Philadelphia is in crisis, and it’s time that someone stood up to protect its families. That’s why the state House of Representatives must begin the impeachment process against Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner.

Normally, this should be settled at the ballot box, but these aren’t normal times. Violent crimes are escalating, the city is in crisis, there’s been a mass exodus from the district attorney’s office, and Krasner still has more than three years left on his term.

Everyone knows the problem. Philadelphia set a record for homicides last year with 562 citizens murdered in city streets. That’s 562 families who had to bury loved ones, in no small part because of the inaction of a rogue prosecutor.

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The police cannot do their jobs without a prosecutor who will put dangerous criminals behind bars to keep them off the streets. In September, Krasner freed a suspect who allegedly committed an armed carjacking. The suspect would go on to allegedly murder a Temple student over the Thanksgiving holiday. Think about it: parents of a 21-year-old student who was set to graduate this spring had to bury their child because Larry Krasner didn’t do his job.  

Mere weeks into 2022, it’s only getting worse under District Attorney Krasner, with homicides already outpacing 2021.

When it comes to gun crimes, you often hear screaming for new laws. The truth is we need prosecutors who have the courage to actually use the laws we have. Last year, press accounts revealed our brave men and women of the Philadelphia Police Department made a record number of gun crime arrests, but Krasner withdrew or dismissed more gun charges than in any single year prior. Only 21 percent of violent gun cases have resulted in charges, and just one-tenth of those charges have resulted in convictions.

Too many of our so-called leaders have sat back and done nothing because they don’t want to offend the progressive left. Well, criminals committing gun crimes and going free doesn’t sound very progressive to me. So, the rudderless cycle continues: progressive leaders point fingers and call for more gun laws, but ignore the inaction of their district attorney — and the devastating impact of his inaction. 

If left unchecked, this problem will only grow worse. How long will it be until this lawlessness extends out of the city and into other parts of the state? Our entire Commonwealth should not have to suffer from the inaction of one person who is putting his own political ideals above the safety of Pennsylvanians.

The bottom line is: the people of Philadelphia are under assault by violent criminals and their district attorney won’t even admit there’s a problem. Former Mayor Michael Nutter said Krasner owes an apology to the families of the homicide victims for dismissing the severity of the crisis. Krasner has signaled that violent crime is accepted, that using a gun in the commission of a crime is fine, and that lawlessness is welcome in Philadelphia.  

The people of Philadelphia are under assault by violent criminals and their district attorney won’t even admit there’s a problem.

Our men and women in law enforcement have a tough job in Philadelphia. Imagine morale when officers are out there risking their lives to arrest violent criminals only to see their district attorney more interested in releasing them back on the streets. 

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner’s record is clear: when he has to pick between cops and criminals, he chooses criminals. 

All Philadelphians deserve to feel safe in their communities. That can’t happen as long as Larry Krasner is district attorney. Yet, city and state Democratic leaders refuse to hold Krasner accountable, or even question his policies that are endangering countless city residents. 

Some may accuse me of playing politics. I don’t care. If it draws more attention to this unprecedented crisis of violence in Philadelphia, so be it. Whatever it takes because enough is enough. 

It’s time to act and begin the impeachment process against Larry Krasner.

Jake Corman is the President Pro Tempore of the Pennsylvania Senate and a Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania.

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