Joe Biden’s tenure in office has been marked by crisis after crisis. The Southern Border is in total chaos as hundreds of thousands of migrants flood across the border, bringing COVID-19, crime, and deadly fentanyl with them. Violent crime is surging nationwide as Democrats continue their calls to defund the police. And after inheriting an economic recovery from President Trump, Biden’s policies have directly caused a growing economic crisis. Prices are skyrocketing, people aren’t getting back to work, and here in the Keystone state, factories are closing thanks to Biden’s bankruptcy plan. Biden, Tom Wolf, Susan Wild, and other Democrats must be held accountable for their disastrous approach to our economy. Joe Biden is waging war on the American worker.

This economic crisis isn’t some abstract policy debate. It’s real, it’s tangible, and it’s hurting workers and families right here in the Lehigh Valley. Windkits LLC, a maker of wind turbine blades based in Macungie — the city Biden is visiting this Wednesday — is closing its Lehigh Valley manufacturing plant and shifting the work to Mexico. The Lehigh Valley’s Dixie Cup plant is also closing, blaming the outsourcing of jobs to China as a major cause. And commercial data provider Dun & Bradstreet, which employs hundreds in the Lehigh Valley, is moving some of its operations to India. This is what happens when Democrats push America-last, anti-worker policies. Long-standing economic institutions suffer, and the impact is felt by families throughout the community. 

Rising prices are another symptom of the economic disease brought about by Biden and his fellow Democrats. In fact, June marked the third month in a row that consumer prices have reached a record high; core inflation in June rose by 4.5 percent year-over-year, the highest jump since 1991. Economists from across the political spectrum including former Obama economist Larry Summers are sounding the alarm about the inflation crisis. 

This is what happens when Democrats push America-last, anti-worker policies. Long-standing economic institutions suffer, and the impact is felt by families throughout the community. 

It’s useful to think of inflation as a hidden tax: having to pay more for necessities like gas and groceries adds up over time, even if the rise isn’t billed directly as an official tax. The price of used cars and trucks is up 45 percent, restaurant prices are up 4 percent, and gas prices are higher than they’ve been since 2014. As we turn the corner in the fight against COVID-19 – thanks to Operation Warp Speed, President Trump’s historic vaccine development program – American families need support, not hidden taxes. Americans just can’t afford this crisis.  

Biden’s backwards policy approach is also evident in federal unemployment benefits that are holding small businesses back from hiring workers. Recent data shows that as many as 1.8 million Americans have turned down going back to work because small businesses can’t compete with free money from the federal government. Another Obama economist, Jason Furman, recently stated that “unemployment insurance has definitely been playing a role” in holding back the economy. 

This isn’t a partisan issue. It’s just common-sense. Offering workers money not to work has the obvious effect of de-incentivizing the economic recovery we so desperately need. Times like this drive home just how good we had it when President Trump and Republicans were in office, promoting the pro-growth, pro-business agenda that saw our nation reach record economic highs. 

What’s Joe Biden’s response to this clear crisis? Classic left-wing lunacy: he wants to go on a reckless tax and spending spree worth trillions of dollars. That’s unacceptable. Because of failed leadership from Joe Biden and Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania is in the bottom half of states for the percentage of lost jobs recovered from the coronavirus pandemic. Democrat attacks on our economy are the last thing Pennsylvania families need right now. Instead, we need common-sense Republican leadership that puts small businesses, workers, and families first.

Ronna McDaniel is the Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee.

3 thoughts on “Ronna McDaniel: Pennsylvanians can’t afford Biden’s economic crisis”

  1. Good analysis, but, what do you propose? We need to have a plan, a specific one, not abstract ideas. And promote it, people need to know what is our alternative to this madness and why it is better.

  2. The damage to the economy is not the biggest threat. The attack on our morals and our families is way worse. Our children don’t know right from wrong they are being forced to learn that white children are the reason for racism in this country. Racism in this country has improved tremendously since the race riots of the 60s but over the last 13 years the gains are being lost to racists Democrats trying to divide this Country by race. We were the least racist country in the world until the Democrat Socialists started stirring this up to divide and conquer.

  3. This article is Biden Derangement Syndrome pure and simple. Another predictable political hit piece from another biased media outlet with an agenda.

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