In the newspapers, TV, and radio, we see it every day: mainstream media only wants you to hear one side of the story.

For too long, our local media outlets have allowed the progressive establishment to put their thumbs on the scales of democracy. Elected officials in our region believe, for good reason, that no one will ask them the tough questions, or expose any abuses of office. One-party rule in Philadelphia is helped along by a compliant media. In the suburbs, increasingly blue townships and boroughs get the same treatment — when the Philly press bothers to cover them at all. 

Broad + Liberty counters this self-imposed media censorship by advocating political, cultural, and economic freedom in metropolitan Philadelphia. Our investigative journalism and editorial angle have created waves, and a real impact.

As a growing media outlet, Broad + Liberty has a record of journalistic excellence, first to report on a number of local stories with a national impact. Our chief investigative reporter received the 2022 ION Award for Non-Partisan Investigative Journalism for his groundbreaking work on the “Zuckerbucks” scandal of 2020.

Broad + Liberty stories continue to make a statewide impact with results ranging from the introduction and passage of statewide election reform bills, to triggering a special election in Delaware County that will see the Pennsylvania House’s one-seat majority up for grabs again. And our coverage of school board fights tells you what the other media don’t want you to hear: both sides of the story.

When other media outlets joined Democratic House leadership in keeping mum on the Zabel affair, Broad + Liberty respectfully dissented. And we continue to hold those responsible for the cover-up to be called to account for their actions

We don’t have the deep pockets of the mainstream press. Without the continued tax-deductible support of readers like you, we would not be able to report on these important issues facing our neighborhoods. We hope that today you will consider supporting free-thinking journalism in our region!

Broad + Liberty needs your support to fight back against those who are rooting for machine politics, crazy policies, and dysfunctional one-party government. With your help, we can continue to give a voice to the issues that are most important to us.

We hope you will consider making a tax-deductible gift to Broad + Liberty today! Your generosity is sincerely appreciated.

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