It is hard to believe that the majority of students in Southeastern Pennsylvania were still wearing masks at the start of 2022, but more surprising is that Philadelphia school district started 2023 with a two-week masking requirement. Parents across the commonwealth revolted against their school boards and administration to assert their parental rights by choosing whether their children wear masks or not.

The National Report Card issued in October revealed the high level of academic devastation caused by school closures. Reading and Math scores declined significantly, and students’ confidence in their skills also declined. Researchers at Sanford University found that some children’s brains have been impacted as a result of the stress caused by prolonged school closures. Transparency for parents and taxpayers continues to be a concern as school boards and district administrators consistently dismiss them. 

Randi Weingarten is at the helm of the movement stating that schools and teachers know better than parents what their kids need. Locally, in Upper Moreland School District, an elected board member refused to vote for another board member for President because he is a white, cisgender, male. This year wrapped up with the miss of the midterms in November where most candidates never focused on education as an issue.  

The Moms in the Middle offer hopes for 2023 and areas of focus for school boards and administrators across the state.

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