Christine Flowers: With Herschel Walker, the Left finally found an abortion they oppose

My social media is filled with men who support women who support abortion rights. One particular fellow, who I’ve had to mute because he keeps trolling me, has engaged in anti-Catholic bigotry in addition to his misogyny, which I find ironic since he’s all about empowering women and their choices. It comes with the territory, like locusts in the Old Testament.

If I lived my entire life in social media world, I’d think that any time a man helped a woman get an abortion, he would be lauded with the kind of fervor reserved for Tom Jones at a librarian’s retirement party (or Bobby Sherman at my own). But I do not live my life in that world, thank God, and so I’ve seen a lot of people piling on one man who apparently did help a woman get an abortion (even though he’s denying it.)

That person would be Herschel Walker, Republican candidate for Senate in Georgia. To those of my generation, Walker was a nemesis and then an ally. A Heisman Trophy-winner, he burnished his reputation while racking up rushing records for the Dallas Cowboys in their mid-to-late ‘80s halcyon days. That means he was an enemy of every sane Philadelphia football fan. After a stint with the Vikings, he landed in Philadelphia, which made it difficult to hate him. Now, he’s running for political office, and a lot of people do hate him.

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It has nothing to do with his football fame. It has everything to do with the fact that he’s a friend of Donald Trump, that he’s espoused conservative views and that he’s described himself as strongly pro-life. A whole new generation of liberal Philadelphians hate him because of that, and not because of the way he ran with the pigskin. And that’s fair.

What’s not fair is what’s happening to Walker in the media, an October surprise double whammy that attacks his “hypocrisy” on life issues. Walker is, by his own admission, a very imperfect man. He fathered children with different women, cheated on his wife and his “official” family, was allegedly abusive and succumbed to all of the temptations that money, fame and supernatural talent in the greatest American sport will facilitate. 

In other words, no different than a majority of the athletes we look up to in a misguided search for heroes. And by all accounts, he was not pro-life.

The latest controversy broke this week when the Daily Beast came out with an oppo research piece claiming that Walker had paid for an ex-girlfriend’s abortion. A couple days later, it added a story about how that ex-girlfriend later gave birth to the former running back’s baby. Walker, for his part, has denied knowing her, paying for her abortion, and fathering a child by her.

I do think it’s ironic that all of a sudden, the Left has discovered how horrible it is to pay for the destruction of a baby. Maybe, despite their own best efforts, we’re making progress.

I have no idea whether Walker is telling the truth, or trying to play the “He said, She said… and went to the press” game. It’s possible that he really did pay for an abortion, and that he is the father of his ex’s child. Given his past admissions and the availability of sex, drugs, and money to guys who can run with a ball, it’s even probable.

There is nothing at all honorable in lying, in being a hypocrite, or in helping someone end an unborn human life. I won’t defend any of it. But I do have sympathy for the idea that people change, and that yesterday’s abortion rights activist can become today’s pro life icon (see Johnson, Abby and Nathanson, Bernard.)

I also have a huge problem with those on the left acting like Victorian spinsters with their lace hankies held to the nose at the thought of a man paying for a woman’s abortion. Heaven forfend! How can it be that someone would actually support a woman in destroying the child they created together? How could he dare make it easier for her to snuff out that tiny spark of life? That cad! That vile creature, that inhuman scallywag!

Give me a break, libs. Not one of the people trying to present Walker’s alleged transgressions as disqualifying for office really have a problem with a man subsidizing his partner’s abortion. They, in fact, would praise anyone and anything that makes it easier to terminate innocent and inconvenient life. That’s how they roll, that’s their thing. To paraphrase an old trope: to the progressive mind, abortion should be safe, legal, and rarely paid for by the woman.

So while I don’t have a dog in this fight, not being in Georgia and not being able to vote for either the former running back or the Christian minister who has been credibly accused (though never convicted) of abusing his own ex, I do think it’s ironic that all of a sudden, the Left has discovered how horrible it is to pay for the destruction of a baby.

Maybe, despite their own best efforts, we’re making progress.

Christine Flowers is an attorney and lifelong Philadelphian. @flowerlady61

7 thoughts on “Christine Flowers: With Herschel Walker, the Left finally found an abortion they oppose”

  1. First, it’s a fetus and not a baby. I don’t care if Walker paid for an abortion, or not. But, it’s very interesting how Republicans suddenly don’t care either if he paid for an abortion. I don’t know why you even mention “Catholic”. It has no business in the discussion. The vast majority of Americans are not Catholic. Any Catholic I know is pro choice. Doesn’t mean they’d get an abortion themselves, but they know their religion should not be writing US laws.

  2. As has become more frequent with Flowers lately, she analyzes everything either with an extremely myopic view or skews and spins whatever topic she is (currently) outraged about. No one – not 1 politically astute liberal cares what Walker does or has done with his personal life. That is, until he runs for Senate and wants to impose his dogma on everyone else. Flowers likes to intentionally ignore how politics works when it fits her agenda. In this particular case, the opposition is using Walkers incredible hypocrisy and blatant, unending lying against him. That’s how politics works. Walker, additionally is incredibly stupid (in the true sense of the word) and has hitched his wagon to the whole heinous MAGA world which Flowers still loves and promotes. There isn’t enough pushback in the world that would be out of bounds in trying to stop the completely unqualified Walker. But because he flouts his bogus Christianity and is now outspoken against abortion, he has won the heart of the ever capricious Flowers. Shameful.

  3. “Walker, additionally is incredibly stupid (in the true sense of the word) and has hitched his wagon to the whole heinous MAGA world which Flowers still loves and promotes.”

    Spoken like a TRUE DEMOCRAT.. Still hating on the black folk, while pandering for their vote in the poor cities, like Philly.

    We call that “using people.”

    “But Muh hate has no home here, hate has no home here.” What a bunch of crapola.’

    But don’t worry Marg,……. justice…. is.. acomin.’

    1. I am not now nor have I ever been a Democrat. You managed to discredit yourself entirely in the first sentence of your unlearned reply. Congrats.

      1. Well, you walk the same retoric… talk the same talk..

        Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck..

        Its a duck.

        Just because you claim not to be demoncrat, doesn’t mean you don’t THINK like one…

        Or are you a registered RINO? NEWSFLASH…Same thing.

        Do you vote at all? Gotta pick a party right? Which one are you registered?

        Or do you not vote, just pick fights/make ignorant comments against blacks running for change?

        PARTY OF MAGA.. ain’t either swamp…

        PARTY OF MAGA… ain’t either swamp…

        1. I find it amusing that democrats love them up abortion, they are attempting to codify it until the moment of birth. I would think they would be applauding Walker, at least he had the decency to pay for it. Just for the record I don’t believe this story because I don’t believe a word that comes out of a democrats mouth. Their little October surprise, sure they knew about it for months, they think they are so clever.
          They also claim to be such non racists, the party of inclusion, unless and until that person of color dares not pledge allegiance to the democrat party. Look how they talk about these brave black Americans. Clarence Thomas, Allen West, Kanye, Candace Owens, Tim Scott just to name a few. What a pack of frauds the democrats are. Be proud!

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