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The Green Party of Pennsylvania has begun its petition drive to get Jill Stein, its presidential candidate, on Pennsylvania’s general election ballot.

The party also intends to run candidates for U.S. Senate and attorney general in the Keystone State.

According to Department of State numbers, presidential and senatorial candidates of minor parties such as the Green Party require 5,000 signatures of registered voters, while statewide offices such as Attorney or Auditor General require 2,500.

Stein, who some Democrats still hold accountable for costing Hillary Clinton the presidency in 2016, tweeted that “The Green Party is the 4th largest party in the US and the largest party that doesn’t take money from corporate interests. The Green Party is part of a global grassroots movement – because the crises we face can’t be solved by one country alone.

In announcing the petition drive, the party listed abortion rights, climate change, public transit, and clean water among the “vital issues” that Democrats and Republicans “will not touch.” Under President Joe Biden, Congress enacted infrastructure and climate change laws that allocated billions of federal dollars toward public transportation and clean energy, and the president’s campaign making abortion a top issue.

Steve Ulrich is the managing editor of PoliticsPA.

This article was originally published in PoliticsPA.

3 thoughts on “Green Party starts petition drive to get Jill Stein on Pennsylvania ballots”

  1. Democrats, flush with union and NGO money, often interfere in Republican primaries.
    Now it’s our turn: every good Republican ought to sign Jill Stein’s petition.
    We can call ourselves “Republicans For Democracy”.

  2. The party that says its in committed to democracy is the party that’s behind keeping Jill Stein and RFJ Jr. off as many of the state ballots November as possible.

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