And we’re back with Broad + Liberty’s Candidate Spotlight Series! Each week, we reach out to candidates all across the Commonwealth up for election to public office — an equal number of Democrats and Republicans; incumbents and challengers. We ask one question per week about public policy pressing to you. Those who choose to respond will have their answers shared on our website every week. (Please see a special statement on unresponsive candidates here.)

This week, nominees for public office across our great state will share their thoughts on illegal immigration. Today, our nominees for U.S. Senate weigh in.

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This week’s question: Border state governors have made headlines by transporting undocumented immigrants to various “sanctuary cities” in the north. How should the growing crisis at the border be handled, and should the burden be shared across the nation?

Mehmet Oz (R)

The Left’s “sanctuary cities” are an affront to our national security. This lawless approach by Democrat mayors in deep blue cities not only undermines our immigration laws on the books, but also emboldens illegal drug cartels crossing our southern border and endangers Americans.  Since taking office, President Biden has undermined our nation’s border security and allowed drug trafficking to flourish. Despite what this administration may claim, we have an open border. This growing crisis should be handled by securing the border.

My opponent, John Fetterman, is afraid to publicly answer for his radical views like his support for sanctuary cities, releasing one-third of Pennsylvania’s inmate population, and decriminalizing all drugs. I was unanimously endorsed by the Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Police because I will ensure our law enforcement officials have the tools and resources they need to keep our communities safe and prevent dangerous drugs from flooding onto our streets.

John Fetterman (D)

The Fetterman campaign chose not to respond.

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