State legislators and law enforcement officials in the counties bordering the City of Brotherly Love say they’re seeing rising criminal activity including an increase in firearm offenses. According to them, the majority — many of whom have a history of criminal offenses —don’t reside in those counties but are from Philadelphia. 

These officials point the finger at lax prosecution and a flawed concept of criminal justice reform on the part of Philadelphia’s District Attorney Larry Krasner. It’s something seen in the policies of other district attorneys backed by multi-billionaire George Soros such as George Gascon in Los Angeles, Chesa Boudin in San Francisco (who voters kicked out of office last year), Kim Foxx in Chicago, Marilyn Mosby in Baltimore (Mosby was found guilty of two counts of perjury and faces time in federal prison), Kimberly Gardner in St. Louis (who resigned), and Rachael Rollins in Boston.

These progressive law enforcement officials pushed for the elimination of cash bail and a refusal to prosecute certain offenses such as retail theft and worse, illegal gun possession

“It’s really disturbing,” said State Senator Frank Farry (R-Bucks County). “We’ve seen an uptick in illegal gun possession arrests in the counties and the suspects are out on bail in Philly.” Farry is one of several lawmakers who put together a package of bills last year meant to combat rising numbers of crime in the counties. Farry said the first bill in the legislative package, SB 788, if passed would impose mandatory jail time for illegal possession of a firearm. The bill is in the hands of the judiciary committee.

“If you’re prohibited from carrying a firearm, you should be sentenced to jail,” Farry said. “If this bill is passed, for a first offense the criminal would receive mandatory jail time of under two years. A mandatory five years would be imposed for a second offense and fifteen years for their third offense. Clearly a third offense defendant is a menace to society. I know, some people don’t like mandatory sentencing but this is part of a way to reduce gun crimes. I’m for second chances but if prosecutors aren’t doing their job we need to take their discretion away. This is common sense legislation.” 

Another crime bill in the package that was signed into law by Gov. Shapiro in December 2023 was SB 527, making porch piracy a felony. 

During a September 2023 press conference announcing the unveiling of the crime bill package, Dan Friel, chief of police in Warrington Township remarked that firearm offenses in the township were up 133 percent catalytic converter theft was up 85 percent. “These crimes stand out because they’re not typically committed by people from our area.”

Rep. K.C. Tomlinson (R-Bensalem) said during the press conference that Philadelphia sends a message of tolerance when it comes to crime. “Nearly 40 percent of the crime committed in Bensalem is not committed by Bensalem residents, but by individuals crossing over the border from Philadelphia. Sadly, the city continues to send a message of tolerance. Bucks County will not tolerate this type of criminal activity.”

In October 2023, Reps. Kristin Marcell (R-Bucks) and Tomlinson held a hearing in conjunction with the House Republican Policy Committee, focused on the reasons behind the increase of crime in the counties surrounding Philadelphia. 

During the hearing William McVey, director of Public Safety, Bensalem Police remarked that when an officer confiscates a gun from a felon, they may have saved a future life. He went on to say that the problem is, without strong penalties, these felons are often released and go back to using illegal firearms. 

“Many of these felons were arrested after being stopped on a car stop by an officer for a minor offense. Many are from Philadelphia, in some cases out on bail for illegal gun charges or violent crime,” McVey said. “Without a system of justice that holds criminals accountable and places more focus on the victims of crime, we will continue to be plagued by what we are seeing play out now on our streets.”

Marcell said that as crime rises in Philadelphia, it is becoming harder for neighboring communities to feel safe. “With a district attorney unwilling to act in Philadelphia, it has become clear it is up to us as legislators to find solutions to this crime increase. It is crucial we put the safety of our constituents first.”

Sadly, Philadelphia isn’t the only city “with a district attorney unwilling to act.” According to the 2022 Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund report Justice For Sale, Krasner is one of many progressive district attorneys elected with the financial backing of Soros. According to the report, these DA’s pursue radical criminal justice reform policies that have led to soaring levels of violent crime and theft, despite these increases being blamed on the pandemic.

“Most of these prosecutors pursue radical justice policies upon assuming office including eliminating bail, dismissing felony cases, and seeking lenient sentences while creating antagonistic relationships with their public safety partners, especially the police,” the report said. “Crime and violence surged following the election of many of these reform prosecutors. And critically, the rise in most of these prosecutors’ jurisdictions predates the nation-wide 2020 crime spike.”

The report went on to say that the criminals who benefited by plea deal decisions, and sentencing recommendations are not bound by map lines, neighboring communities reap the tragic consequences.

Just how tragic? Rachel King was shot to death on April 11, 2023, in Cheltenham Township, a murder-for-hire carried out in broad daylight while her young son was in the car with her. Zakkee Steven Alhakim, and Julie Jean were arrested and charged in King’s murder. In September 2023, Darryl Warren was arrested following a shooting incident at the 69th Street Terminal. Warren is also a suspect in a murder investigation and in June 2023, two people, Antwoin Lofton, 25 and Aja Morris, 27 were arrested for their part in a straw purchasing organization in Montgomery County. A third man, Kenneth Lyles was also named in the investigation. He remains at large. 

Different criminal cases — but all linked by the fact that every one of the defendants was a resident of Philadelphia, all of the incidents happened in the surrounding counties and each had a criminal history. Some law enforcement officials say Krasner and district attorneys like him blame the pandemic, mistakes by police when criminals are charged and are quick to play the race card for their failure to prosecute. 

“Krasner and those woke prosecutors like him can’t prosecute effectively,” said former assistant district attorney Carlos Vega. Vega ran an unsuccessful campaign against Krasner in 2021. “These prosecutors believe that all crime is a result of unfairness, that society turned these people into criminals, so if you change society, you change these people. Is there unfairness in the world? Yes, life isn’t easy. Those who don’t give up are going to succeed. Does racism exist? Definitely, but it’s not an excuse to commit criminal acts though. That’s a choice.”

Vega went on to say that criminal justice reform has to be a balance of opportunities to offer ways out of a life of crime and holding violent criminals and repeat offenders accountable; not sending them back onto the streets.

“Criminals have to be held accountable for their acts; not given sweetheart plea deals or negotiated time served sentences. Criminals from Philadelphia who violate the law in the counties are going to find out the prosecutors in those counties aren’t the same as in Philly.”

Larry Miller is a former police reporter for the Philadelphia Tribune. He is a lifelong resident of Philadelphia.

12 thoughts on “Larry Miller: Philadelphia’s crime wave doesn’t stay in Philadelphia”

  1. Get out of the city while you can. Thats the message the DA is sending whether he knows it or not.

    1. I have not seen ANY statistics to back up these claims. The murder rate in Philadelphia was up during the pandemic – as it was everywhere – and is recovering to pre-pandemic levels.

      I believe in strong penalties for illegal gun possession, drug sales, and violent offenders. But none of these articles back any of their claims up with statistics. They just say “everyone knows Krasner is weak on crime”. I am not buying it until I see statistics. As a citizen of Philly, I don’t see crime as any worse today than it was 5 years ago. If it was so bad – why was Krasner overwhelmingly re-elected – by Philadelphians?!

      As for police, I support police officers, but they should welcome accountability. Accountability helps in every organization. Plus this gives police a chance to rid themselves of the few bad apples that spoil the pot. As someone who believes we need MORE police and STRONGER penalties for criminals, I welcome accountability – for the police, for the DA, for the mayor’s office.

      1. You can view the crime statistics and outcomes here ( Under Kranser both the number of incidents increased and the conviction rate fell significantly before during and after COVID. There has also been a very troubling trend of “Dismissed/Withdrawn/Etc” category increasing rapidly as the DA chooses not to prosecute certain crimes and selectively not enforce certain laws.

        1. While the link to the DAs shows the outcomes of those charged with the crimes, it doesn’t show the actual incidence of the crimes committed. For instance Auto theft shows 67 incident were people where charged. The chart is silent as to the actual number of auto thefts reported in the city which topped 1,000 last year. Auto theft is one of the most reliable crime statistics since it is citizen reported, not DA or police reported. The citizen wants to file the insurance claim and get paid for the loss. Even the owners without insurance report the crime because they don’t want the impact of their license plate number turning up against them, and because they are also pretty irate.

      2. Respectfully: Krasner was not “overwhelmingly re-elected” as continually reported by some media outlets. He was re-elected because registered voters in the city’s communities hardest hit by violent crime didn’t vote. 215,406 voters cast ballots. But there are 1.5 million registered voters in Philly. Where did they go in the 2021 election? Hmm? They didn’t vote.

    2. To where, some banal suburb of nothingness? No thanks. Many of us would rather stay and enact change, the tide is slowly turning.

  2. A Crime Audit was recently performed by the official Philadelphia Office of the Controller. See link below.

    Key takeaways:

    “As the city’s gun violence crisis has worsened, illegal gun possession offenses also increased across the city. Between 2015 and 2020, VUFA (violations of the Uniform Firearms Act) arrests made by the PPD increased by more than 100%. Over this same period, conviction rates for VUFA cases prosecuted by the DA Office (DAO) declined significantly, from 65% in 2015 to 42% in 2020.”

    The fact is that Krasner can implement his extremist ideological agenda and social experiment from an ivory tower because he lives in a de facto suburb of Mt. Airy/Chestnut Hill, far removed from the consequences of his woke policies, and so he doesn’t have skin in the game (he’s insulated from the crime problems in the rest of the city).

  3. Here are all the legal justifications for Krasner’s removal from office (he was already impeached by the PA State House of Representatives). I encourage everyone to write to their PA State Senators to demand his removal:

    1) Krasner defied a subpoena and was held in contempt of court (even many Democrats voted to hold him in contempt of court):
    2) Krasner had massive illegal campaign finance violations ($2mm in funding from an out of state extremist Super PAC): and illegally swayed the election as a result.
    3) Many of the abuses of power and dereliction of duty actions occurred AFTER the election, thus dismantling the argument about voters having decided. See for countless examples.
    4) PA is one of few states with no recall election ability so there is no other way to protect citizens from abuses of power and dereliction of duty activities of a politician but through the impeachment/removal process:
    5) We have closed primaries here (read: undemocratic) so independents like myself can’t vote (voter suppression against the most moderate voter group).

    These are ACTUAL legal justifications for his removal from office, not just him being “ineffective” at his job. It takes two minutes to contact your State Senators at the link below (see right most column):

    To save you the trouble of looking it up yourself, their email addresses are as follows: (Nikil Saval), (Vincent Hughes), (Anthony Williams), (Christine Tartaglione), (Art Haywood), (Jimmy Dillon contact form), (Sharif Street contact form)

    It’s time to tell our PA State Senate representatives that lawless Larry Krasner needs to go.

  4. Honestly hilarious to see the right still trying all this “law and order” virtue signalling while their front runner for president is a 91x indicted loser who is promising to pardon violent thugs who maced cops before bashing their skulls in with flag poles and dragging them face first down staircases in a pathetic failed attempt to illegally overturn an election (according to the criminals themselves!). If Larry krasner gave every gang member in Philly a maga trump flag to wave while they committed their violent crimes, the right would be clamouring for presidential pardons and hailing them as patriotic heroes! 😆😂🤣

    1. Almost as hilarious as your level of TDS.
      That kerfuffle really upset you, huh?
      Stay on topic – Soros bought and paid for Larry Krasner. No law / no order.

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