This Halloween, if someone knocks on your door wearing a Dickies shirt, cargo shorts and work boots it’s not some kid dressed as a mechanic, plumber, or truck driver. 

It’s just our Lt. Governor pretending to be a working man in his “blue collar costume” looking for your vote. 

Don’t give him a Snickers, throw him a box of raisins and tell him his un-calloused hands and daddy’s trust fund gave him away.

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Now that the weather is cooler, John Fetterman prefers hoodies and gym shorts for that urban, inner-city outfit that wants you to think he just played a pickup game of round ball at a bullet-ridden Philly Rec Center.

All of his outfits and costumes want you to think he’s a “blue collar tough guy”, a moniker that comes across the screen in one of his own political ads.

Yep, a blue collar tough guy who’s been getting money from mommy and daddy until he became Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, a job we pay him $216,000 to do. 

A “blue collar tough guy” who never had to pick up an extra shift or take a second job to afford a down payment for a home because his sister sold him the place he now lives for $1.

John Fetterman likes and reps Dickies clothes. You know the Dickies brand. Every janitor, mechanic, nurse and construction worker wears it and it’s usually dirty with the stains from working hard.

Fetterman’s super clean Dickies shirts are nice and clean from hard-ly working. 

He’s wearing a Dickies work shirt in his official Lt. Governor portrait that hangs in every turnpike rest stop in the State. It could easily be confused with an Employee of the Month photo in the Jiffy Lube waiting room. 

It shouldn’t be a surprise that John Fetterman wears Dickies. He’s also known to model Carhartt work jackets too. Both brands have been hijacked by skateboarders, rappers and social media influencers that want to rock that “hard” worker look. (Hey, whatever makes you feel pretty.)

Over a century ago, both Dickies and Carhartt were founded due to the need for bib overalls for the millions of men building our nation’s railroad track system. Heavy but flexible denim material, steel rivets, durability to last in extreme conditions — that was what those work clothes were designed for.

Not to be used as a political costume to paint a persona of a guy who wants you to believe he has grease under his fingernails and uses the contractor entrance at Home Depot.

And yet the Democratic Party in Pennsylvania refuses to acknowledge that their Senate candidate is just stomping the political runway in his costumes, trying to siphon votes from voters living paycheck-to-paycheck who hold their breath and check their bank accounts when their gas light pops on their dashboard of their pickup truck. 

They want you to think that he’s sat on a piling of steel at a construction site for lunch break and two-fisting a Wawa Gobbler or Sheetz Big Mozz (depending what part of the Commonwealth you live in) or that he buys a $10 football block every week with all the other oil change techs for the Eagles or Steelers games (again, depending on who you root for). 

They want you to think that John Fetterman graduated from the PA College of Hard Knocks or some Vo-Tech school but no, he obtained his master’s degree in public policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. He grew up in a very posh suburb of York, Pennsylvania. His parents supported him financially well into his 40s.

Clothing does not make this man, yet the Commonwealth makes this man wear a suit when he presides over the Senate, per the legislature’s dress code.

Pennsylvania voters now find themselves in an episode of the Twilight Zone — this episode mimics the Hans Christian Anderson folktale of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

In the Pennsylvania version, everyone sees this Senate candidate campaigning dressed like a “blue collar tough guy” but nobody has enough courage or common sense to call him out on his non-work history. Maybe, just like in the 1837 published version, it might take an innocent child full of wonder and questions to ask, “Mommy, why is that guy wearing work clothes when he’s never punched a timeclock?”

Ah, seeing John Fetterman play dress down is like going into an uber-chic Fishtown bar nowadays and all the guys are dressed like prepubescent, gender-neutral lumberjacks. 

Skinny jeans so tight you know the dude’s religion, plaid shirts with pearl button snaps, and work boots that never climbed a tree or visited a forest. No ax in sight, but there is plenty of beard wax and they’re all totally against chopping down trees. (The only time these guys yell Timber is when they sing the Keisha and Pitbull 2013 dance hit.)

Clothing does not make this man, yet the Commonwealth makes this man wear a suit when he presides over the Senate, per the legislature’s dress code.

But for now, those who’ve jumped on the John Fetterman bandwagon, even if it’s with Timberland work boots with barely a scuff or worn down sole, better hope it doesn’t bust an axle or blow a tire.

Because the Lt. Governor sure as hell doesn’t know how to fix it.

Patty-Pat Kozlowski lives and writes in the River Wards.

13 thoughts on “Patty-Pat Kozlowski: The mayor of Braddock’s Halloween costume”

  1. Honestly?

    He insults those “real tradesmen” who go to work everyday, and come home with REAL dirt, oil, paint, grime, you name it, under their nails, on their hands, and ALL OVER their clothes. These items are called “WORK CLOTHES.”

    The real tradesman “look” cannot be “faked.” Real men wear it like the badge of honor they should… and they are some of the most humble people I have ever met.

    Fetterman looks like a Bolshevik poster child.

    No thanks.

    1. Now read this article again but replace “working class” with “proletarian” (the Marxist term for “working class”) and this whole piece reads like something Vladimir Lenin would have written in Pravda to denounce his political opponents. All that’s left is a call to send him to the gulags for “reeducation”, which I’m sure is exactly the kind of petty retribution that Banana Republicans would love.

      1. “Re education” is precisely what has been going on …for a long, long time… TO AMERICAN CITIZENS.

        Fetterman, among OTHER CANDIDATES, are inclusive of both SIDES of the DEM/RINO party. They are just about the same, even though they LIE and claim to be different. They answer to the puppet master, not the people.

        This DEM/RINO party is called: The “Bolshevik” party.

        They are a UNIPARTY composed of BOTH sides….. but LIE and say they are different.

        BOTH CORRUPT SIDES ARE Intent on DESTROYING those who resist it, or try to drain it.

        Its putrid, deceitful, evil, nasty, soul less, and will do whatever it takes to stay in power of the masses.

        And newsflash, that disgusting party covers the GLOBE.. not just in the USA.

        It has infested every county, like a virus.

        1. Joe Manchin would punch you in your stuoid, ignorant, uneducated & bigoted mouth if you called him a socialist. You’re just another Mango Mussolini troglodyte.

  2. ” Fetterwoman” is another brain damaged Biden Candidate packaged by the corrupt DemonRat Party Machine and stage managed by his former illegal alien wife who will be the real power in a Senate Seat when she’s not playing the transgender advocate like the fugly Rear Admiral HHS Undersecretary ” Richard” Levine.

    1. Comparing people who have different political opinions than you to subhuman “rats”. Yet another page ripped from 1930s German propaganda. Nice. Stay classy.

      1. Also Lol “illegal Alien” wife? Source? And attacking people for their looks. Wow. You sure are a classy person. Just because not all Democrats are blessed with the looks of Kelly Anne Conway or Rosanne Barr is not a reason to make such childish attacks.

        1. The source of Gisele Fetterman’s illegal immigrant status is Gisele herself. Google it and you’ll get tons of results. It was a point John Fetterman made throughout his campaign. On her social media it says the Second Lady of PA was an illegal immigrant. She came here as a child & became an official citizen in 2009.

    2. Typical Mango Mussolini jackass. Your phony patriot Republican party is: Racist, Bigoted, Antisemitic, Misogynistic. The so-called “Freedom Party” supports a KGB thug and murderer over a free, democratic country. Your party is for the rich, not the poor, working & middle classes. Oz is another fraudulent, phony candidate.

  3. Tell me more about how fetterman is putting on an act while the daytime tv snake oil salesman from NJ and the wealthy billionaire elite who inherited (and then squandered) hundreds of millions of dollars from daddy on affairs with porn actors and defrauding Americans with a fake university are “authentic” representations of the working class.

    The Koch brothers and ruling tech elites like Zuckerberg ‘s bff Peter Theil have done and excellent job indoctrinating the radical right that all you have to do is bemoan “wokeness” (whatever that is) and you’re automatically authentic working class.

  4. Giselle Fetterman has very strong views on the benefits denied sex workers in a business environment that she endorses and supports.

    Prostitutes are regulated at the Fetterwoman Free Store in the Exchange for Services DeFartment/Sex and injection Sites

    Fetterwomen qre part of a dangerous radical queer subset that is dedicated to destroying traditional American Institutions and Values.

  5. I remember you when you worked for that gladhanding disgrace Joan Krajewski. While I agree with you Krasner is a disgrace, and the police commissioner is incompetent, you support a Republican party that is racist, bigoted and Antisemitic (Trump, Mastriano. Kanye West, et al)
    Unlike you, Fetterman devoted his life to help people. You must have never heard of ‘noblesse oblige’. Instead of ripping off & conning people, like Trump does, he devoted himself to public service.
    Do I agree with all of his stands, no. Half, maybe. But I can’t vote for an out-of-state fraud who has divided loyalties (Turkish citizenship, Turkish military service, not American, friends with authoritarian strongman & serial human rights violator Erdogan).

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