I recently launched my campaign to represent Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District in Washington because we are losing our country. For far too long, politicians have been saying one thing to get elected, and doing another thing when they get into office — that’s not how the system should work. 

Right now, the Lehigh Valley is represented by a radical, progressive Democrat. Susan Wild campaigns as a moderate, but her liberal voting record tells a very different story. Now more than ever, we need leaders in Washington who understand the values of the individuals they represent and leaders who have a proven record of doing what they promised to do. 

Here’s my plan for the American people to grow our economy, defend our values, restore our freedoms, and secure our communities. 

Here’s my 4 Principles For America: 

First, we should focus on growing our economy. We should cut taxes and reduce wasteful government spending, and stop overregulation that is crushing the American entrepreneurial spirit. We should also promote American manufacturing, and we must protect American jobs from illegal immigrants by expanding the required use of E-Verify for new hires. 

Second, we should defend our values that make us the land of freedom and opportunity. We can start by ensuring that parents understand what’s happening in their child’s classroom through curriculum transparency. We should also investigate the use of the IRS and FBI against political opponents, and end the weaponization of the government. We should also work to make our communities stronger by supporting organizations and nonprofits that share our American values and give our police, firefighters, and EMS heroes the respect they deserve. 

Third, in order to restore our country to greatness, we should focus on ways to secure our communities. We can start by holding China accountable and stopping the sale of American agricultural land, critical infrastructure, and land near military bases to investors with ties to the CCP. We should crack down on theft of American intellectual property and ban TikTok on all government devices. We should support our veterans and supply our military with the resources they need. Lastly, we should secure our border and finish building the border wall in order to stop the flood of illegal immigrants bringing drugs and gang activity into our local communities.

Finally, we should make sure we restore our freedoms. The freedoms that make America such a  special place. We should defend the Second Amendment, protect our religious freedom and freedom of speech, and provide more freedom for healthcare choice to reduce costs. We should implement term limits for elected officials and bureaucrats, and work to ensure we have free and fair elections. 

As a ninth-generation resident of the Lehigh Valley, my first ancestor to settle in our area fought in the Northampton County Militia during the Revolutionary War. In more recent generations, my family members helped build companies like Hercules Cement, served our country in both World Wars, and served our community here at home in professions like nursing and teaching.  

Now is the time to push back against the far left. Over the last two years, the far left has been pushing their radical climate agenda, open borders, and massive spending which is driving inflation. On all of those fronts, we should be pushing back with all our might. We should rein in spending, we should fight back against the left’s radical climate agenda, and we should also protect the American people from illegal immigration, drugs, and human trafficking. However, we must also promote a positive, conservative agenda for America to move us forward.  Let’s get our country back on track and restoring America to greatness, from right here in Pennsylvania. 

Rep. Ryan Mackensie represents Lehigh County’s 187th district in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and is a candidate for Congress in the 7th district in 2024.

5 thoughts on “Rep. Ryan Mackenzie: My Four Principles for America”

  1. Many good points however in a Pa where voter fraud is an art form this point “work to ensure we have free and fair elections.” should be at the top of the list not just a passing mention.

    1. The question to ask about Representative Wild is the same that needs to be asked of every elected representative sent to Washington. Do their votes in Congress accurately reflect the will of those whom she represents? If yes, then vote for the representative – if not, then don’t.

  2. Ryan- you are a good guy, but you have done zero to nothing in the State House. Your list of 4 things is just regurgitated points from polling. There isnt anything interesting that reflects the needs of your district, PA, or the US in the last 10 years of talking points.

    The economy talking point is awful. Unemployment is low and inflation is high, with interest rates higher. It’s all unstable with market influences and politicians in bed with eachother and not the American people. Write something as if you haven’t been suckling at the public teat for decades and know what’s going on.

    Fire your consultants who wrote it.

    You aren’t original or creative and you don’t work hard past solving pot hole issues for constituents.

    Let’s not Peter Principle this. Go get a job suited to your talents. Congress isn’t it.

  3. It’s like the GOP value propositions are designed to appeal to our grandparent’s generation who passed away a decade ago. The ranting and raving about TikTok – now used by many American small businesses – not only falls flat but belies a poor understanding of cyber security. School transparency is just another remnant of the bankrupt culture wars. News flash – both liberals and conservatives lost the culture war – it’s over. A mob mentality now rules on both sides with voters desperately seeking moderates who can articulate a sound vision for providing actual value from the government and ridding politics of rampant narcissism. As for law and order, we are so focused on cultural wars we turn a blind eye to unchecked retail theft and cybercrime all across the nation. The GOP cannot solve our real economic and social problems, so they’ve generated even more focus on cultural issues that have very little impact. Well managed immigration programs would actually grow our economy at this point. But yes, Mackenzie is right about considering critical infrastructure and manufactuing as national security priorities. Anecdotally, I actually find most present-day rural conservatives actually support a more modern government apparatus for healthcare, child care, and labor protections similar to those in Europe. It turns out these “socialized” nations are actually well managed. If you have never seen the John Stossel special on socialized healthcare told from a conservative point of view, then watch and learn. The GOP will end up winning again when, oddly enough, it will be the Republicans who usher in an era of socialized programs rebranded as a strong republic….and indeed Trump flirted with similar ideas around 2014-2016 until he caved to the old guard backlash. Other populist Republicans are heading in that direction now…chasing fame. Of course, government is often an inefficient mess…but it can be effective at a large scale…and we now live at scale and with AI that’s only going to explode in complexity…the GOP is still stuck trying to close pandora’s box. That’s not possible. What is possible is to use conservative values to actually deal with the consequences of the box being opened. Too many Republicans fantasize about going back to a world that never truly existed. During the Reagon-Bush eras the GOP used to be pragmatic doers, post Trump it’s a party of idealistic dreamers. Oddly, the center left took their place as practical purveyors on government yet we don’t acknowledge just who much the Biden admin resists the fever dreams of the extreme left.

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