The Republican Party is going “full forward on a mail-in ballot strategy,” according to Pennsylvania GOP Chair Lawrence Tabas.

The DVJournal asked Tabas how he would convince Republican voters to vote by mail since, for several years, they tended to vote on Election Day unless they needed an absentee ballot.

“We have developed a task force,” said Tabas. “We’re working very strongly now on educating our voters as to the benefits of voting by mail. We’ll be working with the RNC on this, and I am very confident that you will see a much larger vote by Republicans supporting our candidates this year and next year.”

In 2021, Republicans increased mail-in ballots at a higher rate than Democrats, he said.

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In a June 7 press call, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said the “Bank Your Vote” campaign is a nationwide effort.

“We all know, we’re all very aware, we no longer have an Election Day, we have an election season,” said McDaniel. “Many, many states have weeks and weeks of early voting. ‘Bank Your Vote’ will make sure Republicans take advantage of that.”

In Pennsylvania, mail-in ballots are mailed out to voters 30 days before an election.

McDaniel says she wants to raise awareness among GOP voters well before 2024 so they can “lock in their votes as early as possible.”

“We’ve got to double down,” said McDaniel. “We’ve got to educate our voters. I think of it this way: We have some voters that like to vote on Election Day. We have to explain to them we can’t allow Democrats to get a head start.”

“Why are you going to wait until the fourth quarter to score a touchdown when you have four quarters to put points on the board? That’s what this whole initiative is about, and we’re going to lead the charge in getting Republicans to chase ballots and build an advantage before Election Day.”

After 2020, voters were “skittish,” she said. “They needed to know their vote would be protected. That’s why we recruited 80,000 poll watchers and poll workers.”

They also filed 100 election integrity lawsuits in the 2022 cycle. McDaniel wants voters to know that “if they vote early, their vote will be protected.”

She said they will have workers on the ground, going door-to-door, as well as digital teams. They will target younger voters on social media.

“We will protect the House, flip the Senate, and make Joe Biden a one-term president,” said McDaniel.

Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.), chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) and tasked with electing and re-electing senators, said, “If we learned one thing in the last election cycle, 2022, it’s we need to turn Election Day into Election Month.”

“The Democrats outraised us financially in past cycles,” he said. “What they’ve also done is dominated in early and mail-in voting.”

[W]e no longer have an Election Day, we have an election season… ‘Bank Your Vote’ will make sure Republicans take advantage of that.

Sen. Bill Haggerty (R-Tenn.) said that, at the same time, Republicans have a “great map,” with three Democrats running in red states, an unpopular president, and an open border “that’s fueling a drug overdose epidemic.”

“We’ve got an energy policy that is absolutely absurd, making America less competitive rather than more so,” he said. “We’ve got an economy that’s dealing with inflation at record levels.” And numerous foreign policy challenges around the world — but they can’t take these advantages for granted.

“We have got to bank our votes early,” said Sen. Haggerty. “We have a great opportunity to vote … A friend said, ‘You don’t want to put off buying that Christmas present until Christmas Day.’”

And Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC), chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee, said they are “focused on keeping the House majority and growing it.”

They plan to recruit “strong candidates” and run “strong campaigns,” giving those candidates the “resources they need to win.”

Guy Ciarrocchi, the former chair of the Chester County Chamber of Commerce who ran for governor last year, wrote an op-ed in 2021 enouraging fellow Republicans to embrace mail-in ballots.

“Unilateral disarmament has never been an effective winning strategy,” Ciarrocchi said on Friday. “Conservatives are duty-bound to learn how to successfully execute a mail-in vote effort; otherwise, we risk losing races — no matter how effective our Election Day strategy is.”

Jake Zane, spokesman for the Delaware County Republican Party, said Chairman Frank Agovino’s first step as a new chair was to form a committee on mail-in ballots.

“And that committee issued a report,” said Zane. “We’re moving forward with a plan to boost Republican turnout with a mail-in ballot effort through the hard work of our committee and robust digital efforts.”

Linda Stein is News Editor at Delaware Valley Journal.

This article was republished with permission from the Delaware Valley Journal.

5 thoughts on “Ahead of 2024, GOP launches ‘Bank Your Vote’”

  1. This is truly hilarious. Shockingly after misleading people for years including misinformation from your beloved Trump and Mastriano, Rs are convinced mail in voting is a scam. Now the Rs expect to say “Just kidding!” And make that all go away. Almost as if . . . . . they knew what they were saying was BS all along!

  2. Early voting will tip the democrats off to how many votes they need to come up with to prevail. Mail-in ballots are counted by unelected bureaucrats and employees at counting centers, beyond the watchful eye of the citizens, poll watchers, and observers. It is not about who votes, it is about who counts the votes. There is no chain of custody for mail-in ballots…none! Early voting will destroy the precinct model of voting, which is essential in a constitutional republic and engages the citizens. Mail-in ballots are a fraudulent process. How has this strategy worked out in states that have embraced mail-in voting? It has made it impossible for republicans to win. I sincerely hope that I am wrong, but if adopted in PA, I believe this strategy will fail miserably, will be the death knell to our constitutional precinct system, and will give the democrats exactly what they want. We will have a one-party country. Prove me wrong please!

    What alternative do republicans have? Get to the polls on Election Day if you can. Request an absentee ballot if you cannot get to the polls. Commit to doing all you can to protecting the vote. For example: Grassroots activism on the local, county, and state level, pressure placed on the PA legislature to get rid of Act 77, insistence on preserving precinct level tabulation and reporting of votes, rejection of centralized counting of the votes, voter roll hygiene done on the county level, returning of mail-in ballots to the precincts to be tallied and results reported from the precincts, counting of paper ballots from small precincts, rejection of unelected bureaucrats being given unfettered control of our elections, insistence that county election boards follow every jot and tittle of election law. Election security should be a priority for every honest American regardless of party affiliation. The vote must be protected. Otherwise say farewell to the America we have known, welcome the technocratic state, and weep for future generations who have lost their freedom. Yes, it is THAT serious.

    1. My point is thus proven. Mail-in voting by the way increased turnout by young people, those who work weird hours, etc. That’s why it favored Dems, not some insane conspiracy. Also, there is definitely a chain of custody. People who are frightened by this process should learn more about it.

      1. You are wrong about the chain of custody on mail in ballots as evidenced by counties failing to fulfill numerous right to know requests for that paper trail. Have you observed the process? Are you able to trace the trajectory of a mail in ballot? If so, you would have to be clairvoyant and have X-ray vision. Practices vary with each county election bureau. I’ve been studying my county’s processes for 2 years.

        1. I have observed my county’s process over many years, at various stages of the counting. I have come away with respect for the election workers ( who are paid peanuts, if at all, despite your claim it’s somehow a problem that they’re employees) and find the true lack of partisanship inspiring. People like you see what they want and will never be convinced. It’s cool- go on ahead and keep losing elections.

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