Shortly after the news broke, a reporter at the Capitol asked Senator John Fetterman to react to Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy’s announcement that an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden would be launched. While clutching his face in fake horror, Fetterman exclaimed, “Oh, my God, really?!”

Following some more play-acting and a proclamation of “Oh, it is devastating,” Fetterman chuckled and revealed his true self: a man who places performance over substance, treats his position with a sense of privilege, and thinks condescension is an appropriate reaction to legitimate political concerns.

As he walked away from reporters, the Senator proclaimed, “Ooh, please don’t do it! Oh, no! Oh, no!” Oh, no, indeed.

I’ve written before in Broad + Liberty that John Fetterman acts like he’s entitled to his job as Senator. Part of his sense of entitlement is that he feels no need to be honest with the Pennsylvanians he claims to represent. After all, this is a man who lies repeatedly when asked about the state of his health. (Fetterman suffered a near-fatal stroke a year and a half ago.)

It is understandable, if not disappointing, that Fetterman would be compelled to defend a President from his own party. As ugly as it is, that’s politics. But any honest defense of President Biden would have to confront the fact that as the House’s investigation drags on, the shady business dealings of the President’s son, Hunter Biden, inch closer and closer to the President. With each development, Biden’s allies, like Fetterman, move the goalposts further and further away. Soon, they’ll find themselves in the parking lot of Lincoln Financial. While evidence slowly builds a damning case against the President and his corrupt son, another set of evidence mounts that President Biden’s Department of Justice is frustrating investigations into this matter.

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Evidently, John Fetterman is unconcerned with such facts. He’s all too happy to mock the concerns millions of his constituents have regarding the President’s proximity to his son who all too eagerly traded the family name for foreign cash. Fetterman may like to portray himself as a man of the people, but his flagrant condescension towards a growing scandal demonstrates he’s anything but. Rather, he’s a Washington, D.C., insider and a party hack. The humble former Mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania, is simply a line on a resume, not a political ethos, to Fetterman.

Democrats rightly scold Republicans for defending former President Trump regardless of his actions or the evidence against him. But the high ground Fetterman and his fellow Democrats claim is beginning to look like a molehill. Increasingly, they are revealed to defend their own party to the hilt despite the facts. I’m not suggesting John Fetterman must believe an impeachment inquiry is appropriate or that this is a good use of Congress’s limited resources. Rather, he owes Pennsylvanians his honest assessment of the situation facing his party and the president. Treating this issue with such disregard may appear brave, but it is simply a cowardly way to dodge the issue.

The questioning reporter stopped Fetterman in the hallway, and he was wearing his typical attire. Perhaps his unconventional choice of dress is more appropriate than I once thought. After all, if John Fetterman dressed the part, he’d reveal he’s just another empty suit.

Seth Higgins, a native of Saint Marys, Pennsylvania, specializes in bringing conservative thought to local government. Seth is a former Tablet Magazine Fellow and is currently a Krauthammer Fellow with The Tikvah Fund.

5 thoughts on “Seth Higgins: Fetterman’s childish display once again proves his unfitness for office”

  1. Personal attacks, anyone? Apparently, nobody can tell a joke in government any longer, since Trump substituted personal insults for humor. The writer talks about “empty suits,” but this story is an empty column. Fetterman joked around. I think that is refreshing.

    1. Nah. Author is correct.

      Fetterman is an embarrassment on multiple fronts. His response to the overwhelming evidence of crimes committed by Biden and over looked by Biden is concerning.

      If he had any integrity and respect for the US, constituents, the position he holds, and for law, he would be concerned.

      Instead, he makes jokes and Democrats are lining up to defend someone they shouldn’t to the detriment of their own character and the Coubtry as a whole. Just look what Republicans did for Trump.

      Stand up for yourself and what your word means. Don’t throw it out there so cheaply.

  2. There are no jokes that can be associated with issues that have the capacity to destroy this country. If clowns are what people want to run this country, there are numerous ones available from assorted carnivals, most with far more talent than Senator Fetterman. Many thousands of soldiers died over several hundred years, to create then preserve our system of government. Senators Fetterman reduces their sacrifice to a joke as he mocks the problems we are facing. I think his reaction to the reporters was another indication of his lack of concern for the wellbeing of our country and his constituents. His behaviour here is just an extension of the meanness he showed when mayor of Braddock and he harassed a minority owned business because he did not like the type of business it was.

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