And we’re back with Broad + Liberty’s Candidate Spotlight Series! Each week, we reach out to candidates all across the Commonwealth up for election to public office — an equal number of Democrats and Republicans; incumbents and challengers. We ask one question per week about public policy pressing to you. Those who choose to respond will have their answers shared on our website every week. (Please see a special statement on unresponsive candidates here.)

Earlier this week, nominees for U.S. Senate and Governor shared their thoughts on illegal immigration. Today, our nominees for Lieutenant Governor weigh in.

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This week’s question: Border state governors have made headlines by transporting undocumented immigrants to various “sanctuary cities” in the north. How should the growing crisis at the border be handled, and should the burden be shared across the nation?

Austin Davis (D)

It’s clear that we need comprehensive immigration reform that fixes our immigration system, ensures the safety of our communities, and does not burden any state with the sole responsibility of dealing with this crisis. Republicans and Democrats have failed to pass comprehensive immigration reform, and it is time for leaders in Washington, D.C. to work across the aisle to handle this issue once and for all.

Carrie Lewis DelRosso (R)

As Lieutenant Governor, I will serve Pennsylvania with Colonel Doug Mastriano and our team to prioritize securing our borders. The Mastriano-DelRosso administration will work to do whatever it takes to hire and train our first responders to make our communities safe once again. I will advocate to fully fund our law enforcement and prioritize safe communities.

In the time of record high inflation, our hardworking Pennsylvanians are having a difficult enough time paying for gas and groceries, let alone taking on the financial burden of accommodating illegal immigrants.

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2 thoughts on “Lieutenant Governor Candidate Spotlight: Illegal Immigration”

  1. A “meh” answer at best.

    You would think one running for office would want to be more specific and detailed with such an important question.. didn’t really answer it at all.

    Milk toasty…. bummer.

  2. The problem with that question is that the governor of Pennsylvania can do little about the issue except to talk about it. Legislation and leadership in Washington is where it’s needed. Oz at least answered the question – Fetterman’s camp did not. That’s enough for me.

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