Bucks County Democrat Rep. John Galloway resigned his seat in the 140th District Thursday, just hours after House Democrats used their slim 102-101 majority to push through their fiscal plan. His departure leaves the House evenly split between the parties until a special election can be held on February 13, 2024.

By complete coincidence, House Democrats said, repairs to a leaky roof will prevent any voting sessions until March. In fact, Democratic Gov. Josh Shapiro will even be forced to deliver his annual budget address in the rotunda rather than to a joint session of the General Assembly in the House of Representatives Chamber.

Galloway was elected to a district justice seat for Falls Township on Nov. 7, so his departure was no surprise. And given the partisan makeup of this district, his replacement will likely be another Democrat, returning the House to a one-vote Democratic majority.

Republicans are crying foul, with sources telling DVJournal the leak was discovered a year ago.

“You see the chaos on the floor. An alleged water leak. I have not seen water drop from the ceiling yet in a year,” said Rep. Seth Grove (R-York).

“I am very tired of them managing to the next election and maintaining power instead of actually governing the commonwealth,” said Republican Leader Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster).

Cutler alluded to a resolution the Democrats passed declaring the state as being in the “Taylor Swift Era” in the midst of work on the budget and various other bills. The popular singer is a Berks County native and was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.

Governing “is the job of the majority. They are failing,” said Cutler.

Three Democrats are running for Galloway’s former seat: his chief-of-staff Melanie Bidlingmaier, former Eagles cheerleader Donna Petrecco, and Pennsbury School Board Member Jim Pokopiak.

The Bucks County Republican Committee Thursday endorsed Candace Cabanas, who will be on the ballot for the 140th District, which includes Falls Township, part of Middletown Township, Morrisville and Tullytown.

Linda Stein is News Editor at Delaware Valley Journal.

This article was republished with permission from the Delaware Valley Journal.

7 thoughts on “Bucks County Rep. Galloway resigns, leaving state house tied”

  1. The Commonwealth’s Republican party leadership has to get its head out of its behind and learn how to use vote-by-mail. It is the game and refusing to learn the rules means you will rarely – if ever – win. Want to see the rules on vote-by-mail change? All that has to happen is for the Republicans to actually win some statewide races and then there will be “overwhelming bipartisan support” for realistic and needed changes. Until then, the Republicans deserve what they get.

  2. Frank,
    51 former “intelligence” officials signed a public letter saying that the Biden laptop “has the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” After their Deep State sabotage has been shown again and again to be a lie, they refuse to own up to how they undermined an election. They do talk a lot about Russia…but why are we supposed to think anything they say is truthful or accurate? Try this: Google search these specific words “Ecology Ukraine 2014 GMO Nazi” and it will likely say: It looks like there aren’t many great matches for your search. Then go to Brave Search engine and type the same thing and it give you a link to the article: “Ukraine opens up for Monsanto, land grabs and GMOs” by Joyce Nelson | 11th September 2014. That article explains why we fund Ukraine war. Be warned there is a graphic picture of a dead neo-nazi from the Aidar Battalion. Then several Democrat-controlled cities in key swing states, abruptly stopped counting votes in the middle of Election Night, which had never happened before in a U.S. Presidential race. Thus, people protested to Congress at the Capitol. They did not loot and burn any neighborhoods. And how did that turn out for them after they were invited into the Capitol by the police themselves? They even held the doors open for them.
    Do you sincerely think the answer is get Republican mail-in votes? Where are the websites people can go to learn how to get the Republican mail-in vote movement accelerated? Sure, let’s give it one more try. But someone has to let people know where and how they can pitch in to get these votes out so they can be counted by who?

  3. As much as I agree about mail in voting being an area to gain support and investment by Republicans, people don’t want to vote for Republicans because of Trump, abortion, election fraud claims.

    This guy was arrested/detained for DUIs multiple times as he swerved his way around Harrisburg. But the voters still support this buffoon.

    Let that sink in. There are bigger issues than mail in. The “conservatives” pushed out moderates for being “RINOs”. Moderates in SE PA don’t want conservatives- the majority don’t, at least.

    It’s a bigger picture, and you can see moderate Republicans continue to leave and become independents or democrats as Trump and “conservatives” continue to be the minority decision makers within the party.

    1. Dung,
      District Attorney Fran Chardo noted Bucks County Democrat, Galloway, is not the first lawmaker convicted for drunk driving around Harrisburg. You are correct, the Bucks COunty votes were there for this Democrat. There are no issues bigger than Mail& Fraud. None. Put up a pizza box and block people from seeing the count – that’s another big issue. Pretty shady behavior. Trump probably won in a landslide and will win in another landslide. But we wouldn’t know that would we? As this article from last month’s PA election clearly shows without any dispute, voting machines can flip votes. That’s it. That’s the point; and, it was never allowed to be considered in a single Trump court case. The only reason it was caught last month was because enough PA voters noticed: https://cumberlink.com/news/local/government-politics/voting-machines-in-northampton-county-flip-votes-for-judges-an-error-to-be-fixed-in/article_c8eadb90-7dae-11ee-bc58-1f6566129c50.html

      1. There is no proof of the fraud you are talking about. There have been court cases where evidence could have been provided. It wasn’t. There is a Federal office on election security that Trump oversaw. There was nothing presented. Period. Continuing to claim fraud is the biggest issue is wasting time and pushing people away.

        People hate Trump. Polling showed that. Walking down the street, you could have a convo with someone who hates both Biden and Trump, but Trump more. That’s the issue.

        Arizona Republicans hired Republican assisted organization to investigate fraud, all the while people were making claims of the immense fraud they were finding. In the end, nothing.

        The fraud claims have been given plenty of time to be investigated with plenty of resources. Nothing has been found.

        If you continue to point to Northampton County stopping voting problems and correcting them as vote fraud proof, it’s not enough.

        Meanwhile, real fraud occurs when dems steal a senate seat by changing rules for what mail in ballots will be accepted after submitted. We can’t even address that, because the “proof” presented is flimsy and easily disproven and this junk sucks the air out of the convo.

        Please move on, although I know you never will.

  4. Dung, I can move on. Focus on “real fraud occurs when dems steal a senate seat by changing rules for what mail in ballots will be accepted after submitted.” Please expand.

  5. Do not give a vote to trump our democratic system is at stake.. after the wannabe dictator is defeated then our country can be restored to where it needs to be at the people’s hands let’s change the course of history and give it a chance …

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