When Fox News talk show host Jesse Watters arranged to have Paula Roberts, an English psychic and clairvoyant living in New York, throw out a few tarot cards on his show and predict the winner of the 2024 election, he wasn’t thinking straight.

He wasn’t thinking straight because he should have gotten his staff to find out whether Roberts was a partisan psychic. 

How could a female psychic living in NYC who gives readings to celebrities be anything but? 

Tarot card readers overpopulate YouTube. They range from novice readers to readers with thousands of followers. 2024 being an election year, a lot of amateurs are getting in on the act.

Google “psychic predicts winner of 2024 election” and you will get more results than you can handle. Generally, female readers outnumber males. There’s a large feminist, Democrat contingent who assume that their audiences hate Donald Trump and don’t want to see a Trump victory later this year.

A politically partisan psychic is a contradiction in terms. A female tarot card reader in Vermont with short hair and long earrings who dresses in a flannel shirt is not going to predict a Trump victory in 2024. If somehow she did predict such a thing, her subscribers would call out the riot squad. They would certainly unsubscribe to her channel.

Emotions surrounding Donald Trump among many tarot card readers are so intense that the “objective” readings they purport to deliver come across as CNN- MSNBC editorials. 

This base corruption of the psychic world was seen and heard by everyone who watched Paula Roberts tell Jesse Watters that Trump will feel a tremendous sense of loss around election time, and that President Biden will somehow come into a lot of money.

Money from where? Roberts did not say: China, the Deep State, Mr. Soros, BLM. 

I looked for information on Paula Roberts, even a record of her past (successful) world predictions, but could find nothing. In one video interview available on her website, I was taken aback at how fast she talks and how she anticipated the interviewer’s questions and then talked over him every step of the way. Listening to her was an exercise in exhaustion. 

Roberts has the aura of an English auntie. I’m reminded of Hermione Gingold, the English actress I used to enjoy watching on TV as a child. Her website contains lots of personal testimonials from clients as to her accuracy. But as I said, she lives in NYC, the Trump-hating capital of the world, the city that another psychic — Sedona-based Joseph Tittel (a former Philadelphian) — says will one day be swallowed up and destroyed by a giant tsunami.

Roberts’ prediction has gone viral because it fits in nicely with anti-Trump narratives to the delight of the Jimmy Kimmel’s of this world, yet a closer study will reveal that other psychics and astrologers have a different view—which of course is the basic problem with the psychic world:

Different psychics saying different things, opening up a world of confusion; it’s worse in some ways than the conflicting messages coming from Pope Francis. 

Let’s start with Tittel. 

Tittell, a man in his 30s, wears a cowboy hat in his videos, and admits to a lot of “brain freezes” during his weekly psychic talks. He has a certain honest charm, such as when he admits to mispronouncing words (“I can never say that word!”) His world predictions tend to focus on weather and natural disasters in obscure parts of the world — earthquakes in China or Africa, a mudslide in Zanzibar, a volcano in Italy coming to life. I’m exaggerating, of course. Many of his predictions do not interest me, but when he talks about the United States, I listen. 

For the last several years he has been predicting a severe food shortage in the United States and warns people to stock up on supplies and survival gear. 

He recently told his subscribers that people should leave the east coast before 2026. The years from 2025 to 2030 are going to be tumultuous, he says. He advises residents of big cities like Philadelphia and New York to get out and move to safer ground. Aligned with this, he maintains that the globalists — “the evil dark cabal” — wants people to remain crammed in the big cities because that way they are easier to control.

The idea is to get away from the East Coast and go to higher ground. 

Tittel’s 2024 predictions include a dire message for Biden supporters, namely that the president will not be on the ballot in November. 

Biden will either withdraw from the race because of physical or mental health reasons. The latter could become so advanced in the spring that Democrat Party operatives will want another candidate. 

Tittel sees the upcoming election results as a sort of replay of the shock experienced nationwide in 2016, complete with massive protests in the streets, some of them violent. Martial law will be the case in many cities. 

This suggests a Trump victory, although Tittel equivocates when it comes to actually naming a winner. He’s fond of saying that “Spirit has yet to reveal the actual winner,” although years ago he predicted that Trump would come back and serve a second term.

On the other hand, not long after the election, he sees some states leaving the Union, like Texas, presumably because of the ideological state of the nation. 

This prediction suggests a Democrat victory in November and four more years of woke madness, illegal migration, a weaponized Department of Justice, and more.

Tittel is adamant that he sees a total rearrangement of the United States flag, yet there’s no mention of a latter-day Abraham Lincoln surfacing to prevent this from happening. 

Lamar Townsend, a black card reader, begins his latest video telling subscribers that he just conditioned his hair.

Townsend, a likable fellow, begins his reading on the election by circling a small bowl with a wand and then intoning the Holy Trinity.

He sees climate change and social media controls as being major campaign issues. A quarter of the way into his presentation, he tells listeners that he needs to stop a moment and “moisturize his lips with balm.”

He sees the Republican candidate — he assumes it will be Trump but he’s not 100 percent certain — as a “Republican but giving off Democrat vibes.” He predicts that political lines will be blurred as we approach November. He sees a “new guy coming up,” a powerful red state candidate who will give Biden a major challenge and who might win the presidency but ultimately he sees Biden winning in the end — but barely. But, then again, this may not happen. 

Maybe; sort of; time will tell; we still have months to go. This reluctance to go on record and name a winner is strange. At least the fake partisan readers aren’t afraid to go on record and be wrong. 

(If you can predict an earthquake in Japan, you can predict the winner of the US election.) 

Craig Hamilton Parker, a white UK psychic who dresses like a Hindu holy man with a dot on his forehead, predicts that there will be a cure for cancer within the next three years.

He’s the opposite of Tittel when he proclaims:

“In 2026 we’ll see some very positive things starting to happen for the world.” 

And yet Parker says that 2024 will be a year for natural disasters: he sees a very large earthquake — the Big One — on the west coast. 2024 is also a bad economic year. (Tittel says U.S. currency will all be digital by 2026.) Parker maintains that Donald Trump will never go to jail, and that he will be the victor in 2024 election, although he can expect health issues shortly after his November win. 

Like Tittel, Parker predicts an attempted assassination of one of the candidates before the campaign is over. 

“Biden,” Parker says, “Will be pulled from power — something dark happens to him; he’s sacked, very close to election time.”

On the other side of the pond, Helena Woods, a young American astrologer living in Paris, looked at the transits for both candidates going into 2024. 

She says that Trump’s chart shows a very difficult time until the Fall, at which point things get very good for him. 

In April, however, something big will happen to Biden.

“There’s a lot of shakeups for Biden in spring 2024,” she says. 

Woods mentions an eclipse happening in his house of illness, a sudden unexpected shakeup as “Saturn transits his fourth House,” meaning a change of residence and something drastic happening. 

Conversely, Kamala Harris’ chart shows a Jupiter return in spring 2024 — Jupiter being the planet of plenty, growth and expansion. Woods explains that Jupiter will be in Harris’ twelfth House, ruler of the tenth House of career, meaning she’ll get “more responsibility in her line of work, or unexpected, sudden power.” 

“Sudden, unexpected things happen behind the scenes; there’s a new beginning, a pivot, around April 15,” she says. 

Woods details the correlation between Biden’s and Harris’s charts as indicating a passing of the torch.

“If Biden runs against Trump, Trump will win,” Woods says, but she does not mention what would happen if Harris is the candidate even though Trump’s chart shines in the Fall of 2024.

(Compare this to Paula Robert’s simple four card throw on the Jesse Watters show.) 

Even Tittel says that he sees Kamala Harris taking the Oath of Office and being president for a Manhattan minute but then being replaced around the time of the Democratic convention.

Nobody wants Kamala Harris. 

After making her election predictions, Woods told her subscribers:

“A lot of astrologers and readers on YouTube get very emotionally invested in these things (meaning Trump vs Biden). And this makes you not want to watch them.” 

All of which means: Sometimes it’s better not to read 2024 election predictions at all.

Thom Nickels is a Philadelphia-based journalist/columnist and the 2005 recipient of the AIA Lewis Mumford Award for Architectural Journalism. He writes for City Journal, New York, and Frontpage Magazine. Thom Nickels is the author of fifteen books, including “Literary Philadelphia” and ”From Mother Divine to the Corner Swami: Religious Cults in Philadelphia.” His latest, “Death in Philadelphia: The Murder of Kimberly Ernest” was released in May 2023.

4 thoughts on “Thom Nickels: Who is better at election predictions, pundits or psychics?”

  1. Thom, professional sports also have plenty of erroneous pundits and phony psychics (people who gamble.) This past weekend NFL referee Bill Vinovich gestured with exasperation toward the scoreboard after the Lions coaches and players made a MAJOR mistake and took a knee with plenty of time left on the play clock. THEN the Bucs coaches and players ALSO failed to call a time-out with the season on the line to force the Lions to try a field goal, punt, or go for it with 36 seconds left from the Tampa 32 in a one-score game. Most high school coaches would not make those “mistakes.” Blatant gross negligence. It reminded me of watching a Presidential election suddenly freeze during vote counting because the wrong guy was winning, and they needed more mail-in ballots to produce. Just one more example that the NFL is WWF for adults. The players are incredible athletes, and with scripted outcomes and enforced by the refs. That is fun to watch. The tyrants that rig elections not so much.

  2. Thom, could you do a story on the following link? For all the people like Dawn Stensland that advocate on behalf of, and want to vote for, polite polished politicians that are literally trying to control how and what people see, read, hear, and think (even the racist illogical ones, like Michelle Obama?) Lecturing us on the environment, then raising taxes and giving all our money to all their donor class friends that own Electric-type companies, all while buying costal mansions for themselves? It is a good story on one of the deep state actors that was in the FBI and now is in the private sector. Maybe the psychics do not realize they are being manipulated themselves?

  3. Hey Honkies,
    On January 6, 2021, “THE PATRIOT” a song by two military veterans, charted at #3 on Hip Hop, #4 in R&B/ Hip Hop and #36 in all digital songs. Two weeks later, it was removed from all streaming services without explanation. Twittergate is far vaster than you realize.
    Check it out here: https://youtu.be/f15HhiHQNpw?si=5P4ld9IcX5_ysahU

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSIKiOPCDn4
    Dom Giordano and Dawn Stensland are racists.

    Said your wanna hear the truth, so I put it in a bop
    We changin’ the culture
    Every day of the week
    Right now, it’s more like a vulture
    Only prey on the weak
    But, we are here to expose ya

    Thirteen World Girls, twerkin’ on Tik Tok
    Ya’ son, he just wanna learn how to Crip walk
    If you ain’t talkin’ bout sex, then kick rocks
    All they care about is chains and a wrist watch.

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