Last Tuesday, President Biden confirmed once and for all who’s to blame for the unparalleled misery with which the nation has contended the past seventeen months.

“You’re a gigantic reason why I’m standing here,” he told attendees at the American Federation of Labor’s annual convention in Philadelphia, “standing here today as your president. And I really mean it.”

Finally, we know the source behind the disaster we’ve been enduring. Record-high gas prices, Carter-esque inflation levels, chaos at the southern border, diplomatic gaffes, Covid hysteria, lawlessness in the streets, high taxes, low productivity, et cetera, et cetera. We have unions to thank for it all, and they don’t have the decency to be embarrassed. Biden went on.

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“When I think global warming, I think jobs, jobs, jobs. Good-paying union jobs.” As opposed to the thousands of high-paying union and non-union jobs he destroyed by pulling the plug on the Keystone Pipeline, canceling oil leases and other sellouts to his environmental extremist base? The act instituted clamor for Green New Deal jobs, which would go straight to the unions.

What he really thinks when Americans pay twice as much to fill their tanks as they did just a year ago is “Paybacks, paybacks, paybacks.”

Just as despicably, Biden’s stalled Build Back Better bill has nothing to do with infrastructure and everything to do with inflating the cost of needed projects in order to line the pockets of his union string-pullers.

“Y’all brung me to the dance,” the president mumbled. “I owe you from the very beginning of my running for office back when I was a kid. It was labor … unions.” Now, Biden is repaying his debt by writing a check from our bank accounts. He boasted of earmarking $3 billion to improve airports across the country, $5 billion for electric vehicles and charging stations, and another $20.5 billion for public transit projects. We’re paying for it all, and our taxpayer dollars are being funneled into Big Labor’s immense war chests to fund their lavish lifestyles, underwrite leftist politics and buy even more politicians like “Scranton Joe.”

“We’re changing people’s lives,” he declared.

Yes you are, Joe. For the worse.

Ashley Varner is the VP of Communications and Federal Affairs for the Freedom Foundation.

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