The Supreme Court is now reviewing the case of student loan forgiveness in higher education. It is an initiative which, if approved, will continue a dangerous path that further absolves citizens of their personal responsibilities. That ever-widening thoroughfare needs an immediate roadblock.

We have seen how pervasive it has been in positions of leadership. Former President Trump blamed defeats by him and his endorsed candidates on non-consequential election irregularity rather than his own shortcomings. Current commander-in-chief Biden pointed his finger solely at Russia’s actions in Ukraine for rising oil prices. He failed to include his virtual shut down of domestic oil production as a major factor. These were actions from our leaders.

Now, the Biden administration has essentially told those owing debt for a student loan that they will receive certain forgiveness. The free pass will be up to $20,000 for individuals earning up to $125,000 per year, or households with a ceiling of $250,000.

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This initiative was handed down by executive fiat and not by votes from Congress. It is indeed that branch of government — Congress — which is empowered to handle such financial matters. A constitutional challenge by six states caused the Justice Department to pass this on to the highest court.

So, under this plan, if a household’s single working parent with one child, for instance, earns $240,000 per year, that family can get a gift of $20,000 for the privilege of college enrollment. And that would be just one example of the proposed $420-billion package for student loan relief.

Again, why is personal responsibility getting left on the side of the road? And what does this say to generations of college attendees who had to foot their bills and are now faced with paying for others who couldn’t meet their commitments?

When I matriculated during the late sixties into the early seventies, I had a loan which took me into my early working years before I satisfied its debt. No one gave me a free pass. There must be hundreds of thousands of citizens who share such a story.

Let’s make one thing clear: Higher education is a privilege, not a necessity. It is not for everyone. Some are more inclined to learn the trades, for instance. That does not necessarily measure their intellect or value.

Here’s hoping the Supreme Court takes the road that is reserved for responsible behavior. It is the one on which adults travel.

If someone enters a contract that is a loan, they need to meet its requirements. That is true whether involving a mortgage or academics.

With our country’s ever-rising federal deficit, the removal of personal responsibility for a loan is compounded. There is also the realty that institutions will be encouraged to increase their already-scandalous tuition charges, if more cash becomes available to students. It is flat out wrong.

That the Biden administration introduced this cancellation leading up to an election, makes the act all the more suspect. Sadly, if that were his motive, he is not unique among Presidents who have placed political gain above what is best for the country.

Perhaps sensing trouble in the highest court, the Administration moved the moratorium filing deadline from Dec. 31 to 60 days after this litigation is ruled upon. That period could run into the summer, as the Court is slated to end its current session on June 30.

“Its not my fault.” “I didn’t mean to.” “I was not aware of what it meant.” Those are all the cries of immaturity sounded by so many so often in our country. This speaks to a trajectory toward under-achievement.

It was Winston Churchill who said: “The price of greatness is responsibility.” To not shoulder the load is to deny one full reward.

Here’s hoping the Supreme Court takes the road that is reserved for responsible behavior. It is the one on which adults travel.

Jeff Hurvitz ( is a freelance writer and native Philadelphian.

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