UPDATE: After this report was published, Broad + Liberty obtained new documents shedding light on Dennison’s motion for parole. The documents indicate that the assistant district attorney prosecuting the case was opposed to the motion. The story has been updated/edited to reflect those facts.

A man arrested and accused of numerous rapes in Philadelphia this year had previously been arrested on an illegal firearm possession charge in 2019 and was paroled in 2020 according to court documents.

Philadelphia Police this weekend arrested Kyle Dennison for “multiple rapes” this spring, according to a Tweet from Fox 29’s Steve Keeley.  Police say the crimes happened in the Kensington neighborhood, and generally in the early morning hours, according to a report from 6ABC.

Court documents show Dennison, 27, was arrested in 2015 for allegedly stealing a cell phone by “pointing a BB gun and a knife at [the victim] and demanding property.” Other court documents show he was committed to a correctional facility in February 2016, and then paroled in June.

Court documents indicate he was arrested in 2019 for illegally possessing a firearm as a felon, which further allege that he used a friend to make a straw purchase of the gun for him. 

He was ordered to serve time in a state or county correctional facility in July 2020. Dennison made a motion for parole in October, which was granted in December.

A request for comment to the office of District Attorney Larry Krasner asking for the office’s position on Dennison’s motion for parole in 2020 was not returned. However, documents obtained by Broad + Liberty show that the assistant district attorney handling the case opposed Dennison’s motion for parole.

The docket for his arrest over the weekend was posted late Monday morning. It showed a total of 14 counts, including rape, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm prohibited, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, and false imprisonment, among others.

For the slate of current charges, the docket indicates bail was set at $450,000.

“Police say Dennison had a pattern of preying on vulnerable women in the early morning hours, and they believe more victims are out there,” a report from 6ABC said.

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5 thoughts on “Man accused of multiple rapes in Philadelphia was paroled in 2020 on gun charge from 2019”

  1. Florida man who blackmailed foreign agents to dig up dirt on political opponents, defrauded thousands of students, illegally used campaign funds to silence porn actresses he cheated on his wife with, and then put national security at risk by stealing classified documents gets off Scott free because thanks to the lawyers he can afford with all the money he inherited from Daddy.

  2. Add it to the impeachment committee list. This is just astounding. The mountain of docket sheets they have showing Larry’s willful negligence and dereliction of duty resulting in peoples deaths, rapes etc….has to be enough. When will they take action?

  3. How about parole violation? Was the person who made the straw purchase noted in the article ever arrested or prosecuted? Who on the parole board voted to release this person for the illegal possession of a fire arm by a felon? Too many loose ends in this article. I hope there is a follow up

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