What happens when a veteran GOP political consultant and two longtime political scribes get together to discuss Pennsylvania’s political corruption?

A new podcast from the Pennsylvania Political Digest, titled “A Stroll Through the Annals of Pennsylvania Political Corruption,” answers that question in a five-part limited series.

Available now via PAPoliticalDigest.com, the podcast is hosted and produced by veteran Republican political consultant Christopher Nicholas. He is joined in each episode by former Philadelphia Daily News political columnist John Baer, and by former Capitol and political reporter Brad Bumsted, formerly of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review and the Lancaster Newspaper Group, among others.

Each 35-to-45-minute episode features a primary and secondary story that probes the nooks, crannies, and “only in PA” characteristics of various political scandals, mostly from the modern era. Episode one focuses on the meteoric rise and fall of Pennsylvania’s first Democratic Attorney General Kathleen Kane, as well as the huge cost overruns and graft involved with building the Commonwealth’s beautiful state Capitol back in the early 1900s. Episode 2 examines the drama behind Bonus-gate and Computer-gate, scandal “cousins” that rocked the state Capitol in the late aughts.

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