The 2024 Philadelphia Flower Show, an iconic event steeped in history since its inception in 1829, is once again gracing the Pennsylvania Convention Center from March 2nd to March 10th. 

Celebrating the theme “United by Flowers,” this year’s show emphasizes the power of gardening and floral arrangements to forge connections and unite communities.

Renowned as the region’s oldest and largest indoor horticultural event, the Philadelphia Flower Show attracts thousands of visitors annually, showcasing the talents of the foremost florists and landscape designers from across the region, East Coast, and the world.

This year’s showcase features both small and large-scale floral and landscape creations, designed and curated by an array of experts. Participants and guests are treated to a visual feast of innovative garden designs and artistic floral displays, judged by globally-recognized horticultural authorities who bestow a variety of awards and accolades to the show’s most masterful participants.

Clinching the top spot this year and earning the coveted Philadelphia Flower Show Cup for Best in Show is Apiary Studio for landscape design, and ARRANGE Floral and Event Design for floral design. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) also awards overall category medals based on design, horticultural excellence, construction and craftsmanship, and educational value (for educational exhibits). 2024 PHS Gold Medalists include Apiary Studio, Kelly D. Norris LLC, ARRANGE Floral & Event Design, Temple University, and Mercer County Community College. 

On the left, a display blending urban space with eye-catching greenery. On the right, a tranquil Japanese style garden.

Adding to the allure, the 2024 Flower Show is offering an expanded Maker’s Market, doubling in size from previous years. Visitors have the opportunity to explore a variety of vendors selling everything from handcrafted jewelry, floral prints, and gardening supplies, to hot sauce and meticulously engineered garden hose nozzles. 

The Philadelphia Flower Show serves as a vital reminder of the beauty and environmental significance of horticulture. Through its celebration of floral and landscape design, the event continues to inspire individuals to engage with gardening and appreciate the natural world. It stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of flowers and plants to bring people together, transcending cultural and social boundaries, and fostering a unified community dedicated to beauty, nature, and conservation.

On the left, a dinosaur-themed display that was certainly a crowd favorite. On the right, a sign from a miniature Italian Market themed display paying homage to one of Philadelphia’s most iconic neighborhoods.

In a city renowned for its rich history and vibrant cultural scene, the Philadelphia Flower Show remains a highlight of Philadelphia’s annual event calendar, attracting visitors from around the region and beyond. Don’t miss out on these spectacular displays and more – make sure to secure your ticket for the upcoming weekend before the show ends this upcoming Sunday!

Olivia DeMarco is an Editorial Associate for Broad + Liberty. She previously served as a legislative aide in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. She holds a Masters in Public Policy from Temple University.

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