Despite Danielle Outlaw, a laser-focused, compassionate, preventive, competent and transformative Philadelphia Police Commissioner, murders continue to surge. There are almost 1.8 murders per day, or 12-13 people murdered per week. This is traumatizing all of us citizens. Philadelphian “citizens” are simultaneously daily/weekly “survivors”.

The current year 2021 sky-high count pace of 650 murders per annum, is 30% more deadly, than the 499 murdered in Philadelphia in 2020, one of the deadliest in decades. 

Last year, 499 murders in a Philadelphia city of 1,585,000 was deadly to one out of approx 3150 Philadelphians.’ 

This fact and stat is incontrovertible horrific evidence that Philadelphia is approx  615% more murderous than New York City, with 449 murders in a 8.7 million NYC population…. is approximately one per 19,380 in 2020 versus one murder per approximately 3150 Philadelphians.

At year 2021 year-to-date pace, 650 murders per annum, Philadelphia now has an annual murder rate approximating one per 2500  Philadelphians… per annum. 

On a 10 year basis, one per every 250 Philadelphians murdered in a decadent decade. That often graphically maps out to one murder… per block… per deadly decade.

-Thomas Henry Massaro, Philadelphia

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