On May 16, Montgomery County residents go to the polls to vote for their local school board, township, and county offices. While it’s typically a low voter turnout election, we believe this year’s election for County Commissioners has never been more important.

Over the past three years alone, under Democratic leadership, Montgomery County has raised taxes by some 21 percent with no end in sight. With a new courthouse that may end up costing taxpayers $1 billion and mounting debt, the county will continue its tax and spend policies hurting seniors living on fixed incomes, working families and small businesses.

Unfortunately, the only Republican on the board of commissioners has accomplished nothing during his seven years in office. He says he votes “no” on budgets, but then approves almost every spending item without question. After seven years of zero accomplishments, it’s time for a change in Montgomery County.

As the only Republican on a seven-member Board of Commissioners in Upper Dublin township, Liz Ferry effectively advocated to reduce tax increases by doing her homework and finding budget savings. She’s been able to hold the line on taxes throughout the past two years. In 2021, she cut a Democrat proposed tax increase by 30 percent. In 2020, she did the same by ten percent, and in 2019, she was able to cut spending and a tax increase by 50 percent. A minority commissioner can be effective, but it takes hard work. Simply voting “no” and not playing a role gets us nowhere and only results in unchecked spending and tax increases.

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As Spring-Ford school board director, Tom DiBello eliminated over $15 million annually in deficit spending. He reduced school district debt by over $200 million and created one of the top school police departments in the state. Spring Ford School District was rated in the top one percent of safest school districts nationwide by Niche.com.

While DiBello was School Board President, Spring-Ford won their 1st National Blue Ribbon in school history. DiBello also reduced the annual average tax increase to under two percent, saving taxpayers thousands of dollars. Additionally, he implemented several cost saving measures, saving the district millions in additional spending.

We are highly qualified, experienced professionals who have negotiated budgets to protect taxpayers, reduced expenditures, and passed no budgets including tax increases. 

We are also running to protect residents and businesses from the increasing crime in our county. We’ve all seen the headlines: Philadelphia’s soft-on-crime policies are leaking into Montgomery County.

As County Commissioners, we will oppose bail reform and work with local law enforcement and state police to ensure they have the tools they need to succeed. We need to be more concerned about protecting our citizens, not criminals who break the law.

As County Commissioners, we will also work to ensure our election process and outcome are transparent and fair. We intend to clean up our voter rolls and eliminate drop boxes, which are not required by state law and have only resulted in alleged dishonest practices. 

In Upper Dublin Township, the head of the Democratic party was caught on video stuffing ballots in the drop box. Tragically, the Republican minority commissioner resigned from the Election Board when we needed him most and ran for another office. He has never helped other Republicans at the school board, local, or county level, and his efforts to bullet vote for only himself have hurt all Republicans up and down the ballot. We have and will continue to work with Republicans at all levels of government and be the election integrity watchdogs voters deserve.

With no incumbents running on the Democratic side, we believe now is the time for Republicans to take back the county seat. We are not running for third place. With Republicans in control, we can cut spending, reduce taxes, fight crime, and rebuild trustworthy elections.

If Republicans and conservatives turn out and vote on May 16, we can begin the process of rebuilding our county. More of the same is not an option.

Liz Ferry can be reached at lizabeth.ferry@verizon.net or ferry2023.com. She’s a Navy veteran and a township Commissioner in Upper Dublin. She served on the Montgomery County Transportation Authority and Parks and Heritage Advisory Board, and worked for the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia helping small businesses, bringing jobs to the region, fighting tax increases, and opposing the Wolf Administration’s Covid mandates.

Tom DiBello can be reached at tomdibello2023@gmail.com or dibello2023.com. Tom has a Master of Science Degree from Pennsylvania State University and has 25+ professional years of experience designing large global technical solutions in both the tax and defense industries. Recently, Tom was the owner of a small business employing over 25 people. In the defense industry Tom built JTAC NATO compliant Training solutions. Tom also spent several years building tax software solutions working with Fortune 100 companies. He collaborated with officials from over nine states on the National Streamline Sales Tax Solution Program and worked with global delegates from around the world via OECD. He’s been a guest speaker at several conferences including the National Governors Association, National Conference of State Legislatures, and the Federation of Tax Administrators.

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