In government, as in life, a person who cannot keep their word is a person not worth trusting.

During his campaign, Gov. Josh Shapiro promised the people of Pennsylvania many things — that he was an independent Democrat not beholden to special interests, that he supported school choice for our students, and that his energy policy would protect jobs and lower consumer prices.

Six months into his administration, Gov. Shapiro has deceived the people of Pennsylvania. It all unfolded during the negotiation process of the $45.55 billion Pennsylvania budget.

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Bottom line: The current Pennsylvania budget impasse solely lies at Gov. Shapiro’s feet. All the while, he’s trying to deflect from his broken promises and poor governing by blaming Republicans.

Gov. Shapiro voiced his serious concerns regarding the energy tax known as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) over 458 days ago and pledged, “Energy policy for me must pass the test of protecting jobs, lowering consumer prices and addressing climate change.”

Over a year later, Gov. Shapiro refuses to remove Pennsylvania from this massive $663 million energy tax, which he could have done on day one of his administration. This unconscionable tax will kill Pennsylvania jobs and quadruple electricity rates on working families who are already struggling to make ends meet.

Gov. Shapiro offered hope to the children of Pennsylvania who have been trapped in failing schools when he advocated for school choice on the national news and declared that “every child of God” deserves a “quality education.”

Gov. Shapiro has proven that at the first hint of a challenge, he will abandon his convictions and break his promises.

Senate Republicans and Gov. Shapiro struck a budget deal which included funding for a lifeline to students trapped in the worst performing school districts through the Pennsylvania Award for Student Success (PASS) Scholarship program.

Days later, Gov. Shapiro announced he would veto the PASS program, an initiative he campaigned for, breaking his promise and abandoning Pennsylvania’s children at the behest of special interest groups and radical Democrats.

It’s easy to state a conviction when it goes unopposed, but Gov. Shapiro has proven that at the first hint of a challenge, he will abandon his convictions and break his promises. Without conviction or guiding principles, the governor cannot be negotiated with in good faith.

So, where does it leave Pennsylvania when you have a governor who you cannot trust? It leaves Pennsylvania with missed opportunities and lost jobs, it leaves families with exorbitant taxes and crushing bills, and it leaves children in failing schools and without hope for a better future.

It is imperative we disrupt the status quo by fighting against a corrupt agenda and provide hope to the people of this great Commonwealth.

Republicans are more than ready to get a commonsense budget through the finish line. Are Gov. Shapiro and House Democrats ready to do the same?

Rep. Joshua D. Kail, a Republican, represents parts of Beaver and Washington counties.

2 thoughts on “Rep. Joshua Kail: The death of a budget negotiation”

  1. Sorry, Rep. Kail, but cry me a river. You guys got completely played by Mark Rossi in the beginning of this year, and you learned absolutely nothing from it. Josh Shapiro is Mark Rossi on steroids.

    Quick, Rep. Kail, what has Josh Shapiro EVER done to make you believe he’s some type of honest, man-of-his-word who actually is a moderate compromiser, as Pennsylvania and national news media so desperately try to portray him? As Attorney General, detail to me all the political corruption he investigated and prosecuted? The city of Philadelphia alone could keep a real AG busy 24/7, but with the exception of a couple tiny fish prosecutions, Josh couldn’t seem to find any political malfeasance. He had no intention to- might cost him votes.
    Perhaps you can point me to the firm and principled stand he took as the chief law enforcement officer of the commonwealth against the rioting, looting and attacks on police officers across the state during the riots of 2019-2021? Josh had NOTHING to say then, but suddenly found his affinity for the thin blue line when he ran for governor. Think it had anything to do with votes?
    Maybe you have forgotten the chief law enforcement officer of the commonwealth holding a press conference after the 2020 election and stating unequivocally that when the votes were counted, Joe Biden WOULD win Pennsylvania? Nothing like the AG publicly announcing he was putting his thumb directly on the scales for his party. Kind of like walking into a courtroom before the start of a trial and listening to the judge announce to the jury that, once they listen to the evidence, he is sure they will convict the defendant. Yet your party let Josh completely skate despite his partisan declaration that should have forced his immediate recusal from anything involving the election.
    Who paid for his 76er court side tickets? How about his trip to the Super Bowl, along with staff? The most “transparent” governor refuses to tell, and the loyal news media asked once, got told “none of your business”, and is happily not going to ask anymore while trying to claim they did everything they could to get answers.
    Your examples of RGGI, PASS and such are further examples, but after everything prior to this, only a small portion as listed above, that you thought Josh Shapiro was an upstanding, honorable man makes you either exceptionally naive or willfully blind- neither option is a good look.
    Here’s the bright side- once Josh gets the nakedly partisan Pennsylvania Supreme Court to do his bidding (because they have demonstrated in spades that they will only abide the constitution of the commonwealth when it serves their needs), you won’t have to worry about Shapiro lying to you. The House will remain (and increase) a Democrat majority, whatever election laws have to be created to facilitate the flip of the state Senate will be enacted, and once “moderate” Josh has a fully Democrat-controlled legislature, he won’t lie to you anymore- he won’t need to. He and the “moderate” democrats will steamroll you and this state with their leftist goals so fast your head will spin. 2024 is the year this state becomes a carbon copy of New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts because guys like you want to continue playing nice with a party that actively wants to destroy you. You and the feckless Republican Party continue being “disappointed” while the Democrats continue pushing the accelerator to the floor and caring not one whit about your feelings.

  2. Well said ClownCar.

    Sorry Rep. Kail any discussion surrounding school choice without the mention of the corrupt teacher unions is a totally lacking presentation and fails to mention Shapiro’s co-conspirators.

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