During the last month, Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon has been busy representing Delaware County residents in Washington. Well, at least some of the residents. Others might feel even less represented than usual as Scanlon continues to lurch leftward, leaving the average Delco citizen behind.

Let’s look at a few of her well-thought-out and truly courageous votes.

First, a bill was put forward in the House called the Antisemitism Awareness Act. 

The act was a response to the wave of virulent antisemitism that is sweeping college campuses. The authors believed that congressional action was needed to stop this hate on the campus and to keep it from spreading beyond the campus. Congresswoman Scanlon decided otherwise and joined 91 other members to vote against the bill. She was joined by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and the rest of the so-called “Squad” — essentially the far left of the Democrat Party.

This places Scanlon outside the mainstream, even among Pennsylvania delegates. Only Pittsburgh’s Summer Lee — another darling of the far-left — and Philadelphia’s Dwight Evans joined her. Other reliable Pennsylvania Democrats like Brendan Boyle and Madeleine Dean saw the wisdom of monitoring the hateful actions of these radical students and professional agitators. None of the Republicans from the state voted against the act, either. But Scanlon chose to join the radical fringe.

Second, a bill was introduced which would require the deportation of any — can I say this? — “illegal alien” who has assaulted a police officer. The bill passed, 265 to 148, with 54 Democrats joining 211 Republicans. Scanlon was, once again, not with the majority.

How can anyone conclude that someone who has entered the country illegally and assaulted a police officer, should not be deported? I presume she and the rest of the Squad had a Zoom call and came to the conclusion that illegal aliens trump police officers in their weird hierarchy.

Third, the House passed a resolution that condemns calls to defund the police. It did not have the force of law, but is a good way for members to let the country know where they stand on the issue. Scanlon and the rest of the Squad voted against it

Sixty-one of the most progressive members of congress are still holding out hope of defunding the police. Scanlon, who lives in a tony and safe area of the county, thinks those who don’t should fend for themselves. She is not new to this cause — here is a photo of her marching in a parade calling for the defunding of the police.

Scanlon won’t fight campus radicalism and antisemitism, won’t vote to deport illegal aliens who commit violent crimes, and won’t show even a minimal amount of support for funding the police. Does that sound like representing Delaware County to you?

Wally Nunn is the former Chairman of Delaware County Council.

8 thoughts on “Wally Nunn: Scanlon and the Squad”

  1. Scanlon has gone full Swarthmore Communist – because she can.
    Local media are complicit in concealing her record, and Delco has lots of old fools who still think they’re voting for JFK.

  2. Oh, no……. A group of elected officials chose not to vote for specific bills. But in the end the majority voted in favor of it and it was passed. Congratulations, this is how a democracy works. Now lets see Mr. Nunn write about the Freedom Caucus whose members include Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt “Nepo Baby” Gaetz, Jim “Gym” Jordan, Lauren “Family Values” Bobert, and others. Whose thinks there only job is to bicker with other Republicans, provoke school yard fights with Democrats, prevent any bipartisan bills from being passed, and being part of Putin’s propaganda.

    1. Judah
      Apparently you did not read the article, if you did you would know that I referred to three votes in the Congress. All three passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, only Congresswoman Scanlon and a small band of “progressive” members of Congress voted against the bipartisan majority.
      Wally Nunn

      1. Apparently I did read the article and my point still stands, Democracy works, the 3 bills were passed. Not everyone votes with the majority on any given bill. Care to comment on the Freedom caucus who routinely disrupt the House and are in the minority.

      2. Wally,
        Why do you engage with any of the following pen names: Judah, judah, or JudAH? You explicitly called out Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon’s outrageous behavior and despicable votes. Then Judah engaged you with a straw man fallacy: a distortion of your argument to make it easier to attack or refute what you actually wrote about in your article. So instead of addressing the actual points that you raised, so-called “Judah” presented a somewhat similar but altogether different argument. Note “Judah”, “judah”, and “judAH” never address actual specific facts that are presented within an article (or in the comment section), but instead refute arguments that are different from the ones under discussion. Additionally, these pen names “Judah”, “judah”, and “judAH” engage in argumentation strategies that focus on the person making an argument rather than their actual viewpoints themselves.

          1. Actually Wally you failed to address a critical point. Why do you want Scanlon and the Squad to be held accountable, yet refuse to acknowledge the similar behavior of the Freedom Caucus including; Gaetz, Bobert, Jordan, Greene, and others.

            As for MicHaeL, good luck with your new friend. He posts conspiracy theories that are so easy to poke a hole in its amazing he keeps it up. The only thing he has going these days is some of my typos, Judah, judah, JuDAH. Then again this is why you write for Broad and Liberty, because no credible media outlet would touch you.

        1. Actually MiChaeL, I did address his points, he has claimed that Representative Scanlon voted against a bill and are therefore abhorrent. In spite of this democracy worked and the bill was passed. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. WaLLy refuses Freedom Caucus to call out the abhorrent behavior of Greene, Bobert, Gaetz, Jordan, and others. That is why he is the former Chair of the Delaware County Council;.

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