We founded Broad + Liberty with an ambitious mission: to share news and perspective that has been shut out of public discourse for too long. People are not getting the full picture — and our leaders aren’t making good decisions because of it.

Now we are reaching readers every day with a different message: one based in reality. Our content reaches tens of thousands of unique readers a month in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and beyond. But I’m writing today with an even more important update. 

Broad + Liberty is expanding into investigative journalism, and we have hired our first full-time reporter, Todd Shepherd, to lead the charge. Todd is an award-winning journalist who has already made a splash with his reporting on the Philly School District’s support of “black communism” lessons for fifth graders, Philly officials being silent on whether D.A. Larry Krasner has their full support, and a report from Delaware County just today that has officials reconsidering de-privatizing a prison due to alleged abuses at a county-run juvenile facility.By our count, Todd will be the only investigative reporter working for an outlet devoted to liberty, freedom and free expression in all of Pennsylvania — that is how great of a need we are addressing at Broad + Liberty.

I am writing to ask you to support this unique endeavor, and help fund the muckraking journalism that will hold our elected officials accountable and ensure smart decision-making and a better educated public.

With our growing team, we can do so much more — with your help, as a financial partner to us. 

Here is what Todd has to say about joining Broad + Liberty:

“I am beyond excited to join the team at Broad + Liberty. Before I joined, I already viewed Broad + Liberty as a leader in providing a diverse set of opinions and viewpoints for southeast Pennsylvania and on statewide issues as well. And I think the addition of straight news reporting and investigative journalism will strengthen all of our publishing efforts. I truly hope my reporting will serve a public need and that it will also reward those persons who have partnered with us by backing us financially.”

Todd Shepherd, Broad + Liberty‘s chief investigative reporter

In a local media atmosphere bereft of thoughtful, liberty-loving content, Broad + Liberty is stepping up to make the investment into investigative journalism– and speaking real truth to power. 

Will you step up with us, with your best tax-deductible gift

Thank you for being a supporter of ours. Stay broad-minded.

Terry Tracy is the President + CEO of Broad + Liberty, a 501(c)3 non-profit media outlet and think tank.

2 thoughts on “Terry Tracy: Why Broad + Liberty is investing in investigative journalism”

  1. Hi Terry, on September 2, 2021 Albert Eisenberg stated that the current editors of B+L are “…Terry Tracy and Albert Eisenberg, co-founders of B+L, with operational support from other staff members as well.” If the only editors are you and Albert Eisenberg, why does B+L continue publishing stories attributed to “The Editors,” rather than crediting the author(s)? Thanks!

  2. The Federalist published on line today 10/25/2021 your contention that “Zuck Bucks” gave Democrats an edge in PA. But Facebook did even more than Twitter to enable Republicans and the Right. The dollar value of what FB did to help the Right far exceeds Zuckerberg’s donations. Without Facebook, Trump would have lost in 2016.

    Facebook, Twitter, and youtube have done much, much more to empower the Right than to help the Left.

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