St. Joseph’s University declined to renew the contract of Greg Manco, a full-time visiting math professor with the university for 17 years, who was suspended by the university administration earlier this year due to a controversy over Tweets.

A small number of students and former students reported Manco’s anonymous Twitter account to the university, claiming it to be racially hostile. The university essentially reinstated Manco in May after a months-long suspension and external investigation by the university concluded that,”a definitive determination could not be made due to insufficient evidence,” a university official said at the time.

Ever since the controversy broke in mid-February, Manco has asserted he did nothing wrong, saying that his tweets, were made from an anonymous account, had nothing to do with the university, and were not racially disparaging.

Manco will appeal the university’s decision to drop his contract, but he’s not hopeful that will change anything.

“There’s an appeal process for contract non-renewals when there have been violations of university policy or violations of academic freedom that influenced the decision,” Manco told Broad + Liberty. “Well, the past spring for me was nothing but such violations. The bigger issue, not for the appeal, is the damage this has done to my professional reputation and my ability to work anywhere in academia.” 

Manco had anonymously created and maintained the Twitter account @SouthJerzGiants.

“Suppose your great-great-grandfather murdered someone,” he tweeted on Feb. 17. “The victim’s great-great-grandson knocks on your door, shows you the newspaper clipping from 1905, and demands compensation from you. Your response?”

“Now get this racist reparation bulls*** out of your head for good,” he concluded.

‘The bigger issue, not for the appeal, is the damage this has done to my professional reputation and my ability to work anywhere in academia.’

Using both Twitter and Instagram, a small number of people flagged that tweet to St. Joes, naming Manco as the account owner of @SouthJerzGiants. The university subsequently removed him from the classroom on Feb. 19. 

A petition was also started, urging the university to fire him without due process.

“This man should not be given an investigation, he should be fired for his remarks and actions,” the petition reads.

Manco says the university violated its own policies during the investigation, due to fear of appearing politically incorrect. 

“So, for the moment, there’s a winning strategy for anyone who wants to take down a professor with non-conforming views,” Manco said. “That can’t stand. At some point a bright light needs to be shined on this whole sordid ordeal — how and why it originated, and by whom — so that this doesn’t happen to any of my colleagues or anyone else. People must be held accountable.” 

“I’ll be able to show that this was an orchestrated campaign,” he continued. “I was doxed and libeled across three different social media platforms, two of which I don’t even utilize. And it was led not by current students but by two alums — one of whom with a clear ulterior motive — who literally pleaded with others to report me to the university.”

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When contacted for comment, the university gave no specifics about Manco’s situation, or the circumstances that necessitated his non-renewal.

“The University evaluates academic staffing needs each year and awards or renews contracts to visiting professors on an as-needed basis,” said Gail Benner, the university’s director of public relations and media. “A non-renewal does not affect an individual’s eligibility for future employment opportunities with the University.” 

In a previous statement to Broad + Liberty, the university acknowledged that former students were among the group who complained but did not say how many. Broad + Liberty is also unable to verify Manco’s claims that one of the former students may have had an ulterior motive in complaining to the university.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, an early supporter of Manco, said even if he was let go for budgetary reasons, damage has been done.

“We are glad that Saint Josephs’ investigation came to the right outcome — that Gregory Manco’s tweets are protected expression and do not violate university policy,” said Sabrina Conza, a program analyst with FIRE. “But it never should have started. Investigations followed by a nonrenewal will undoubtedly have a lasting chilling effect, as others may rationally question whether the nonrenewal is a pretext to punish him for his speech — even if the nonrenewal would have happened without the tweets. This is why institutions should not investigate protected speech in the first place.”

Investigations followed by a non-renewal will undoubtedly have a lasting chilling effect … this is why institutions should not investigate protected speech in the first place.”

Another supporter of Manco is the American Association of University Professors, which pressed the university in March about how they were handling the investigation, especially the decision to remove him from class while the investigation was ongoing.

“The AAUP has long considered the suspension of a faculty member from his or her primary responsibilities as a severe sanction, regardless of its purported basis,” a letter from the AAUP to St. Joseph’s administrators in March, read.

“It seems clear that Professor Manco has thus not been afforded the safeguards of academic due process called for under these generally accepted standards,” the letter later concluded. 

Manco said he will meet with his attorney to evaluate if appealing the termination of his contract is worthwhile If so, he’ll file it in the early part of August.

Todd Shepherd is Broad + Liberty’s chief investigative reporter. Send him tips at, or use his encrypted email at

9 thoughts on “St. Joe’s drops contract for professor involved in free-speech controversy”

  1. Can you do an article about the MUCH bigger threat to free speech that Republicans and right wingers pose through their attacks on net neutrality, pushing for unelected federal bureaucrats to police what private companies publish on their platforms, punishing whistleblowers, censoring school teachers, and using a secret paramilitary force to abduct American citizens last summer and detain them without due process or charges simply because of their proximity to protests?

    1. You truly believe the *right* are the ones trying to impose narrative control of the internet, teach politics in the schools and deploy the federal anti-terrorism apparatus against political dissent? In case you haven’t noticed, left-liberals have all the power in this country. You’re doing what psychologists call “projection.”

      1. Explain the right’s position on net neutrality which allows giant corporations like Comcast and Verizon to censor not just a single private website or platform but the ENTIRE internet while receiving huge government subsidies.

    2. “Censoring school teachers…” You mean like the Christian gym teacher in Virginia, suspended because he refused to comply with the gender-confusion madness? “Police what private companies publish on their platforms…” Like when Congressional Democrats demand social media engage in “aggressive content moderation” on an ever-increasing list of topics: viruses, news events, etc under the thin excuse of of fighting misinformation? “Abducting citizens for their proximity to protests…” Do you realize people who were at the Capitol on Jan 6 are being held in federal solitary confinement eight months later for misdemeanor trespassing? Quite a contrast to the way Democratic politicians were raising bail for their burning, looting BLM pets a few months earlier. Your comment is exactly backwards, Will.

      1. No, “censoring school teachers” as in literally making it a crime to teach certain historical facts because they go against the right’s political agenda.

        “Police what private companies publish on their platforms…” Democrats have tried to pass exactly ZERO laws that do this. Unlike Republican politicians who are pushing for this.

        “Abducting citizens for their proximity to protests…” Do you realize they stormed the Capitol building in order to invalidate an election they lost and have access to lawyers and are facing actual charges. That’s not what the Americans who were kidnapped by trump’s secret paramilitary force got.

  2. Comments like this are indicative of the foolishness and ignorance so prominent on the left and in the higher education world today. The cancel culture illustrated by the article and the above comment do not bode well for our society.

    1. Cancel culture is worse on the right than on the left since it’s actually backed up by censorship laws they’re passing in states like Texas. Prove me wrong.

      1. Your Wrong. That was easy because you have no actual data that you can produce just you hurt feelings and stuff you make up! By the way all politicians are liers prove me wrong!!!?!!

        1. …. The data is that there a literal censorship laws about what can be taught in schools because it doesn’t fit the agenda of the right?….

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