proven conservative fighter”

  1. Joe Gale says he’s against criminals holding office but he supports an insurrectionist rapist document thief tax fraud running for POTUS. Also, his orange hero pardoned several convicted felon pals (Stone, Flynn, et al.) and will pardon the J6 criminals who were found guilty and sent to prison. So much for law and order.

    Joe Gale says he supports cops but he is antivax despite covid being the leading killer of cops for three consecutive years.

    Joe Gale says he wants fiscal responsibility but his hero Trump added $7 trillion to the national debt and is blaming Democrats for it. Also, Gale has been paid over half a million dollars as commissioner while living comfortably in his parents’ two homes in PA and NJ and while campaigning for governor in other counties and posting daily tweets of photo ops.

    Joe Gale says he is pro life but his antivax antimask policy has killed over 1 million Americans.

    Joe Gale is a MAGA Christian hypocrite.

    No sale, Joe Gale.

  2. Joe Gale- everything you listed doesn’t mean a hoot. You have driven independents away from Republicans. Your grandstanding, although frequently over valid issues, makes every vote except far right activists run for the dems.

    You empower Democrats and are the worst candidate to have in a county that was Republican just a decade ago.

    Anyone but Gale. Hopefully Liz Ferry so we can start tactically rebuilding that county’s Repub base.

    Joe, you suck.

  3. The comment by Matt Foley above is anti-Christian and bigoted. Whatever political and social opinions he expresses are negated by his hatred of Christians.

  4. Pass.

    A part of me respects the hustle he showed to get as far as he did, and doing so bypassing while the MontcoGOP, which as any one familiar with SEPA politics knows, has been a colossal circular firing squad. But at some point you have to have some accomplishments to be able to cite. Working within the system and searching for common ground may be instinctively feel “bad” for a MAGA-type like Gale, but being repeatedly on the wrong end of 2-1 votes, with a healthy side dose of grandstanding among the ashes of 2 embarrassing and failing attempts at statewide office isn’t doing anyone any good.

  5. Lost primary for governor in 2022.
    Lost primary for commissioner in 2023.

    Maybe now’s a good time to give your parents a break and move out. Colorado is a lovely state. I hear Lauren Boebert will be single soon.

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