I am not a fan of George Santos. To be honest, I’m not really sure who George Santos even is. He’s either a Fulbright scholar, a former star athlete in college, a whiz on Wall Street, the child of a 9/11 victim, gay, straight, married, single, New Yorker, Brazilian, whatever.

However, I do know one thing that he actually is, and that is a duly elected Congressman from the aforementioned New York (he might also be Vice President of Brazil, I’m waiting for confirmation.)

The fact that he was duly elected by people who might not have done their own due diligence is not my problem. He is a U.S. Representative, and that’s pretty much that for the next two years. Suck it up, Democrats (and annoying Republicans.)

You know why I am saying that? It’s not because I am particularly attached to an obvious liar who looks a little bit like Marco Rubio (who I adore) after he’s had a few too many mojitos and carne con arroz. There are a lot of politicians who lie, and who have even been serial liars (“Ah did not have sayux with thayut woomin.”) I also don’t live in New York, so he’s not my problem. For the most part, I’d like to ignore him and get on with hating more local politicians.

Which brings me to why I hope that the GOP does not try and expel Santos from the fold at this sensitive juncture. Because this is payback for what the Democrats did to Pennsylvania in the last election. They saddled us with an invalid, and they had the complicity of the mainstream media in doing so.

John Fetterman is now a senator in this great Commonwealth, one in which I’ve lived for 6 decades, my home and the place where I intend to lay my lifeless corpse when I give up the ghost. Fetterman is one half of the motley duo who now represent me at the federal level. And that is something that should never have happened.

We could have had an actual doctor representing us in DC. Yes, a doctor who didn’t understand that people get triggered by the word “crudité” and who was a little too Oprah for my tastes, but a Penn grad who was a thoracic surgeon.

Instead, because the Democrats wanted that majority in the Senate, we have a man who had a massive stroke months before the election, only we didn’t really know much about his debilitated state because the Dems and their friends and lovers in the media covered it up. They weren’t able to keep us completely in the dark, as we saw with that debacle of a debate, but they were pretty darn successful at forestalling the worst of it until most of the mail in votes had already been registered. It was a win foretold.

And now we know that Fetterman was just rushed to a DC hospital because of “lightheadedness,” according to recent reports. I would argue that very few people are rushed to the hospital simply because they feel dizzy, but maybe a person who is still suffering from the debilitating effects of a massive stroke that might have killed him needs that extra attention.

Which is quite chilling. Those who covered for Fetterman, like Philly native and New York magazine reporter Rebecca Traister continue to guarantee that Pennsylvania has a sick man in office, and I am not talking about his love for abortion or other questionable politics. The man is literally ill and debilitated, and he is the person who is 50 percent of the face of Pennsylvania in the Senate, the other half being the rotted apple from a noble family tree.

And he is there because the media looked the other way as the Democrats scrambled to get a sick stroke victim across the finish line. I will never forgive them for that, and neither should you.

Something else you should not do is to demand that the GOP get rid of George Santos. For one thing, he’s only around for two years while we’re stuck with Fetterman for six. And for another, it would simply reward the hypocrisy of the Democrats and their media buddies, who found a way to gain a majority by managing a very effective cover up. 

So whoever Santos might actually be, leave him alone. 2024 isn’t that far away.Christine Flowers is an attorney and lifelong Philadelphian. @flowerlady61

5 thoughts on “Christine Flowers: Santos and Fetterman have a lot in common”

  1. No. Absolutely wrong.

    Fetterman is a scumbag, but people voted for him because Mastriano and Trump suck.

    People voted for Santos because he lied – beyond what most people do- on his federal documents to get elected.

    He should be pushed out and prosecuted for knowingly lying. It restores thebpublic’s faith in the Republican brand and damages it if Republicans do not.

    1. This was Santos’ second time running for office – you have to ask what kind of election campaign did his opponent run that they missed all of this even after the local newspaper reported it prior to election day. By the way, I am still waiting for Senator Blumenthal to be held accountable for lying about serving in Vietnam when he ran for Senate the first time. Then again, President Biden has told everyone about finishing at the top of his law class, and driving an 18-wheeler. Truth is often a scarce commodity in politics.

  2. Nope. Christine Flowers’ columns are best summed up by this quote from Pee Wee Herman: “I know you are, but what am I?”
    John Fetterman voluntarily had a debate with his opponent that fully displayed his condition to the voters. He won because voters preferred his policies to Oz’s.
    How this is in any way similar to Santos’ lies on his resume and so many other things isn’t made clear by Flowers and defies all logic.

  3. Flowers is proving once again that she relies on adolescent mockery and ad hominem to make her case. She has few if any valid points and thinks that her childish humor is clever. It’s hard to imagine that she is an attorney and I can’t imagine how horrified her poor, scared, immigrant clients must be when they figure her out. What a shame.

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