15 thoughts on “R. Seth Williams: Three steps to make illegal guns like Kryptonite”

  1. Seth,

    I always look forward to your articles and opinions. You are a great resource and the politicians in this City should seek your counsel on this Epidemic.

    Thank you, for putting yourself out there.

    1. Gee, thanks for giving us a history lesson…now enlighten me: What does that have to do with this subject.

      1. Nada.. but did you learn something about the person who wrote the article? Do you trust him MORE or LESS after reading it? Does he have credibility? Do you trust him?

        1. Again, you point to the history of the writer, as a Philadelphian, I am aware of his history including incarceration and his intelligent thoughts on the crisis in our City as well as the shortcomings and arrogance of our current DA.

    2. What are your ideas? What’s your evidence to support your ideas? I see a lot of tear downs & what about isms in your comments. How about something constructive? And bybthecway, yes January 6th was a lot worse. It’s intent was to destroy our democracy with lies and violence.

  2. There’s a lack of fearlessness in the collective effort to make change in behavior when we are not doing the work we are required to do. Collectively and compassionately we should forgive our own past transgressions and stop seeing each other as our mistakes and start minding the right kind of business in our own neighborhoods that are not making the city safe. Everyone has a responsibility to make change.

  3. Year after year 80% of the killings in Philadelphia are black on black killings. For example last year there were 562 homicides in Philadelphia, so approximately 449 of those killings were committed by blacks and the victims were black. I think it’s time to bring back the stop and frisk policy. I would rather have my 16 year old teenager frisked by the police, than have a homicide detective knock on my door to tell me my son or daughter is at the morgue waiting for a parent identification.

  4. Once again Seth Williams has proposed actions that have the ability to save lives in Philadelphia. Too often the politicians have focused on interventions that only affect the folks who don’t carry illegal firearms. That’s why I like his focus on enforcement and incarceration first to stem the tide. Once punishment is certain then rehabilitation has a chance

  5. Since the right is apparently so worried about crime and violence (and so supportive of law enforcement) are you going to write any stories about the numerous wacko right-wingers openly planning to murder more law enforcement officers at the FBI? The Trumper who opened fire on the FBI in Cincinnati? The open calls for civil war on Twitter, Gab, and Pravda (I mean “Truth”)? The violent gang of thugs who stormed and looted the capitol on 1/6 or the decision by the RNC to officially endorse their deadly violence as “legitimate political discourse”?

    1. Yeah, okay.. keep drinking your kool-aid.

      Start doing some REAL detective work, instead of gorging on the trough of pig slop the main stream media keeps feeding the sheeple. Oink Oink.

      “Gangs and thugs.”. wow…. angry much?

      Hmm.. guess those “gangs and thugs” on Jan 6th were worse than this? And this is just ONE of many many many examples. And NOBODY was locked up for more than a few days. Talk about a joke! Who attacked law enforcement during THOSE peaceful protests? ANYONE? Give me a break…


    2. I don’t believe anyone would claim that Seth Williams is a right winger. His pieces are thoughtful and deserve fair consideration. He has paid for his crimes and has a pointof view that few of us can compare to. He makes good points.

    3. When the total death toll from these threats approaches an average summer weekend in Philadelphia we will all support your proposed focus.

  6. Do yourself a favor and look up “Project Exile” – done in Richmond, VA in the 1990’s.

    It was backed by the NRA and coordinated state and federal prosecutions for firearms related aspects of crime. Federal penalties for illegal guns are substantial.

    Result? There was a quick and massive reduction in gun crimes in Richmond during the experiment.

  7. So I’m guessing you don’t live in West Philly or near Kensington. So you’re one of those mainline guys or chestnut hill residents.

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