In November, Pennsylvanians sent a resounding message that they were fed up with Joe Biden and Democrats’ failures. Keystone State voters rejected the far-left’s radicalism and cast their ballots for Republican candidates up and down the ballot. Now, as we approach the 2022 midterms, the Republican National Committee (RNC) is working day and night to ensure a Red Wave comes crashing down once again.

Strong statewide Republican wins last fall were fueled in large part by the inroads our candidates made in the Philadelphia suburbs. Voters in bellwether Bucks County were responsible for helping to deliver Republicans victories in three out of the four statewide judicial races on the ballot, including the highly contested Supreme Court seat. Another sign of optimism for Republicans heading into 2022 were wins in school board elections across the commonwealth.

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Throughout 2021, Democrats made little effort to hide their disdain for parents who simply want to have a say in their kids’ education. Members of Biden’s administration have even gone on to compare these parents to “domestic terrorists.” Democrats’ blithe dismissal of parents’ concerns sparked a nationwide revolt. It also revealed just how deep the rot runs in the modern-day Democrat party. Far too many Democrats wrongly believe the federal government — not the family unit — is the foundation of American life. A new poll showed that nearly a third of Democrats said parents should lose custody of their kids if they refuse to get a Covid vaccine. 

In November, Pennsylvania parents finally said “enough is enough.” That election’s results reflected the groundswell of support from parents across party lines who affirmed their right to make decisions affecting their own children’s education. It’s why Republicans won in key school board races in Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties, areas that had been rapidly trending blue.

The lengths to which Democrats have gone to try to silence parents is one of the many reasons they’ve invited a growing backlash from Americans of all backgrounds. For more than a year, Democrats have controlled every lever of power in Washington, DC. The results have been a disaster. Rampant crime, Covid raging out of control, skyrocketing prices, empty shelves, divisive, unconstitutional mandates, and countless children kept out of the classroom are all hallmarks of the Biden agenda in action. It’s no wonder Joe Biden’s approval rating has plummeted to a meager 33% here in the state where he was born. Pennsylvania Democrats know they’re in trouble. Rather than spend time in the minority, Democrats in Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation and delegations around the country are opting for early retirement.

Pennsylvanians are ready to retire Democrats and their failed policies and replace them with proven Republican leadership that delivers common sense solutions.

As Republican support in Philadelphia’s populous suburbs roars back to life, the RNC is doing everything possible to ensure this enthusiasm translates to Election Day wins. Our Field Victory team has already made well over 600,000 voter contacts in Pennsylvania this cycle. We’ve also closed the voter registration gap, diminishing Pennsylvania Democrats’ advantage by over 200,000 in just two years. You can’t overemphasize how indispensable these voter-registration gains are, especially when you consider that newly registered Republicans are 85% more likely to vote in the upcoming election after registering.

Last November’s elections were also a prime opportunity for us to strengthen our data-driven ground game, and our team delivered. In the final ten days before the election, we activated 700 shifts of volunteers and activists, paving the way for victories we are ready to build on as we head full steam into the midterms this fall. Pennsylvanians are ready to retire Democrats and their failed policies and replace them with proven Republican leadership that delivers common sense solutions. With the RNC’s around-the-clock efforts combined with our Party’s optimistic message of opportunity and freedom, we are going to do just that.

Tommy Hicks Jr. is the Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee.

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  1. I’d love to see a change in leadership in DC. It will fail miserably as the problems we are dealing with are global. That’s the problem with the “America First’ crew. Their simplistic minds think we can just tune out the rest of the world and our problems will go away. They won’t.

    Until we ALL embrace a long term approach to energy independence and sustainability , we’re screwed.

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