When it comes to using executive power to tamp down the invasion at the Southern border, President Joe Biden pretends to be confused.

In fact, Biden uses executive power when he wants, often testing constitutionality and dangerous to democracy.

Immigration, in general, seems to befuddle this administration – sometimes. Other times, he claims not to be confused or secretly favors what’s happening.

Biden was clear about using executive orders to undo the policies put in place by former President Donald Trump, which had slowed illegal immigration to the lowest levels in years.

On his first day in office, Biden suspended the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy. 

A few weeks later, in an Oval Office ceremony with Vice President Kamala Harris and newly confirmed Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas standing behind him, Biden ended the “Zero Tolerance” policy, immediately halted border wall construction, and ordered a comprehensive review of all the Trump administration’s immigration policies. Further executive actions made it easier and more comfortable for illegal immigrants.

Although he took no questions from the media, Biden stated, “The last president of the United States issued executive orders I felt were very counterproductive to our security, counterproductive to who we are as a country, particularly in the area of immigration.”

The result of Biden’s policies and his invitation during the campaign for people worldwide to enter the country legally or otherwise led to a predictable stampede along the Southern border.

Even as new records of illegal immigrants were smashed, during the first three years of the Biden administration, the president and Mayorkas were clear that there was no crisis at the Southern border. 

Then polling showed that a broken border was a major campaign issue propelling Trump to a lead.

Suddenly, Biden recognized the border crisis, although Mayorkas didn’t get the memo.

Suddenly, Biden was in favor of a “bipartisan” bill that effectively allowed for 5,000 people daily to enter the United States illegally, among other issues that codified illegal immigration.

During the days leading up to his State of the Union address, the administration hinted that it might issue executive orders to close the border. Basically, undoing the orders that he issued, repealing the orders Trump had signed.

The State of the Union came and went, but Biden didn’t act. He claimed he didn’t know if he had the power to act on the border – even though Trump’s orders and Biden’s orders to repeal them stood.

Polling continues to show that immigration is a problem for Biden. Once again, he’s threatening to take executive action to seal the border, which greatly upsets the far-left wing of his Party.

With these two facts tugging at him, Biden, the politician, is back to pretending not to know the limits of his executive power.

Recently, in a rare one-on-one interview on Univision, Enrique Acevedo asked Biden if he might close the border. Biden responded: “There’s no guarantee that I have that power all by myself without legislation. And some are suggesting that I should go ahead and try it. And if I get shut down by the court, I get shut down by the court.”

Biden lacks credibility, sincerity, and authenticity. His answer is pure B.S.

Biden is determined to cancel student debt and has little regard for whether or not he has the power.

His original plan to wipe out student debt was one of the most expensive executive actions ever, costing $440 billion. The Penn Wharton Budget Model suggested the program would have cost the taxpayers between $600 and $980 billion.

The plan was unconstitutional from the start. The Constitution gives the power of the purse to Congress. 

Here’s what Nancy Pelosi, then House Speaker, had to say when Biden announced his plan. “People think that the president of the United States has the power for debt forgiveness,” she said during a press conference. “He does not. He can postpone, he can delay, but he does not have that power. That has to be an act of Congress.”

The Supreme Court confirmed what Pelosi said in a 6-3 ruling.

Undeterred, Biden directed Education Secretary Miguel Cardona to find a different path by which the administration could forgive student debt.

Recently, Biden unveiled a new five-point plan that will automatically cancel student debt for those not already enrolled in a debt forgiveness plan.

Speaking to an audience in Madison, Wisconsin, Biden said, “‘The Supreme Court blocked us, but that didn’t stop us.”

Stop and catch your breath for a minute and imagine the ramifications of Donald Trump ignoring and disobeying a Supreme Court ruling. Trump ignored the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), resulting in an FBI raid of his home, but he never defied the Supreme Court.

The media keeps telling us that Donald Trump is the greatest threat to democracy, but he didn’t defy the Supreme Court while Biden brags about doing so.

Biden will spend $559 billion (according to the latest Penn Wharton Budget Model) for a small constituency without Congressional authorization after the Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional. But Trump is the threat to democracy?

It’s not the only instance of Biden overstepping his executive authority.

If unauthorized spending and ignoring a Supreme Court ruling isn’t enough abuse, the Biden administration has now taken it upon itself to impact the Second Amendment.

The administration just announced new rules that will require unlicensed gun sellers at gun shows and online marketplaces to register with the federal government.

In more common parlance, it is more known as the “gun show loophole.” It is one of the primary ways guns are sold without a background check.

If you think gun regulation is necessary and this is a good thing, which of the other Bill of Rights are you willing to allow this or any future president to tamper with?

Imposing gun regulations without Congressional action (and probably even with Congress’ approval) will undoubtedly be challenged in the courts and perhaps ultimately wind up at the Supreme Court. Certainly, the president does not have the power to tinker with the Bill of Rights.

Biden, or whoever is really running the country, has amazing moments of clarity when he wants to use executive power. Executive orders were used to undo many of his predecessor’s actions. He’s used executive powers to spend money without Congressional approval and even to ignore Supreme Court rulings. Heck, he thinks he can even change the Bill of Rights if he wants to.

Biden sees his executive authority as a means for political power, and remaking America. If that happens to trample all over democracy, it’s what’s good for you.

Now eat your peas.

Andy Bloom is President of Andy Bloom Communications. He specializes in media training and political communications. He has programmed legendary stations including WIP, WPHT, WYSP/Philadelphia, KLSX, Los Angeles, and WCCO Minneapolis. He was Vice President of Programming for Emmis International, Greater Media Inc., and Coleman Research. Andy also served as communications director for Rep. Michael R. Turner (R-Ohio). He can be reached by email at andy@andybloom.com or you can follow him on Twitter at @AndyBloomCom.

4 thoughts on “Andy Bloom: Biden’s use of executive power threatens American democracy”

  1. Trump is facing over 90 criminal indictments, during his term in office he refused to release his taxes as promised, employed his daughter and son in law, his daughter in law controls the RNC, is using campaign funds for his legal fees, and he is now requiring that any Republican who uses his image to pay a 5% of their fundraising as extortion.

    Biden has done none of this.

    1. Judah:
      I can’t argue with that kind of logic. If you’re okay with Joe Biden ignoring the Supreme Court, and spending $600 billion without Congressional authorization to pay the debts of a voting block that has deserted him (for starters), then you could care less about the separation of powers enumerated in the Constitution. You’re so focused on how much you hate Donald Trump that you’ve lost sight of how our government is (supposed to be) structured,

      There is a medical diagnosis for what you have. It’s called TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). Take two Covid shots and call me on November 6th.

      1. If Trump gets elected he has made it very clear that he intends to trash the Constitution and democracy in this country. He has stated that if elected he will be dictator on day one and will use the military to stop any demonstrations that oppose him. Which violates the Right to Free Speech and Assembly. Along with using the FBI and U.S. Attorney General’s Office to arrest and imprison anyone who opposes him. If anyone has not learned how the Constitution and the government is structed in a democracy, its Trump.

      2. P.S.
        Trump Derangement Syndrome?? You forgot to call me a snowflake and refer to this as a nothing burger. Along with all the worn out excuses cult followers like you use to justify Trump’s abuse of authority and the legal system.

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