Are you a “double-hater?” If so, you’re spelling trouble for President Joe Biden.

During this week’s installment of the Voices of Reason podcast, we sat down with L2 Data expert and Executive Vice President Paul Westcott who took us through the numbers surrounding voters who don’t like Biden OR Trump – Pennsylvania’s “double-haters.”

  1. In Pennsylvania, there are currently 916,639 “double-haters” – that’s 11% of voters.
  2. Just because a voter is a double-hater, doesn’t mean that they’re going to support a third party candidate or independent like RFK Jr.
  3. Double-haters lean heavily Democratic, meaning that Democrats are much more split over Biden than Republicans are over Trump.
  4. 63% of double-haters are Democrats, 27% are non-partisan, and only 5% are Republicans.
  5. Currently, 27% of PA voters favor Trump, 26% favor Biden, 7.5% favor RFK Jr., and 4% are undecided.

For more exclusive data, voting trends, and hard numbers, tune into the fifth installment of the Voices of Reason podcast, hosted by PoliticsPA and presented by L2 Data Inc., in partnership with Broad + Liberty.

One thought on “Five data points flip the script in 2024 vote split, RFK’s bid in PA – Voices of Reason Ep. 5”

    Is it too crazy of an idea for you to do a deep dive article showing us exactly and precisely how we can track our actual votes? In PA, how can I track my in-person vote? What about those mail-in ballots? How can any voter ascertain their vote was recorded the way they actually voted? Do not even venture into “conspiracy” matters regarding how mail-in ballots are determined to be valid and legitimate. Could you do that type of article instead of this one?
    I deeply dislike Trump (Covid shutdowns – remember private schools stayed open while public schools stayed closed… based on the same exact expert testimony! & Trump printed too much money.) Yet I deeply dislike Biden (Covid mandates, printed too much money) while his 3,000 plus trans-religious staff are focused on upending all Western Judeo-Christian pillars for society. RFK Jr. (and DarkHorse podcasters, Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying), raised interesting Covid questions, but RFK also believes in wacky ideas such as $5 Billion in “Black Farmer” reparations and brain worms. Thus, a reasonable person would be challenged to vote for RFK, Jr.
    Trump and Biden are the same – two wrestlers, with script writers, and various Big Corps behind it all selling us that this election “match” matters. It is fixed. And no one will be there to fix our $35 trillion debt, the corrupt CIA, and rudderless culture.

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