There are two Philadelphia local nonprofit organizations that can help with our current gun violence crisis. 

Urban Navigation is a community organization developed to help slow down our City of Philadelphia’s gun violence. The methods served are for the youth to build successful and productive violence-free lives. We connect with our youth through their interests to engage them toward better lives, while also reducing crime and improving environments.

Urban Navigation provides experiences and training within the youths’ culture, leading to technical skills, entrepreneurial mentorship, life skills training, additionally providing mentorship and guidance to ATV/dirt bike riders.

Training and mentorship can be provided at Billy Penn Studios Room 210. This studio accommodates a platform for creative minds such as having podcasts, office space, media/music studio, virtual reality facility, or rest area. Enhancing technical skills can be supplied at Philadelphia Technical Training Institute. The essence of Urban Navigation is people who want to make changes.

The Race for Peace Committee is a nonprofit organization formed to reinforce the lives of residents in all communities through programs, resources and activities for the family, and to reach an understanding between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

The main goals are ongoing and continuous dialogue with communities and the police; mentoring the youth; police and seniors; developing incentive programs that will help promote peace; annually visiting prisons; to end violence and bring peace to all communities in our region and our country; to bring peace and harmonious relations between police and members of communities; to promote excellence in police officer training.  

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-Alim Howell

Activist, Advocate, Liaison 

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