I usually write on conservative topics for conservatives in this space. This week, I want to speak to the hardcore Trump-haters. 

Those of you who think that Donald Trump is going to end American democracy, worse than Hitler and everything else you’ve thrown at him, I can’t take you seriously anymore.

For all the hysteria, handwringing, caterwauling, catastrophizing, and doomsaying, you will be responsible for handing the keys to the White House back to Trump. 

Trump-haters are doing everything but the one thing that could keep him from winning the election.

If all of you Trump-hating Democrats and media fear-mongers across the country were collectively serious, you would have moved Joe Biden out of the way and come up with somebody else — anybody else — to run against Trump this November.

Instead, you’re flooding Trump with lawfare, denying reality, telling Americans that their real-life experiences are wrong, and planning on bombarding him with hundreds of millions of dollars in negative advertising. You’re also running a candidate with lower approval ratings and polling numbers than Trump.

How’s that working out?

The polls overwhelmingly show Trump leading Biden. You answer that polling doesn’t work anymore or the polls are wrong. Then you point to the occasional outlier, showing him with a slight lead that’s well within the margin of error.

In 2020, Trump never led Biden in the Real Clear Politics average. Since mid-October last year, Trump has led every day. While it looks close in the national average, the swing state numbers make the Electoral College more favorable for Trump. 

After the State of the Union, Trump-haters were giddy because “feisty Joe” was back. Then came this headline, “Yahoo News/YouGov poll: No State of the Union bump for Biden.”

A USA Today/Suffolk University Poll wasn’t much better.


The lawfare strategy has not only failed but backfired. Every time Trump-haters found another reason to indict Trump, his polling numbers grew. Now, some of the cases are beginning to look like the political witch hunts Trump claimed.

The haters thought they wouldn’t have to beat Trump in the voting booth if they could just remove him from the ballot. It was a bad look trying to prevent the democratic process from happening by people claiming to want to save democracy.

There aren’t many unanimous decisions by this Supreme Court, but the Trump-haters united the justices, even if momentarily. Democracy won 9-0 at the Supreme Court, which ruled that Trump will be on the ballot. 

The Supreme Court isn’t working to protect Trump. In 2020, this same court refused to hear any of his election fraud cases. If SCOTUS wanted to help Trump, he’d be president today – not running again.

The Georgia case became a hot mess when it was revealed that DA Fani Willis hired her paramour, Nathan Wade, to lead the team investigating and prosecuting Trump. The pair took many lavish vacations together. They may have been too enthralled with one another to focus on their legal work. The judge, Scott McAfee, dismissed six counts of the indictment, including three against Trump, essentially for sloppy legal work. McAfee wrote, “They do not give the Defendants enough information to prepare their defenses intelligently.”

The dismissed counts are at the heart of the case. Although the charges could be refiled, doing so requires returning to a grand jury, significantly delaying the trial.

In a scathing rebuke, McAfee further ruled that Willis must step aside or remove Wade from the case before it can proceed. Wade resigned, and Willis is likely to face further scrutiny.

It’s a clown show.

Meanwhile, in New York, DA Alvin Bragg conceded that a delay in his case was necessary as the feds turned over thousands of pages of documents requested during discovery over a year ago from the case they decided not to pursue.

Perhaps the best chance for the prosecution was the documents case. That looks suspicious to more people now than ever. 

Trump-haters believe the Hur Report cleared Biden of any crime for his handling of classified documents. Independent thinkers will see it differently. The optics of the current president getting a pass from his Department of Justice while prosecuting his political opponent are not good.

Further, the Hur Report reaffirms what most Americans already knew. Biden is too old and feeble to stand trial or serve another term.

Because of his infirmity, Biden has done fewer press conferences than any president since the beginning of the television era. Passing on a pre-Super Bowl interview sent a message. Biden’s handlers realize that putting him in front of people is a gamble, as he proved in his press conference disputing Hur’s assertion.

Telling voters that Biden is a dynamo behind closed doors doesn’t match the reality of the shuffling, frequently confused president they see who often utters unintelligible passages.

Go ahead, continue to live in denial. You can hope Biden will become more lucid on the campaign trail between now and Election Day.

But it’s not what voters see, it’s what they experience.

Biden doesn’t have a messaging problem. He has a results problem.

Despite the fawning media that keeps telling the country that the economy is gangbusters, that is not what most Americans are experiencing.

The “folks” keep telling pollsters that the economy is not good. More specifically, they report that Biden’s policies have hurt them while Trump’s policies helped them. They know what groceries cost four years ago and how much more they spend today, but their paychecks haven’t kept up. 

Please continue telling voters they are wrong – that inflation has come down. It shows you are out of touch. 

While you’re at it, tell them they are wrong about crime. Tell them the statistics and to ignore the National Guard in the subway in New York, the products locked up in drugstores in cities across the country, and their own experiences in their communities.

Now that illegal immigrants (or “newcomers” as this administration refers to them) have become a problem for sanctuary cities and not just border states, tell voters that the border that Biden said was secure for three years is Trump’s fault. 

Explain to Americans how the world is a safer place now with wars raging in Ukraine and between Israel and Hamas. Convince them that Biden has improved relations with China, Russia, Iran, and other rogue states.

Trump has impossibly high negative approval ratings. Yet Biden’s are even higher. Go ahead and spend hundreds of millions of dollars on negative advertising. Maybe it raises Trump’s negative scores by a few points, but not many because everybody knows who and what Donald Trump is.

What you won’t do is change the policies that created the mess consistently, causing about 70 percent of Americans to say the country is heading in the wrong direction. And you won’t change the one candidate nearly certain to lose to Trump in November.

Yes, you hate Trump, but you’re not serious about what would actually stop him from returning to the White House.

Andy Bloom is President of Andy Bloom Communications. He specializes in media training and political communications. He has programmed legendary stations including WIP, WPHT, WYSP/Philadelphia, KLSX, Los Angeles, and WCCO Minneapolis. He was Vice President of Programming for Emmis International, Greater Media Inc., and Coleman Research. Andy also served as communications director for Rep. Michael R. Turner (R-Ohio). He can be reached by email at andy@andybloom.com or you can follow him on Twitter at @AndyBloomCom.

14 thoughts on “Andy Bloom: Trump-haters are not serious”

  1. Andy, I think it is probable you voted for Shapiro. Why do you think Biden is going to be the Presidential candidate for the Democrats?

    “Hitler was fundamentally claiming that an influx of “foreign blood” (i.e., that of non-Aryan races) had “poisoned the blood” of the German race through miscegenation. Trump, on the other hand, judging from his statements in both the National Pulse interview and the 2016 debate, appears to have been claiming that immigrants bring dangerous drugs and diseases across the southern border, and it is those which are “poisoning the blood” of Americans. What, exactly, Trump did mean to say remains unclear and difficult to parse.” Source: Did Trump Echo Hitler with Remark About Migrants, ‘Poisoning the Blood of Our Country’? | Snopes.com

    Who knows what Trump meant? Trump is an idiot. It was probably a “dog whistle.” As a history major, I know that immigration has been, and always will be, the lifeblood of the United States of America. Trump is a jackass. However, I stopped following the anti-Trump propaganda. I did follow the Biden Administration’s deputy assistant secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy antics, and criminal behavior. That was wild stuff. And it seems Liz Cheney faces increased examination over allegations of withholding Trump’s National Guard request evidence… and on that topic I do not know… and I do not care. I did see that fact checkers were wrong about Hunter Biden’s Laptop, about Covid coming from a partially US-funded Wuhan lab, and about those mRNA shots that also sometimes caused the very same symptoms as Covid (myocarditis of young boys) without providing the promised immunity. Did you witness the insanity of the illogical Covid policies that happened under Biden Administration? Life is not black and white. I will be voting for the 3,000+ people behind a potential Trump Administration that will not insist on bizarre gender ideas and other socialist messaging. You probably do not often observe the implementation of the LGBTQIA++ agenda (many of those categories have nothing to do with the other btw) which is directed at elementary aged children attending Haverford Township public schools – but I observe it every week. The SEL education program driven by the 3,000+ people behind the Biden Administration is insane. We discuss it at night. My sons told me I was not allowed to say, “Sticks and stones hurt but names can never hurt you.” And no longer is the golden rule “treat people the way YOU want to be treated” (liberty) but rather “treat people the way THEY want to be treated” (tyranny.) My sons know there is another golden rule: whoever has the gold makes the rules. Definitions and specific words are being forced on them. It is “violence” to use the word “sex” so you must use the word “gender.” I’m very aware of the DEI socialist movement in business world. So, I quit working for an international company. Donald Trump stinks. He insulted POWs – which is the specific reason I did not vote for him in 2016 and held my nose and voted for Hillary Clinton. In 2024 Trump could be dead come November; and I will still vote for the Trump ticket. Oligarchs run things and they always have. The fact that we have Biden vs Trump as our choice in 2024 is a joke. Too many of the 3,000+ people that would be behind any future Democrat Presidential Administration would continue to push these insane Socialist agendas. These days Bill Maher is considered a conservative. Joe Rogan, a guy that pushes conspiracy theories and for expanded psychedelic drug use and other far-Left ideas is considered a conservative – because he called out the corruption and lies of the Big Pharma world during Covid-mania. The mass media messaging in this world is fraudulent – on both “sides.” If anyone wants to call me a racist for voting for Trump ticket: 1) they are wrong, 2) I do not care, 3) the idea we all must “be nice” is stupid. I encourage everyone to stop being nice, because when people tell you a lie and try to force you to repeat that lie, it will be easier to remember that it is your obligation not to repeat their tyrannical nonsense. If they want to wear a mask? Good for them. If they want your child to adopt Socialist programming? Vote them out of office.

    1. Why do I think Biden will be the Democratic nominee?
      You mean, besides the fact that he has received enough delegates to clinch the nomination; the entire Party is standing up for him, and nobody else is stepping up as a possible backup?

      I can assure you that I did not vote for Shapiro in the PA governor’s race. I would have broken the law if I had voted in the election.

      Beyond that, Michael Sweeney, I have no idea what your point is, which is usually the case when you leave comments. Feel free to enlighten me.

  2. Andy,
    I was wrong and assumed you lived in PA. I trust your statement. We both agree; you did not vote for Shapiro.

    Most of the people you addressed in your article see Trump as the representation (perhaps effigy) for what they want to actually destroy: the puritan ethics (rules and standards – not principles) that sprung from the Abrahamic concept of a covenant with God. Those ethics, coupled with geography, were fundamental to the prosperity of the United States (“MAGA.”) Trump is a deeply flawed man, and he was a flawed President, but anyone who intends to vote for him sees past his propagandized flaws. Our greedy and corrupt leaders (in politics, big business, and education) are a mix of misandrists, atheists, and tyrants and they hate those old ethics which blessed us with individual liberty, and justice, under God. Most Trump haters love the ideas within Marxism and Socialism and are spreading those new ethics as fast and as far as they can in public elementary schools. Many in charge felt great power during Covid. You pretend in this article to reason with them. They are intent on the destruction of Trump. They try to demand we accept their lies, and even worse try to require we repeat them.

    Yes, correct, besides the fact he received enough delegates to clinch the nomination. Despite your smugness you asked the correct questions. “Biden is too old and feeble to stand trial or serve another term.” – Andy Bloom, this article. The fact is almost any other Democrat could replace Biden and beat Trump. And there is plenty of time before August arrives in Chicago.

    So…I was wrong and assumed you lived in PA. I trust your statement. We both agree; you did not vote for Shapiro. May I ask: is there actually a way to verify who voted for whom in PA? Is there actually a way to verify you did not vote in PA? I don’t believe there is – to actually verify your statement, currently, in PA. Theoretically you could have mailed in a ballot for Shapiro. We both agree you did not do that. I vote in PA and when I sign the book, I purposely change my signature every single time, and no one has ever questioned it during or after the vote. Recently I took a black pen, filled in the ballot, and then someone watched me insert it into a scanner. A green light lit up, and that’s it. It is basically theater – I don’t know if it was correctly tabulated electronically. Few actually do – and that is not what is audited. Every once in a while, a bunch of voters notice a problem because they have a different process. Then the press reports it as an isolated incident, that those machines had a software glitch, or a lack of, or incorrect update, and it was quickly resolved. We are told it did not affect the ultimate results. Nothing to see here.

    1. Only problem with your “godless Marxist anti-abrahamic religion” theory is the majority of Jews and Muslims who voted against him…. Is it possible that it has more to do with how, between wreckless spending, failed trade wars, attacks on unions, and corrupt personal dealings with the ultrawealthy (not just in the us but also Saudi Arabia and China) it has more to do with him being a fraud who has betrayed working class Americans?

  3. Can a Trump hater please tell me why you hate Trump?
    Was it kitty grabbing?
    Was it closing the border?
    Was it calling Haiti a sh*& hole?
    Was it ‘mean tweets’?
    Was it beating Hillary?
    Was it not being a globalist?
    I think now that it might be because he was right all along.

    1. FedUp, I “hate” Trump because he made fun of POWs, he completely botched Covid, he stole classified materials, he allowed widespread mail-in ballot harvesting and drop boxes, and handled his loss poorly (at best), and he printed too much money. I do not think he should be the Republican nominee. Biden and his Democrat handlers actively empower the enemies of the US, used Covid to implement illogical and tyrannical policies worse than Trump did, and have printed even more money. They are doing their best to disarm the population, to cripple small businesses in favor of Big Corp., and to undermine individual freedoms. It does not matter who the Democrat nominee will be because they will be worse than a second Trump administration.

      1. Michael, his POW rhetoric was directed at one person: that maverick John McCain who didn’t sink Obamacare when he had the chance. Not a deal breaker for me.
        Regarding Covid, did anyone ‘not’ botch it? At least he tried to shut the country down from incoming Chinese flights, but Nancy put a stop to that and had everyone visiting Chinatown restaurants while she got her hairdo primped in private. Ballot boxes were a state gov issue. Thank comrade Bookvar for that election debacle.
        No one prints ‘more money’ without congress saying so.

        1. I guess it’s OK that after dodging the draft he “only” attacked one war hero. Oh wait and also a gold star family. And also all American POWs (he “prefers soldiers who aren’t captured”).

    2. Are these seriously the reasons you think so many people voted him out in 2020 and continue to want him out of power? No. It’s because he and his media machine convinced a lot of good, hard working middle class Americans that just because he says “naughty” things that aren’t “woke” that he’s not a member of the very same ruling class elite selling our country out. Pick your proof: whether it’s his upbringing in the upper crust of a costal elite city, whether it’s the fact that his entire wealth comes from a giant gift from Dad (most of which he blew on failed businesses and lawsuits from Americans he defrauded), whether it’s the media elite propping him up from the Sinclair network to every Murdoch owned outlet, whether it’s the ruling class tech elites like elon musk or peter theil censoring social media worse than meta ever did, whether it’s the corrupt swamp lobbyists like Harlan crow or the Kochs funding him, whether it’s the corporate elites like Ajit Pai he put in charge of the FCC, whether it’s his and his family’s MANY corrupt dealings with China and Saudi Arabia, OR whether it’s the tax breaks for the wealthy that added a record shattering $7 TRILLION to the national debt which WE the American people are now on the hook for.

  4. Prior to 2016 the Democrats attempted to convince Americans that Donald Trump was a war-monger, jew-hater, and racist. So what does that scoundral do to piss them off during his time in office?

    Well; he figures out that enabling maximum drilling in the US cheapens the price of oil while slashing the revenues and wealth of Iran and Russia. This reality cuts the kitty they use to fund foreign wars. None of us have any idea what he said to the tyrant in North Korea, but that SOB figures out a way to cool him down and is invited for a photo-op, resulting in a paralysis of his trigger finger and launching rockets into space. Regarding Israel, his team helps to initiate the Abraham Accords that rearrange relationships and power structures in the mid-east. Again, more quiet than noise. Finally, it appears Trump’s active attempts as candidate and President to speak candidly to black Americans, hispanics, and the blue collar world is something they appreciate. All the polls are telling us there’s a major shift going on towards the GOP. This movement really scares the bejabbers out of the Democrats.

    So; we had four years of Donald Trump and his opposition is still singing from the same playbook. To some of us, it noise emanating from the left is boring, repetitive, and sung with false confidence, while landing on the ears of thinking people as discordant and flat.

    1. He added a record shattering $7 Trillion to the national debt which utterly failed by any metric to help middle class Americans catch up to wealthy elites but that we the people are now on the hook for. His expensive failed trade wars led to nothing but a lot of out of work farmers. He failed to produce as much domestic oil and gas as Biden. (Look it up if you don’t believe me.) He gave scotus the most out of touch, unpopular, and ideologically driven majority in living memory which led to Republicans now scrambling to figure out whether they’re going to outlaw IVF. He was the architect of the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan (ironically Biden’s biggest mistake ended up being that he actually followed through with Trump’s awful plan.)

      1. Was that before you hated him, or after? I read your rant above.
        You hate him because of privilege? That’s jealousy. You hate him for his wealth? Or his wealth failure? Is that why NY is trying to steal it?
        You’re delusional if you think the media props him up. Quite the opposite is true. Everything back to he dinosaurs dying off is Trump’s fault.
        The rest of your rant is politics. Koch vs. Soros, Zuckerberg, Bezos, cabinet posts, blah blah. Regarding debt, from Politifact: The biggest single spikes in the federal debt came from the initial rounds of coronavirus relief legislation in 2020. Trump signed them, but they passed with broad bipartisan support. Obama ran up more debt, over a longer time frame. The fact is Trump’s tax cuts created unprecedented prosperity for the middle class in the form of higher wages, more take-home pay, more jobs and new employee benefits. The overwhelming number of filers were better off as an estimated 90 percent of Americans saw a tax cut. In the months following passage of the tax cuts, unemployment fell to a 49-year low and key demographics including women, African-Americans and Hispanics had seen record low unemployment rates. Job openings hit a record high of 7.3 million, and that was before coronavirus hit. He didn’t kowtow to China or Mexico, he repatriated business back to the states, and he had is foot on Iran and North Korea’s neck. Did that displease you? So what is it?

  5. There has been tremendous interest in this column. I appreciate all the comments, but I think you’re all missing the point. For nine years, Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media have done their best to make Donald Trump the most reviled man in the world. They’ve called him Hitler, impeached him twice, indicted him 91 times, and brought civil suits against him with fines in excess of a half-billion dollars.

    And here we are about seven months before Biden Vs Trump II, and Biden has lower approval ratings than any president at this point in their presidency since the beginning of modern polling. This isn’t about Donald Trump and all the horrible things that ~40% of the country believes he did. This election is a referendum on Joe Biden and his policies that the majority of Americans say have left them worse off than four years ago. Add to that Biden’s age and lack of mental acuity, and it is easy to understand why the polls say what they say.

    But by all means, continue to repeat the same reasons why Trump is worse than Hitler. Let me know how that works out for you against Alzheimer Joe and his policies.

  6. When he flack gets heavy, you know that you’re over the target.
    The never-Trumpers would vote for wet toilet paper if given the choice against Trump.
    The country or the issues make no difference.
    The country would be better off if they just stayed buried or at home on election day.

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