What are the impacts of the recent election results for Pennsylvanians and specifically education? While it remains to be seen what position our newly elected officials will take on education, some candidates ran on a platform that would support a high-quality education for every child. Other candidates, sadly, were funded heavily by the teachers’ unions and pledged to give them an even bigger voice at the table.

Our goal is to ensure that our elected officials focus on education for every single child. Today, we remind Josh Shapiro of his pledge to support school choice and to reject mandates, lockdowns, and closures. And while we are not excited about many of the candidates who will soon represent us, we can hold them accountable to focus on our children and their education. Too many students are failing academically and struggling emotionally, and our newly elected officials must work to get them back on track. The policies over the last two and half years have failed our children, and we are calling on every elected position to put party politics aside to come together for our children. 

We must make 2023 the Year of the Child and restore normalcy back into our communities. We are calling on parents all over the Commonwealth to demand that our children come first and push aside the political agenda of radical groups like the teachers’ unions.

While the election results were not what we hoped for, we remain committed to fight for all of our children and to hold our newly elected officials accountable for their future decisions. We are sincerely grateful for all the parents, grandparents, and caregivers who fight tirelessly on behalf of the children in their lives. Today, we wish you all a happy Thanksgiving filled with love, family, and friends and a brighter 2023.

One thought on “Moms in the Middle Podcast: Recapping the 2022 midterm elections”

  1. High quality education costs a lot of money, money which Republicans would rather give to the rich through tax cuts rather than spend it on public education. Philly public schools are maybe 80% African-American & Hispanic. Think that doesn’t affect how Repubs allocate money for education? And Repubs (& you) use the phony issue of ‘teachers unions’ to deny children a good education.

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