This week’s installment of Voices of Reason is all about elections, shifting coalitions, and political polling ahead of a contentious primary next week in Pennsylvania.

With the primary setting the stage for the highly-anticipated 2024 general election, we sat down with L2 Data expert and Executive Vice President Paul Westcott who took us through the key factors that could contribute towards Democrats’ path to victory in Pennsylvania. Here is a bird’s eye view:

  • Mitigating Republican influence in rural areas by mobilizing urban and suburban voters. (Refer to the map above: urban areas are blue, suburban areas are red, and rural areas are black).
  • Political engagement through effective advertising and campaign outreach aimed at Democratic and non-monolithic voters in key highly-populated counties.
  • Voters with families, especially in suburban areas, have specific concerns such as education and social issues. Campaigns who tailor messages to address these concerns will be effective in winning votes.

Interested in hearing more? Tune into the Voices of Reason podcast, hosted by PoliticsPA and presented by L2 Data Inc., in partnership with Broad + Liberty, available on YouTube now.

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