“When Bob Casey was first elected almost 30 years ago, the Macarena was the number one song on the charts.”

At his campaign launch Wednesday night, Dave McCormick, candidate for U.S. Senate, took aim at incumbent senator Bob Casey’s long tenure in the chamber, which began almost 30 years ago.

Local, regional, and state Republican leaders attended the rally in Bridgeport, Montgomery County. Dave McCormick, a combat veteran and entrepreneur from Washington, PA, announced at the rally that he’d be launching a second campaign for the U.S. Senate in the 2024 election to challenge incumbent Senator Bob Casey.

“Bob Casey can’t change Washington; Bob Casey is Washington,” stated McCormick. During his remarks, McCormick outlined how he believes Bob Casey has served as a “rubber stamp” for President Joe Biden’s “failed agenda,” touching on national issues like foreign policy, border security, and job creation.

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McCormick also discussed the rising crime and living expenses families across the Commonwealth experience. “The price of food, rent, and gas is high, and the level of faith in our leaders is low,” said McCormick. “We’ve got big problems. Crime is up. Does anyone have a doubt after they saw what happened in Center City last night in Philadelphia? My message tonight is this: we need leadership.”

Last year, McCormick lost to Mehmet Oz in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate by fewer than 1,000 votes during an extremely contentious primary season for Republicans statewide.

Pennsylvania GOP Chairman Lawrence Tabas addressed this at the event ahead of McCormick’s remarks, stressing the importance of mail-in voting and unity in the Republican Party in the year preceding the 2024 election, stating, “We win in ‘24 by winning in ‘23.”

McCormick echoed Tabas’ calls to unify the divided Republican Party in Pennsylvania and committed to working for the votes of all Pennsylvanians, regardless of party affiliation. “Pennsylvania just can’t afford six more years of Bob Casey. With your help, with your support, and with God’s grace, we will win this race,” said McCormick.

Dave McCormick concluded his remarks and walked off stage to Los Del Río’s 1993 #1 hit, “Macarena.”

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